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29 April update:

This page will be improved here, but in a few months this page  is going to be all moved to

https://www.pseudeia.com/ where i try to have better design and presentation.... soon...

see the notes on that page,  now - its a lovely word to use against them. But i am not in the name and shame business, its far more a case of find artful ways (even an opera!) to tell the real truths. Most landOWNERs in the 'environment' in the UK  - meaning regions of less intensively farmed,  even well stewarded land, are private school educated and even if not cultured themselves may have friends who know that GREAT art always did attack vested interests - power.... brutally...

(in fact as i, alone - no one else knew,  was discovering a terrible eco crime in the hills above Kington in July 2020 - JCB burying alive a massive  set of breeding badgers,  that was my primary motivation - not have the semi aristocrats arrested- another half a dull page of eco crooks in the Torygraph - we would have got it as aristo name, and also landowner a council officer  - for the EVIRONMENT !!  ... my thoughts were, could this be turned into a Shoah type arts project.[as 'justice' for my beloved megga set of brocks] ....as the site of the crime was so beautiful...and 6 mths later the wildflowers had grown back over the site of the brockocide... just as I am sure was the case soon enough at the sites of other little genocides

help needed to develop that site with the 'case' against the so called eco warriors. Because that is merely the truth. They failed.

THIS PAGE, TO WORK ON. I have a range of recorded talks about the concept of  this matter  - this lawsuit, being immoral, and for the fey self glorification of the litigants, only. Various quite impressive middle AGED EDUCATED INTELLIGENT WOMEN TRUTH TALKERS AGREE WITH MY LINE, BELOW... i am rather surprised :-)  never happened before, really - they have had ENOUGH of the fey smug (eco campaigning)  bullshit,  too....

(and accept there is NO hope for the environment until a  real revolution of  changing all aspects of eco protection - so that's years away!...so agree with me that the BEST use of resources and people's time is to create good art and writing about how we got here - the TRUE version, not virtue signalled disgust at the behaviour of big business ...but in fact one example how we have ended up with DOZENS of small to medium sized 'environmental' ' campaigns' all just little fiefdoms of latterday Messiahs ... every one false prophet...including Greenpeace and FOE...because all those duplicated 'back offices' / PR ..badges.... is the main cause in the complete ineffectiveness of ALL these combined nature 'protectors' ..) 

various better audio records and talks (with ess swearing :-)...bring the matter to life  - takes me a lot of time to edit load etc


7 April 2024

Winter 2023/4 i have meandered among many supposedly thoughtful and more environmentally aware people. All are aware of TOTAL failure of society to protect nature the last 30 years. 

As someone who has been always mentally very much set to ALL the reality of the environment and the 'politics' of rural regions, i can plot exactly the trajectory of what 'happened'.   The new phase of far worse habitat destruction and substances hostile to the ecosystem being prevalent - from chemical sewerage to mud runoff causing  far more muddy waters than the total  river ecosystem is EVOLVED to cope with. The fancy word is Perturbation    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perturbation_(geology)  All this means is prior to agriculture, mud (from places domestic farm animals gather - food troughs or at gateways) in fact is not normal in nature - even 'muddy' estuaries are reasonably stable in layers of silt. ALL water creatures are evolved to live in the clearer water of planet earth prior to that major change.  

In short all these changes intensified 17 or 18 years ago. Mainly due to a relaxation in planning regulations (domestic and farming/industrial) around then which allowed and caused a significantly  more intense  human footprint all over previously fairly rural areas with  better ecosystems. 

And then  the supposed 'green' political movements, especially in the rural constituencies, - which SHOULD have ramped up around 2014 as  it was well known at that time (via polling etc)  there was a new interest and support FOR 'green' politics, even the Green party ...  it was estimated  in the run up to the 2014 council elections that  roughly a 2 or 3% green vote in the past could realistically become 4 or 5% (in much of The Marches - THE 'environment') yet due the worst kind of princessly behaviour (on saccharine spiked amphetamine it often seemed)    this whole real grown up chance at real change, failed entirely.

(and 'Rupert' or 'Camilla' getting a slot on radio 4 every few months  acting out some new eco Messiah role, for their self image, is NOT positive eco change, in fact is all just a theme park for R + C to display themselves for social media bullshit pretend Messiahdom)

That story needs telling for the next generation 

2 April preparing to attempt to create one simple standalone website for this project alone

And road testing the issue.


29 March. This is first draft convenience page, that will be written up much better soon, plus will have the beginning of a range of various recordings over the years which demonstrate all the points made in these recent chats.

The last month i have had a range of good discussion - less  comedic voluble than those below, describing the serious issues that now so many DO appreciate we need to begin to deal with PROPERLY.

I have no idea who reads or listens to my material - all is always in GOOD FAITH... recordings are for time efficiency over many years.

(have a conversation with one person i need to have the same conversation with 5 other potential allies i know, but share the recording instead, as YEARS the pretenders waste so much time.... and each fragile little ego takes up too much time, individually.... ideally get something going along this plan and this page is removed and a better more sane sounding stand alone website created for the general browser)

Anyone  arriving here please act in GOOD FAITH. The rivers are utterly fucked (dont believe weird Christian Greg always wants to undermine..)  total fellowship and solidarity is required to guide the next generation into their REAL solutions - if anyone knows a better one than USE A HELL OF A LOT LESS....overall i would like to know

 (the consumption of /usage of, man made molecules in one form or other that pass through an average 30 year olds home today  i estimate ARE 4X WHAT ONE WOULD FIND IN THAT SAME (DEMOGRAPHIC'S) HOME 40 YEARS AGO..... ITS THE stuff  - INCLUDES CLEANING OBSESSIVELY CARS, HOUSES... ETC... THAT ENDS UP ONE WAY OR OTHER AS POLLUTANT IN THE RIVERS....  .. any other solution? i would like to know it .. though the total failure of rhetoric of 'greens' is the other - no stupid Caroline Lucas will dare tell YOU... you....  4 years ago even the very rich would think it gauche/ greedy to own more than a few pairs of casual pants and jumpers....or paint their kitchen more than once a decade...i know as i meandered among the super rich  - of the 'environment' - i.e. rural areas, where the waste chemicals makes the most difference ....  )

28 March, briefest summary.

This is a NATIONAL environmental matter which has and will continue to receive more mainstream media coverage than any other in the UK. (i.e. even for Cornwall people the ISSUE is for YOUR environment too - the same situation i describe pertains EVERYwhere - in fact in Cornwall the dystopia is worse)

for 25 years, 15 intensively i wandered among the green groups (including as a Green party official), so called eco focused at farmers markets, even council meetings, seeking good real conversation on what WE (the 'converted' ) may DO to hold back increasing terrible eco destruction on the rivers Wye, and also Arrow, Lugg, and Teme..  the last year the Helford and other damaged areas of Cornwall (ALL is damaged in Cornwall eg Loe Bar a toxic soup)

The people are always the same - to be found in Hay-on-Wye, Presteigne, Gweek etc....utterly self righteous and so arrogantly "our positive energy will MANIFEST change" when they never ever ever DO anything real... never. And all preach 'grassroots' a - we spoke grassroots 40 years ago, it is just a sop to cover for laziness. Its long boring hard work to go to planning meetings, lobby councillors and MPS...none of these people (i call Mermaids which as in insult to actual mermaids)  ever ever can lower themselves to DO

(this is the main reason pollution has become so bad - it is NOT the fault - only - of the water companies).

I have  15 year dossier - my work... recording all interactions, many emails many other recordings and video, proving not one of these people ever DID anything other than cause snide personal fall outs all over.

Utterly failed to create simple FELLOWSHIP among us.... a shared cause /oppressor used to bring about fellowship within the people resisting the bad acts. No more...and thus NO HOPE. Narcissistic snide and often backstabbing self destructive behaviour is all one ever encounters (i have long periods recorded where obviously that took place over time - among for example all regional groupings of Extinction Rebellion - all THE SAME people...

this is THE issue.

A massive multi million pound lawsuit with major NATIONAL media coverage already,  is being started  against the 'polluter' of The Wye... By rich middle class incomers. None who EVER did anything. This case is ONLY to make them look good. Provide THEM with admiration at dinner parties and at the seaweed flavoured chocolate latte   hipster cafes of Hay, Gweek..and the BBC canteen if they get an invite (all they ever seem to actually wish) ...and all other narcissistic middle class talking shops.

My dossier will STOP that case. Get national media, by doing so, and i wish to divert  attention (in that act of heresy!) into the TRUTH

For the sake alone of the next generation. Mine failed 100%

I need allies.

We need to make a short film chronicling it.

Here and now...Pastyland.

I know exactly what i am doing,. I have done this before.

this has a bit of video added to today material



ALL will be edited into one, I-have-had-enough-of- fakery-forever ....and so have a FEW i meet, too.... engaging one website, soon....

me - 07958 526 three 81

28 march excellent final talk with Suzi(lives on river arrow background in major arts funding)


(26 march 0930     YET again..... 15 years of this, 13 of him " 25 years ago my daughter put her toes in river Wye, loads of minnow, by 15 years ago NO MORE MINNOWS.." .hissy fit and he hangs up as he does 3 or so times a year of manysuch chats...    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fvqZPuz8VEoZQ2nV5Hxuc6ZS3hYC752R/view?usp=sharing    theyre all in a parallel looking glass where the enemy is their own  people....)

An almost poetical performance work of 'art' - meaning, for 15 years, active as conservationist in a once wonderful environment of The Marches, 100s I would informally, privately, riff with, attempting  to find useful allies - and anyone in the green world has known for 40 years we must have equal numbers of or more numbers of women than men in our groupings. So many energised seemingly on-the-same-page chats.... no one ever follows through. It never makes me even slightly negative, or angry,  but has wasted rather a lot of time....      this my last EVER green act: Find a few others to join in this good initiative. use argument and PR to divert wasted money into writing and other culture on the environment  (myself, i only write now). 

24 March 2024

This page under development - to be improved with links to various supporting evidence. (will be quicker if i have logistical assistance in Cornwall. I write about 5 things concurrently for 2 years... plug needed - but dont worry no one EVER helps out.... ever.... all eco curious people sadly snotty and useless...never DO anything.... cowriter needed, too - i dont swear in normal life....Suzi loves my years of rude riffing...)

Will be finalised by about 1 april

New (for efficiency) chat with one ally today - she too far away lives in past region....

But a good one 

in the same folder as below

audio 91

talk today 24 March

(Suzi agrees!)


I have superb recorded chat with a superb open and VERY smart 27 year old environmental  worker woman from a few days ago also to upload, she stating the environment  is so damaged a "revolution" is needed and agrees wit this project

That talk will be here in a few days (it may require bleeps as protecting privacy/confidences of under 50s paramount)

THE PURPOSE of this cunning horrible  plan in accordance with the ethos of the  arguably  greatest writer of last 75 years 

Thomas Bernhard (Extinction is his beautiful polemic) famous nestbeschmutzer,   https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/german-english/nestbeschmutzer   (In Germany an honourable necessity to maintain democracy) 

is ONLY to 'persuade' or 'leverage'  - the polite words of the bossocracy, for   'encourage' this class of the usual vainglorious characters to instead of spend a HUGE amount of money on THE eco 'test case' of the decade - which as a many year REAL environmentalist of the Wye and surrounding regions, i know will achieve little, (but look good on the litigants Fakebooks...)  to divert that money, time, and kudos into longterm REAL artistic (books/ drama) enquiry as to WHY for 30 years a whole generation has failed to protect the environment - The Wye being most totemic once pristine ecosystem in England. Fund / encourage great REAL provocative new art and culture to help the future generations. 

(all arts funding in UK ceases next year  - Suzi is an expert and has been in arts funding for decades)

I have for 15 years chronicled every twist and ego fuelled, acedia ridden, twist and pernicious turn of their inaction. Worse - vainglory and looking glass   behaviour.  Behaviour which stole the energy and cultural capitol  (time and energy due only effete behaviour) from the very few of us - myself one, who REALLY worked hard to take hard protection work forward.  Its GREAT culture.    Beyond libel or defamation as every word is audio recorded.


21 March 2024

only findable with the link i supplied. Please do not share content or this page. Only 3 people are seeing this i feel i can trust 100%

page under development

Merely a sharing info page among a few.

THIS MATTER IS SO HIGH PROFILE - and clearly tech orchestrated, already - 3 days after announcing to media, it has a google generated write up on it -  which means large resource is already being spent on the PR... PR ...is all in UK

(i am expert - it is HOW the major legal reforms i alone did in the main pages of this i got through...alone behind the scenes))



3files m4a standard windows audio files 

voice 80 The radio 4 Today report from Tuesday f the legal action

voice 79 a summary of what needed

voice 70 recording of chat with suzi 20 March longer exposition ... 

loads of expletives...we speak that language for fun... known her warts and all for 4 years (SHE needs a project too  - wallows in self obsession and a bit too much to drink, but will NOT be able to assist me with much - many many many hours attempting to recruit her as ally despite her living 10m from the also extremely polluted river Arrow - the river in the valley next to the wye valley - also pristine 40 years ago, nowdead... she herself is disgusted with!))

in this folder


a chat with wonderful Willow of the seal Sanctuary 21 March

TRULY wonderful young woman



there are 'background' audios on the following pages give my credentials 

(my main website ralphschism.com has a bug making some posts unreadable - may take a few days to repair )