Monday 6 May 2024

The sad truth

 Having  returned, UNPLANNED,  a dozen    times since summer 2020 to lay legal voluntary work on family issues (and some addicted parent  rescue cases everyone killing themselves 2020 even sane ones with kids ...) and recently having put my head back into that world on behalf of a few in dire straights, i am reminded of the reality of years of my family work since 2005 and how by 2013ish...a truly impossible new paradigm had arisen, making it all virtually a waste of time. And i would be granted power of address in the highest courts. But the litigants simply had lost it... 

and it just gets worse

audio essay on main site here..... IT matters. Themes there effect the majority of under 50s now and ALL your futures

On the environment

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The ultimate heretic me

(BUT there is one more hidden page only a few have seen to date, soon it gets uncloaked..its even more heretic)

NO one has ever supported my often 15  unpaid hours a day on eco the last 10 years... hence   even laptop so old its hard to type...

funding drive soon for memoirs

sort of started here

Monday 29 April 2024

This site

 Looks a mess. 

But the 'art' (almost 'performance art' -  and i know top real contemporary art despite being a 75% total rural yokel)  is in the movement - this site 2022 to late 23; and in fact between the 'posts' here. Meaning, and my writing/ jotting site since Feb 2023,  attempts to explain - many good podcasts there on all sorts,  rather just a messy reflection of how between grabbed moments of a free electric socket, attempting to precipitate into words hundreds of very vey deep conversations with a whole range of supposedly 'caring', educated, Guardian reader types from 2020, ever single one has been fake.

All - 95% of mothers i speak with (and have kept a truly fullest chronicle diary of ), for these  last 4 years (many ignored the hysteria of 2020 where i had been living  - very very rural one had to just get on)  state (in the sort of 'reboot' from 2022) that society and the environment is pretty toxic, drug infested, and like never before turbulent for children and young adults (and thats just the river Wye bathers i jest, truthfully)  yet none ever ever 'follow through' many suggestions from me as to how to attempt to reframe things a little, or just join up in mutual support, via a collective of sane adult no-nonsense writers.

All i have ever done comes down to one thing, a good psychological  setting for kids (NO clever gimmicky new therapy-culture words as they are 95%  wrong - i'm a lifelong student of real psych) . The environment of the future will ONLY be saved and protected if the young adults of this century have had good functional upbringings, and enough of them IN the 'environment', so they steward it onwards..

 The two matters are inextricably linked. And they are the only two 'issues' i really care about. 

But both - REAL environmental stewardship, and real healthy calm balanced psyches for kids.... in the UK have failed almost 100% .

Don't believe feel good crap in any media or 'workshop'  or in Hay-on-Wye  style Messianic Facebook preaching. 

 Ralph went out to enquire further 3 years ago what do mainly middle aged mums REALLY think - those with fairly comfortable rural lives, having moved away from the busier cities and suburbs, ...and those who are educated enough to have some kind of genuine original thought, and all say, all has gone very very messy...

And as change takes a LONG time....  as sure as ferrits are ferrits there is a queue for who can one day outdo Ms Letby...   Many many descendants have  received even more classic training in .... to be cont

AND - all - my only intent and wish for the rest of my life is to write up, many interesting enough stories, though some 'artistically' ...  but it is nearly impossible to get through infantile  anodyne publishing gatekeepers nowadays...  so i have to try and find patronage somehow ... has some details etc

links to new eco (and fake EU concern - all the same people) chronicling/ telltale site

Friday 12 April 2024

peek a boo

 ... that's got lots of readers now, may as well unhide it....

especially when even your 7 year long SUPPOSED eco 'allies' in the uk....all men are LOST to their awful silly internet rabbit holes and ego mania...

he...the last one sacked... may use it to stab me in the back,too....  one of the main naughty girls walking up his scrotty high st many a day.. (TOTAL fraudsters, her in the case..." ohh simon of course we are in it" ...i saw her on Easter Sunday, in new region....... a rancid old thing of 65...  utter fraud...never lifted a finger to even answer M|ANY messages over the years ' Helena you said you my face...well would you just help a LITTLE bit saving rivers or wildlife with one SMALLEST ... referral/contact etc....or befriending that nice man, ecoscience REAL genius...  lonely needs intelligent friends like you.?'... a woman i've known 25 years.... from very close up...years at that now polluted river she would coo over my daughter age 2.. 5 ...10.... as best fun engaging kid she ever saw...... never even replied to one...never mind lobby MPS go to planning meets..... and has the affront to perform victimohood,  for bigbucks, of polluters of a river she hasnt lived by 10 years or more.... in front of me ...)


A silly bullshit obsession of the Potty woman...

(my new friend Saxon, over at ..a non brit, lawyer...scholar of human rights lore.... got it "all this absurd hype over  what only 3% of the population is theoretically 'interested' in,  being at the last census it was 96.5% only care about gender, the other one, and gettin' it on sexually having SEX.. with the OTHER  is a TERRIBLE TYRANNY  of a diversion away from what ' freedom of speech' is always for....truth to power against the profiteering "vested interests" to quote another hoped for wonderful new homeschooling friend.... be they nazi profiteering family 'justice' cabals..or polluters etc....)

not that i cared or do care about any naughty act done to me for 14 1/2 years... bridges, are for healthily pissing a stream of fresh new happy fizzy piss, under....

 we have a...simple

descriptor... .. label even, ...'type'...of what i wasnt looking for....  (searchin', was typo)

Monday 8 April 2024


 simplified version, soon

Having today spent 4 hrs chatting with a minorly famous woman  - a recent enjoyed acquaintance, about her  "retirement" from a nationally prominent public role - indeed the first ever woman in that role for centuries......pushed out after a bloody totally neutral tweet...  

i need to try and write more clearly about what free speech needs to mean...NOW 

as i know everyone has lost track of what it was FOR,... and i do not refer to only the nazis of the so called justice system.  In fact to me its almost more important that if one were to walk in to a provincial cafe or pub and speak of "   my  '  free speech'  to publish photos of your litter strewn rivers in supposed top eco tourism destinations", there would be some there thinking " he needs a good punch as he will cost local jobs...  smart arse bloody incomers and goody goody trouble makers" ....just reporting fact. 

Of course " ehh mate... your girlfriend, some may call weird, not me... for refusing to have her kids jabbed in 2021... if the school had made up false allegations about her, suggesting as well as that heinous crime, she also forced them to watch on endless loop reruns of Cornwall being thrashed 100 nil  by Devon in the  Past Eating world cup... and had her kids removed on cruelty grounds may then NEED a bit of  actual free speech yourself ... "

i.e. the redneck ignorance has taken over, everything...  so it needs to be formulated in as simple and unequivocal parables as possible, so even the great majority - the really really thick, can no longer have any mistake as to why... many people bravely fought for free speech generations ago.. so they have the right to be so damn ignorant and not be arrested for it.

Sunday 7 April 2024

last post got added to a bit


all you get is assumption and time wasting ( riffs upon, poetically) never any ACTUAL SOLIDRITY OR HELP

Sad writing fully Voltaire mode... is actually terribly good for you.... and all i ever meet is ill people.... top of their voices

The thin ones are always far more quietly spoken and with actual authority

(and i wouldnt even go and fuck a wonderful trustworthy prostitute in this awful country of false allegations  - victim olympics, without being supplied in writing in triplicate that  all allegations of feelings-crime must receive one written warning prior to running crying to the feds)

but my my they need help and training on basic how to reach REAL people 101... the internet didnt change how hearts and souls actually work

such as... "hmm Tommy Boy one of the greatest songwriters was it  his face in the shaving mirror or hers.... hahh hahh...but then great people are great as they can...change their minds, proving they actually have one?"

and i shall (studying 'independent media' as i was an inventor of it being used for 'good'... ralphschism told the world i was WRONG)

never change my mind

Christian bigot (i have studied Christianity last decade - as undercover outsider among a few genuine TRUTH talking friends in that world... its inherently bigoted 100% for sure)  Ben Shapiro who essentially professes to outbreeding the non bigots, quite his side of the  Enlightenment 'argument', are... ie lefties  - standard classic liberals and standard pre 2010s 'progressives' as all Time Out readers of the 80s were for example...losing by dint of breeding

to me has always been one of the worst conceivable super influencers (in UK too, giving spawn to the likes of Tate etc)  truly worst turn of events ever... the two of em Trumpists ... (me i would hold my nose and vote RFK jr if enforced yank voting  - RFK interesting)

But Ben also says THE best truly wise thing ever " all politics has lost its sense of humour..." .. even if basically it should be all of everyone... but especially the 'left' 


 @jk_rowling As arguably one of UK's main free speech (successful) legal activists see i follow matters free speech. Your efforts great stuff. BUT these last 7 yrs of 'identity' utterly dilutes what FS was for - to protect the small person against the (twas ever thus!) tyranny of power greed, etc. Be it the church in the past, or in the (in)justice system nowadays

to BE continued


where i just added

(and i wouldnt even go and fuck a wonderful trustworthy prostitute in this awful country of false allegations  - victim olympics, without being supplied in writing in triplicate that  all allegations of feelings-crime must receive one written warning prior to running crying to the feds)

but a lot of crossover at my other site


- but there is the rub, silly people, sad losers.... with nothing better to do than the UK national hobby - trying to dob someone else in for something..even i believing in 100% openness only show my main riffing site to those i meet face to face and can trust, as you simply never know.... what militaristic nasty man may still be googling you every day as he started to 2009 preparing to steal my daughter as he failed to be father to his... ( a REAL father moves to where they are taken to)

there i faux seditiously riff a bit and it IS being alive - you stick your own failings in FIRST

(as emailed to today sunday morning...ive been on this subject 20 years love...usually at dawn....i spoke out about the justice system when wrongly in a stone hotel - my ex* friend, (Withnail) Bruce Robinson's name for a gaol.....NO ONE in uk did that ever.... i was basically the first 2003... and won ALL my battles changing law in the process.. )

THIS [last 7ish years] is almost entirely due to a disastrous failure in RHETORIC.

in i explore this.

eg - as i did in this legal case, in 2003 a quite shy and self conscious person, still (my first ever tv was terrifying - 3 stations met me at the gaolhouse gate December 2003 as i knew they would - on my side... but from then it was me learning Not to be 'me' - one i liked)

you have to use the 'enemy's' weapons against THEM (this is what i learned to do - quite alone, by 2005 myself how this legal case was won)

one is as i have so many times said the last year " Hannah Arendt [unimpeachable goddess to any humanities lecturer or student] said when there are things we cannot say in society, we already have a tyranny.."

Another -- because shouty sad neurotics who use devices a lot have ONLY limited capacity (and as we know this became largely a woman thing, sadly, i say as ULTRA 'feminist') :

" MANY WOMEN still have their children unlawfully stolen by the state! (see this site a year ago, links to the 2023 Panorama on this) this diversion into 'identity' - the politics of, the suppression of speech, deciding what is 'hate' or not... diverts from THEIR need - these truly oppressed** women, to have their access to LIFESAVING free speech...holding to account the real majority of BAD ACTORS still tyrannising many thousands of them ... or environmental vandals still destroying the environment "

(as i became specialist on after discovering everyone went mad by 2014 and no longer could do sane communication around kids...fact Brits never cared for kids over and above their own silly egos)

FREE SPEECH (a reasonable matter as it stood in around 2010) ... i wasnt sure myself but became gradually 'absolutist' meaning the quite necessary laws in most societies against incitement to violence rightly should be there, and for me, although environmental 'absolutist' that even means its below me and should be below anyone, to lob a brick into an oil company's windows as they are NOT WORTH wasting natural resources on (glass replacement) they are so shabby.

But free speech also needs to be used to HELP the sillies of the genital choppers... ( again i wasnt sure until the argument formulated - wear what the hell you want, but NEVER influence or pressurise anyone to mess with their fertility...

Tom Robinson sung he was Glad to be gay ...

but we discovered a few years on, he wasn quite all the way...

ask his children- sired the old fashioned way

if they arent happy he 'changed his mind'

became apostate :-)

FAR MORE IMPORTANT. trans activists need protection - those who have to use the library to tweet or Tix Tox that is, for SURE!! .. as they spend a bit too much time online, rather working in real life to pay the bills... and are behind with their broadband bill payments

Go to any uk library, as i have from 2010

by necessity

And write (as i did then 2010 i believe )

ALL librarians especially the fat Hay one..

are so rude, mad, inhuman, and cannot even remeber RULE #1 of their own training.... that one cannot be working on ones utterly right! trans rights polemics.....quietly in SILENCE and concentrate...(why the are so bad, its NOT their fault!).... because all librarians (except one, my friend in Cornwall) shout loudly, narcissistically, about their health - always ill health of course in the national self pity Olympics, holidays, gossip of their fat voices...i have years of recordings of just that! all genders too...young men in fact have become even worse, of late i notice......

and of course that means library users follow their example, too...

(every single one of many libraries i go to WORK in the quiet - not having had broadband living very rurally for Herefordshire, Powys, Shropshire and Cornwall, impossible to concentrate ever due the fat - they always are, and as its not immutable is ...well is jokingly, there as a hint - lose weight and maybe you can think...and live longer Corvid stated clearly the fatties get it...i would never say 'ugly librarian' as that is immutable and should never be said... interestingly the only quiet librarian i know is slim...)

free speech is to write that openly, as i did a BAFTA award nominee mother and filmmaker approved, you get banned from the library hahh hahhh... when you are trying to keep the workspace 'safe' of narcissistic fathead bullshit of the library employees! so the fabulous tranny

activists can be free

to think...of better poetry

to use for their democratic right to say what the fuck they long as not inciting to criminal violence against personal people or their stuff

along as it isnt chop em off before a long long long think.... for some years, after the science has said we reach maturity all our brain cells present and correct.- 25 ish...

but even that isnt against law.

but that is an example of what free speech is FOR... quiet spaces for the masses - including small percentage who are at the protrans or whatever the are up to, tweeting...

But i realise there is an inherent problem

a flaw

in my position.

And quite simply put

ONLY great 'story' ever works, to make humans think twice

The TOTAL failure of good story that reaches heart and soul

Is WHY ... we are here

(from the anti 'woke' side i mean)

I still am moved by Ring of Bright Water, Watership Down, My Family and Other Animals...each, even now, brings a tear to my eye

Each REAL beautiful brave story about real life.

(OK W.D. not quite, but i have seen it happen for real eg McCurach doing a Waterhip down phase 1., to young badgers buried alive Kennel Wood nr Seepwalk Titley hills 2020 i have film and covert audio of him admitting it when he was Herefordshire environmental spokesperson...and Extinction Rebllion stallholder with his Missus... i had to leave the region forever to even TALK about it openly as he has military links... ex army even if fascist military religious bigot brigade..)

I had to read a bit of Barry trotter to my lass..

I cannot even remember what it was about it was so dull. Anodyne..



Even the yanks managed in Dont Look Up to get life - wonderful hilarious sedition....back into STORY

It has to make us laugh***, too...

* ex = when his current ...Mrs Sophie is to be seen changing her spots, on his cash - Mistress of the hunt one Boxing day 2011ish i have photos, dressed as Cruella Devil... years she had conned us (living not far away from me, by Hay) she was some perfect literal Joni Mitchell flowerchild.... ALL speech needs to be always call out hypocrisy. Not for the sake indeed of some godliness in 'truth' but as ralphschism riffs, it's FOR HER BENEFIT... without any doubt bad mental health results from inauthenticity.

** Cameron himself implied just that around 2014 in Parliament:

" twice as many kids are taken into care .....[wrongly stolen away by the state for profit one way or other - each time legal fees are massive - you dont think that the SOCIAL WORKERS GET THE OCCASIONAL CHAMPAGNE LUNCH as payback - or some less gauche equivalent, you are a fantasists who thinks there are magicians and Potty trained witches ] ...... as was the case a decade ago and its twice as many that should be.."

It is now roughly 2 or 3 times as many as THEN! (and far far far more proportionately, than all European countries).

*** i LAUGH at this.... saddest silly journalist ever

tweets recently

i never look at twitter any more, only on to tweet another unread one to ms Potter

who calls this "interesting" in a retweet of

...GB, Re (Parental Alienation: Factual Findings) [2024] EWFC 75 (B) (28 March 2024):

Fact-finding in private law proceedings, to consider allegations by F of parental alienation and by M of coercive controlling behaviour. M's allegations found to be true.

as WE - real journalisers, and REAL parents knew, then, and I STATED 18 years ago....

Add in more legal terms with which one or other can whip each other with

she said...he said...

it never stops... just becomes more ... ???? silly terms.... Armageddon of endless tale telling..,. petrol on a fire...of children burned alive, state sanctioned, as no one can stop this or even say anything WISE

Saturday 6 April 2024

starting to write a BIT of the book,properly....soon

ALL archived

all references to

now have to go to 

not paying urls

Wednesday 20 March 2024


 (one of the enemies of real thinking, long ago i knew was sadly the kind of failed selfish onlymee ... not metoo i am part of the had work solution, in Tolle 'Power of Now' type self obsessive books..)

For a year, four really...i have meanadered, randomly engaging  with many may parents - mainly mothers, on the reality of the psychological environment for them and their children in the UK.

Getting under the skin into the truth.

Which quite simply is that in the EU the psychological environment for  even families in the bottom 1/3 is far far healthier than UK, where so much did become a somewhat dystopian hall of cracked mirrors, and  the shards strewn, tools for self harming both the self and in turn the children.

I am lucky, i did my bit.

But  know the truth, that what we hear on a recent not very good radio 4 documentary

The Trouble with Parenting

Some children are violent towards their parents. It’s a pattern of behaviour that can begin as young as three years old. What’s the solution for families?  is in fact understating the reality of  millions of families with troubled kids  - there is VERY little self harm and teen hard drug use in most EU societies,  and 'mental health' issues are considered uncommon. (in the last 9 months roaming the Cornish Coastal path meeting young Europeans they confirm this daily) Here, these things ARE modern UK childhood. 

There WILL be in decades to come many more Lucy Letbies...

Or some or other perverted variant. And they weren't born that way.

And thus, at last  i fact i have, written up more engagingly what i KNOW from years involved with mainly mums in a mess at home....  and some dads too, what i know to be of no use, now, as there is so much dysfunction, damage. 'toxicity', but may be useful to a future generation, if and when, today's maybe 40 somethings... just maybe start to look at cause and actual real effect. 

It is in my irreverent memoirs on another website - only a few people i trust - those i have felt are more spirited no nonsense, no backstabbing,  people,  are ever nudged to have a look at.

Thousands of pages and audio waffle.

Soon, if i can ever perhaps get some  publishing or other income - i never seek (the crowdfund here a year ago for specifically a film is not how i like to operate). Or have never sought, until now. Mainly because i enjoy just poetically riffing  -  having realised that ALL (our - there were others) work on best psychological healthy futures for kids, we worked on from 2003 ish...  has failed. And a whole cohort of truly awful rather narcissistic bossocracy administers everything to do with the family nowadays....often subtly  - for instance bringing perfectly good mums and dads into a school by Presteigne a year ago for a little chat about the parents' wish to not have their  5 7 and 9 year olds subject to quite inadequately tested molecules stuck into their arm.. especially when the science is clear on one thing, that kids are more likely to be harmed by may other pathogens than the 2020 one which culled average age group into their 70s... 2020 of NO interest to me except that revving up to assist various local families in drugs drink or other  harming behaviours... i saw time and again the inability of parents some known some years, to calmly put aside their own disproportionate fears and keep things balanced nicely for their kids.

And thus i gave up. Forever. Caring... there is no point when no one can listen to ageless common sense ways of being with kids....  But i do care if possible to leave behind a range of good useful true stories.  And i have been VERY busy a year waffling and jotting them elsewhere all for free.... 

Probably soon i will put the links here too.

(great pride a few weeks ago that when Steaknife was named - as UK gov paid assassin - deliberately killing off Catholics in the 'troubles' so as to INCREASE IRA Sean McPhilemy wrote of in his lifechanging  banned book  The Committee - i sold in my bookshop from about '97.. he is now entirely vindicated  - he suffered massive state sponsored persecution from the late 90s... i featured on the same pages of Price QCs top cases

 as Sean - not many of us... and the freedom of speech case was far more important than  the press, then,  allowed....  Price knew it was a 'revolution'  - as did Sophia Cannon  - barrister at Matrix, top UK rights  legal chambers

(see the tab for ITV This Morning film    ) 

One Day..i may get to tidying all my webpages up.... detypoing... indexing better

Because i do know one thing above all - many under 40s i riff with on all aspects of rather bonkers UK modern society - from disastrous environmental matters, to UK providing the last 6 months AWACS coverage in the Gaza genocide...   to the ever increasing disparity between top and bottom of society - widest gulf in Europe...  the younger people dont understand how to REALLY engage fully in the democratic process, which is not about silly Extinction Rebellion costumes (and even more hairdye and thick make up residue ending up down the drains)  but is about organising to efficiently counterbalance greedy big business, and local government which became only their ringmaster... and back pocket.  And above all it MUST be 'fun'  - life affirming ...  as my own years from 2003 were, most of the time, between occasional periods of almost terror... or you cannot keep going no matter what the throw at you. Or say as i do daily i would not have one second of my life ay different over my last 30 years....  even months of seconds where i thought there was never a chance of even smiling again. And this is a valuable resource for.... them.... any fairly spirited younger democrat...

Though from my vantage point: trusted insider  - at times given the truths of families in a bit of a mess...  categorically i have shared with the few i like for real the last fewyears, "take your kids over to Europe to live if you possibly can... not safe here any more...even the small borderland towns of Hay, Kington, Knighton Presteigne, i knew well - many very damaged psycho people on the street.... that is not going to get any better, and the 'caring' social worker/ wellness class seem to think their magical thinking - 'manifesting' 'positive change' / vibrations... which in fact is smiley vudu... will make one jot of difference....  i knew may of their kids too....  most did not have good access to both parents after some separation as thats   " we care...a child has decent access to both parents.... unless ... dad eats sausages sometimes as we dont... or mum feels she is the  latest Shakti manifestation, as her diaries say so... and we dont believe in that hogwash... " I have been VERY well acquainted with (middle class - though they all deny) spiritual and other new age belief systems - as they took over almost all The Marches as of 15 years ago....  and those 'Buddha' like zen Steinerish parents i discovered were the very worst of all  at compromising.... even for the sake of their 'divine little newsoul ...' their kids...

Pandemic of only atomised narcissistic behaviour everywhere..

Though i DO have a few fabulous examples in my diaries of how to ACTUALLY do it all... perfectly...just a few could 'listen' and learn.... from what went before ... 

 Even my many year main 'friend' from Hay (no other links - awful place, Primrose Hill or Kensington on Wye full of very hard drugs), a man with senior responsibilities in a large church, immigrant of 25 years,  who for years has also voluntarily looked after the local kids football team,     recently said to me he GETS it! 

That UK youth is mad and toxic. (many years denying this) After a recent teen football match where a young  lad  - not even teen...being remonstrated with by the referee, threatening a booking,  AUTOMATICALLY shouted back " you book me and i will tell everyone you are a paedo .." after which they had to have an emergency administrators  meeting ow on earth does one respond to that?!  (lie - categorical...UK false allegation capitol of the world - even the kids have caught that illness....)

Tuesday 13 February 2024


In a few weeks i will be sticking here my last year riffing pages. Links to another identity (clearly me)

Riffing into attempting to find some sane collaborators about the FACT that UK has driven its kids nuts...

Far more interesting, how, as of 2014ish when prior then parents - about 2/3 women, 1/3 men, i could always tell if they were telling the truth when they called for lay legal advice - almost always requiring DAYS of close in one on one time preparing the story for the court statement required for an imminent round of court. Many would. I would spend 20 or more..sometimes 50, going over the strategy and story... and they considered me (due my press) on their side!

And they would...almost always - tell the truth  (i would never wish to lay-legal support someone on drugs, drink or genuinely wonky and a danger to kids). I think only one of my assistees was an out and out sad lost cause. giving a false version. (though very smiley and had all the right words about how the local authority had oppressed her for years). From 2014 or 15 it was no longer possible to tell  - what was any truth.......some bizarre extreme attention seeking or even fantasy version of the soul was arising.

I close down all here

did i link these pages....?? i am very busy writing and youtubing elsewhere....have Been..a year.

I should have stayed in Portugal and married the wonder woman there... except she died a few years on... 

see entries here early spring 2023 ref this

Friday 12 January 2024


From: Simon Clayton []
Sent: 12 January 2024 15:12
To: '' <>; '' <>
Subject: FW: BBC whistleblower




Two emailings out only, to grown up journalism  

Perhaps one of you may take interest.

If so 07958 526381


Quite simply as a lifelong (40 years of an adult life) democrat and scholar of good journalistic standards,  the BBC  - once ok, has sunk to a new low. Although this is something i have a fully referenced chronicle of over the last two years.


Someone needs to take em down,... or begin to hold them to account for a gross and indecent waste of public time and money. I have a full professionally sourced and referenced write up on what follows. ( some is on my website  - link below)


If you scroll down to the first of these short forwarded emails you will see a link to my site where i begin to try and write a sane and punchy summary critique of what is the (2 year) culmination of a  celebratory BBC journey into justice reform. Their two main journos Berg and Tickle have ‘lead’ the charge.

( i live off grid and all of many laptops have bust keyboards hence so many typos – i am extremely literate and have read Bernhard’s Extinction...twice...)


It’s not going to get a Pulitzer being a rather dull subject to the great majority, however there are 100s of thousands of citizens (all parents)  who  know of (and ONLY celebrated) my important work and how literally the BBC cabal of worst journalists in history have simply destroyed a most valid use of the fourth estate. These two journalists and their infantile production teams, have singlehandedly destroyed. (it really is very obvious how).


I am ALWAYS right. On December 29th 2008 i alone told all the top broadsheets and many senior legal campaigners, that Jack Straw had hoodwinked parliament. All said i was on drugs, and needed sectioning. Only two  months later The Times legal editor ran a piece i had all but written for Frances Gibb  then legal ed, advising the nation Straw was a “hoodwinking” lowlife. Within a few weeks on the telly he did a u turn on the subject i alone put everyone right on....






From: Simon Clayton []
Sent: 12 January 2024 13:27
To: '' <>
Subject: BBC whistleblower


Hi i used to be a fairly well known person to Sue Reid your superb elderly stateswoman of a REAL journo! campaigner and uks most successful MEDIA LEGAL activist


I sent this to her at an old email address i have for her


Or maybe someone else may like to expose this dystopian narcissism at BBC  - i have full chronicle





From: Simon Clayton []
Sent: 12 January 2024 13:15
To: '' <>
Subject: womanshour/ FW: LORD STRATHCLYDE (and Hanning)


Hi you will have had Tickle/Berg on today

They are frankly a travesty to journalism

Says the ONLY person who had the ‘court secrecy’ issue entirely reformed 2006 alone... me

They are now obstruction in their complicity


(MANY senior women journalists from 2005 supported me in PERSON Claire Dyer, Frances (f) Gibb legal editor Time, Sue Reid Daily Mail, Denise of ITV This Morning, many others (see my newsprint on site below)


From: Simon Clayton []
Sent: 12 January 2024 13:02
To: '' <>
Subject: hi if you are still on this YOU get the big congrats


Hi Sue
hope you are well.

Just attempting to keep some real true version of history as the awful newage journalists make it about THEM


07958 526381


Dystopian BBC 'reportage' Sancha Berg and others. 12 Jan 2024

 new audio explaining the SOP of BBC 'claims' that their valiant reporters have achieved something

The point i missed, was that the 'system' DESIGNED it so that Jane public will feel all is well, without understanding the real life effects as i describe. 

Genius extremely thoughtful KAFKA...



TO BE IMPROVED LATER TODAY...or tomorrow if i get around to it..

I AM A HAPPY TRAMP LIVING OFFGRID 2YEARS - Circs Strained By YOUR mine, all is well

This whole site is a almost a travelogue, starting a few years ago.  But as of a year ago ('older posts' bottom right hand corner) I weave in critique of the absurd new campaigning journalists with what was planned to be my own  largely interesting tales of the 003-6 matters - told engagingly, rather frankly. And  with far more real 'journalism' about law than these latter-day pipsqueak journalists can ever manage. Then the begging bowl came out (planned 2020 - postponed obvious reason) to attempt to get funding for film... see the magnificent film i feature in explanations of the issue last February here as so incredibly REAL - i have seen those things happen with MY own eyes i bet Tickle and co ran for REAL life..

That film so brilliantly describes what is happening day in and out... which wont be reported as no newspaper will run the story " sexy sultry Portuguese sexpot Simon is in love with and wanted to Abduct from Love Actually first moment he set eyes on her, treated like terrorist by social services who also abused  so vilely her  deaf daughter" cos they cannot Show a PICTURE of gorgeous Lucia..or even say where she lives due 'triangulation'. Or even that she is Portuguese i bet.. in some 'anonymised' 'public' judgement or 'reportage'... still under construction, meaning needs a damn good edit and all those other things like tagging and indexing... but the real story (i spent 20 years no one in UK REALLY cares... especially in journalism where of course most are childless homos of one trans human form or other... strange when 96.4% of actual humans  still reported in the last census they were good old fashioned hetro..most of whom eventually do wish kids also) .

Between 2004 and 2009, and a little the following 5 years I dealt  one-on-one with GREAT senior women journalists at GREAT length. Sometimes many hours at a time chats.

Clare Dyer Guardian, Frances Gibb Legal ed Times (her and i had the first narcissistic Orwellian journo Camilla Cavendish removed from covering family justice she was so bad - i have the email from Gibb to prove that) , Elizabeth day of the Telegraph, Tessa Cunningham The Mail, Karen Griggs ITV news reporter - 10ish interviews her and I, etc etc... 

I have seen, and in my case more often heard, an Orwellian cabal take over the UKs daily 'program of record'   radio 4 Today (and Panorama)    in the  form of these simply appalling so called  journalists who inherited their fine work in the earlier period where we did change society for the better. 

This on a subject where (yet another Berg failure in Today) Munby   wrote for me in his winter 2005 paper that being hanging is abolished the most severe  act the state can do to a citizen is [unlawfully] remove a child..And thus it must require FULLEST real scrutiny. The version (of imaginary court reportage)  delivered by Berg and co the last few years (they are complicit in NOT reporting the history) is only a sop to give Berg and co access to the judges spinning this. I   have heard  no journalism in many BBC hours on this topic the last few years. Not  even one slightly awkward question of anyone in authority,.Stalin would be proud of such a hatchet job - cutting out the bit of the brain of these so called journalist that may have once worked on their journalISM degree courses.. Errata GCSEs

(which among other things has NEVER referred to this huge subject being fully dealt with by massive test case - mine and TWO Whitehall consultations and millions of words of newsprint in 2004ish to 10ish...all in favour of MY legal 'lacuna'...and many judicial papers and speeches ditto)


radio 4 Today program 12 Jan 2024

14 minutes in (expires 12 Feb 2024)


in my filestore

of Ms Berg selling herself, not justice, or journalism, simply herself. And lying.

It is dystopian spin, spun ONLY to make Berg and Tickle look like Joan of Arc: "a litigant can talk to us. We can 'report'. "

These cases are usually at least 9 months over at least 3 or 4 days in court (where the litigant may have to wait all day for their 20 minute slot). Most go on for many days. To 'report' a case a journalist would have to attend every minute of the case. Impracticable to say the least. And as for 'evidence' if a litigant is seeking out the journalist: These cases are largely done on paper (or rather the papers and statements become THE 'record'). And every single piece of paper generated by CAFCASS Social Services psychologists etc etc... and finally the judiciary, is a prize winning piece of spin in and of itself.  Only a litigant may have a more truthful real version of events to relate to a journalist (after hearings or a case) but how on earth can any journalist take the word of a litigant especially if they 'lost' when every single official piece of paper is DESIGNED to spin away  from any fact of injustice or malpractice. Kafkaesque to the nth degree... Berg complicit.

( i have dozens of great examples as do many thousands of other campaigners  - my favourite even if it destroyed his life was that of a father of 3 kids denied ever seeing his kids again in 2014 by a judge on the grounds of his 'alcoholism' when attached to that judgement is an official court commissioned medical report on the father stating his hair/blood and other medical tests showed NO alcohol abuse - of course today the judiciary have wised up so as to not allow such glaring evil injustices be so easy to see from the paper trail.... thats what their education became for... spin far more effectively...  or just as persuasively a well known mother in 2010 had her second child removed from her permanently  - the adoptees paid huge sums of money too, when the court papers show her first child a teen explaining how great her mum was - i knew them both, and said teen alone was obviously an adequate carer for her younger sister had the hatchet job by the authorities on mum not been total.)

Lord Strathclyde

Lord Strathclyde's full title is The Rt Hon. the Lord Strathclyde CH. His name is Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy Galbraith, and he is a current member of the House of Lords.

Sue Reid

a REAL journalist and thinker

The late Denise Robertson a REAL journalist and thinker (even if she adopted MY thrust and sort of called it theirs..)

You can see Denise grilling Straw in the video here in my other filestore

ALL her good work in VAIN due these shabby narcissistic latter day children, not deserving the name 'journalist'

she would be turning in her grave at these appalling toxic Teletubbies calling themselves 'journalists'.

Taken from this page where the link is towards the bottom


And the baddies

Sancha Berg

It would make me ill to even see a picture of her

Her sidekick

photo taken at 12.00

Its all they are .." i get a go on the BIGgirls media look at me" for their social meemeemeedia


promoting an obvious fraudster as we knew a DECADE ago

Natasha Phillips ناتاشا فیلیپس

"The UK's first Child Rights journalist. Stories in The Times, Byline Times, The Independent."

(reference my video waffle above)

SO stupid and immature, give a girl a BBC mic and she will 7 or 8 years ago singlehandedly ruin decades of work by good people, myself included, where we explained and lobbied, to society - experts and politicians never mind when we had SANE media, as top FBI Man Frank did.... children should be NOWHERE NEAR 'decisions' about their future


All good fun....simply because i care history and the end of ANY good education in the UK is...chronicled

My real writing is elsewhere.

If you would like to see do email me.

Friday 29 December 2023

contact and writing group/collective

 I have referred several to this messy site over the last week. As i roam and specifically as i have been doing 6 months, attempt to create a writing collective around some great new encounters who have expressed to me face to face interesting intelligent scepticism.

I have a large writing site a year, that i try to keep entirely 'firewalled' from my own dull past :-)

Merely a new truly authentic start with many deep and very frank audios and essays and videos.

I wrote up the writers group/ collective a few weeks ago there- sincere fine acquaintances- mainly women.

If curious (recent new acquaintances) please contact me ideally mobile (below)  message or whatsap  or email  and i will give you link to that material...


Wednesday 20 December 2023

 several 'posts' - meaning written entries as update or attempting to explain various aspects of law (i gave up the PEOPLE of uk are so lost they dot deserve law)

ended up beeing mistakenly written as a 'page'  and do not appear

here they are..

plus a few other private pages used over the last year to communicate with the typical mad effete lost 'family'   that were complicit i the emotional damage to my daughter from2010... or someone who may have helped...said she cared.

But then i dont believe one word from any brit ever

(to liberal democrats pretend friends of mine (2022 supposedly Hurds cared about evil, she boasted was only in Panorama as she leaked it ... but they cannot even manage to get their email to work ..over several years - NEVER vote liberal democrat)

Thing is the FULL warts and all story is written online elsewhere... on ralphs****.com over the last year
you have to be a friend to see it...

only those i could trust have been invnited there

anyone here can get the url if somehow ca prove they are allies... 
my number below

Saturday 9 December 2023

 it is fun to advise a sweet walking Pole the 'problem'... in Polish NO FERKIN SOLIDARITY

as soon as Fakebook came along all the previously great fellowship among the 'oppressed' disolved into toxic sludge...

And as i have a superb 'study' on this continuing into ALL aspects of uk environmentalism, and the last six months have an even better little look at how all uk born  supposed right thinking middle aged people.. simply people please when it comes to ANY solidarity on the environment. I give up.

And after a suitable period of adjustment to quote fabulous is soon time to write up some of this

meanwhile all was worth it just to meet one of these authors - THE one who needs to be minister of children and families too...

and THE great new childrens books (i see them as a 'movement'... she means it! all the way)