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22 March 2022 Delayed in proper edit as in fact this stage - how to get interest and lobby for content to be taken seriously as valuable, is in fact sort of being turned into a little film. Which will be shown here.  Need a few days to edit collect together and upload that. 

THIS IS A PAGE put up 13 mar 2022 under development.

full of typos and bad spewling grammah ...i do stuff on the hoof. Resentfully, as i would rather be walking the hills. But i will do this propper, soon... by midweek 15th ish March 2022. Edit and make super nice English. 

PLEASE not for sharing yet...a better to-be-shared version will be ready later in the week ...15 March 2022....ish

I live in very backwaters and don't often have a decent internet speed to upload video such as those below. In fact ears that has been maybe the 'problem' in that a gigabyte takes so long to put up i had a metal block  - always thinking if i wish to present this fully using modern methods such as pitch to camera i will have to go and stay in a city.  Not so i only recently discovered due one 'Rebellious' American lady, one service that actually does what it says on the tin: mobile hotspots.  They are good. Though i have to drive to find best signal spots. I know them all for

I am working on this page -  better editing by 14 March 2022., Though i would love help doing even just that, now. My circumstances are temporarily stretched. 

This page is  NOT a beg for dosh. I have never been in that business as i know full well one day some film professional will take it on but in fact i realise I may even enjoy sharing this now with some others as almost co-producers so lets get money for that....  (2020 became for me a psychologically positive Rubicon) 

It is a wish for just a few specific people i know or have had on my radar to work a little with me on creating a really good professional development funding page here

they are all the thing now and many do raise substantial professional funding. I can be VERY 'professional' when required. You get to an age where you have the chutzpah to just get on with anything.  Give it a go... and i have neither expertise (except on what good stories do 'work')  nor contacts to truly own alone any project, and thus with collaborators who can be equal partners. 

Though the truth even 'PR' has changed the last 3 or 4 years. I montor it. Raw and real is the thing. And i do the real version of 'real'.On a serious note in an age where even 7 year olds do classes on how to sell yourself via a Youtube pitch, even though I am allergic to 'PR'  and philosophically opposed to every single  milligram the stuff, this  story came to pass ONLY because of PRing the thing forward with no experience, and in the hardest imaginable circumstances. And thus is the ultimate of lessons so contemporary still. But it was that 'right' kind of PR.. the true version.   

But let's just say i can be a PR supremo when i need to be....  but in lets say an 'interesting' way. 

 These laws changed though as authentic as can be, came about by PR... and had for example the very highest judges in the land taken against me, then i would have paid the ultimate price for getting my R wrong.... 

I just for now want a few working with me - maybe we spend a few days camping or whatever  starting a professionally made campaign to get genuine industry interest. Nomadland  was initially just such an independently started film and  got an Oscar... and there are plenty of others where that has also happened. I have certain contacts in time i can get recognition through - if they see a band of merry women and men who themselves believe in a project.  I am in fact a meek person and spend a LOT of my life just wandering and camping in hills alone. But i have balls of plutonium when it comes to.... who knows..... going to USA and trying to blackmail heads of Universal to do a co one frightens me and i can often bridge a way in to the top folk's [consciences]  though would love to have a comapnera along to protect me from their California Girls...  and make it clear  we make or at least write the best films here.  And don't screw with my story...,

I know what i am doing but wish to share the thing for very simple reasons i can explain in person.  One is that my mind is deep in other creative things that keep me going the last decade (i am told i write well, not today), and thus farming this out to a few others i know can be trusted to keep it true is what i wish.  

DON'T jump to conclusions... i have had a life for 17 years quite bizarrely where folk come up to me on the bus "oh your the one who.... well good for you...well done you..."

and a few lets just say tried to destroy over the years subsequently what was ONLY a wonderful story. Which incidentally positively impacted real life outcomes for many thousands, hundreds of thousands in fact.... facing the hardest things in life. They would see our names and had some.


never mind a good template on how it REALLY should be done...

and lets be clear, every word can be verified. There were MANY a file on me...many a plod trying to find the dirt...  they didn't.

Cobbled together quickly new energy ... pandemic more or less forgotten , only world war 3 to have in mind...lets forget that TOO and do something positive! 

And if you care about violence or any other bad behaviour towards women, well 97% of my friends for years are middle aged women, and we speak often about such things... they ALL agree with my point in video 1 or 2 below... there is only ONE real solution.... well they say so to my face, or ear..? I wish one would just get on and be really useful then in helping get something pushed out - i need moral matters......this is for women not me....

Its about a girl....too.

And that girl i want her ALL her life to meet men who by dint of closeness to young children are the safest there can be....  

(far more women than men benefited from the freedom to threaten dodgy social services with press i brought in) 

i missed a bit...

so, i say you learn to scan or even only selectively even open any letter.

Not the ordinary "scanning.."

xxx (= edit in) something on this iyt is something i had to in later years try and counsel others on - or they would blow a fuse or more seriously wither from mental exhaustion.

Please note this line... (xxx) 

March 2022


This is the summary i should have done when i set up this website. Maybe i am more focused having put my trestle table out and mulled since. It is always a bit frazzling putting out a pitch.


There is a paragraph at the end of this that is kindof meant for one person individually. Only as a recent notional archetype. There is someone who opened up to me last year about ‘mental health’ and of course we all know these days that being totally open about such things personally and societally is only a great thing. Shame kills.  I was quite (non clinically) ‘depressed’ to hear such a healthy and alive person had suffered this pandemic of mental health disability. I wouldn't have guessed.  I celebrated her frankness. Though it seems at the same time digital communications have made us less open  - more quick to retreat?  Anyway behind this story is a ‘test’ of mental health i would love to share with anyone who has had their issues. I could almost call it  the ‘cure’.


This site I revert to original intention a few years ago, in fact was revving up just as March 2020 came along. I had sent out a few fishing emails the weeks prior. All suspended.


My plan was to try and lure a small group of people to loosely work me – freelance, from their own kitchen table, to see if we could gather interest, industry support, some expertise, to put together a package so as to get into some boardrooms of the larger entities that create movies.

I am a book man, but all along, and even moreso these days, i believe the story of a few years mid 00s belongs in a film. Not a documentary, a screen version – the movie. The flashier the better. Even if i am far far more of a quiet pensive art-house film person, myself.  It may even be adapted away from the exact original story but that doesn’t actually matter.


There are several key ingredients that no one can ‘take away’ or fiddle with.


The first is that it is a ridiculously happy-ending story. No negatives. Well there was one i don't share publicly. That film Love Actually....well it has a lovely Portuguese woman in it ... one just as lovely visited me in the Stone Hotel.  Talk about poignant, when she... died a few years later before i had the chance to go back a second time and put into practice what she had not said "no" to...


Now, just before some troll (i have mine i am told – i never look) or sceptical person is thinking "he would say that....these psychopathic ex cons weren't in the slammer for being any kind of ordinary human you know.. ", there are several facts that are objective to say the least.


1. After a fairly serious charge and slap on the wrist in summer 2003 – those newspaper articles I am sure still appear on the web somewhere,  lets just say this: a case (as the judge joked at the time) a little “celebrity” -  in other words in the public eye, they don’t go easy on you. 

I got back to child custody court in March 2004 and within 6 bitterly contested weeks  - a few days in court over that time, that would make Putin seem a pussy, it was ordered (May 2004) that I would have my lass back and also that the parents should rapidly work together  - like THAT DAY, on resuming the equal time shared care that had been ongoing prior to April 2003.  That simply never happens. Anyone – mother or father, who has a criminal charge that is very much in ‘public’ – on the news a  lot,   and also who has seen nothing of a child for 9+ months, just doesn’t resume shared care within a month or so of it going back to court  99% of the time they wont even see their kid for months or years and simply NEVER get back custody. Never....

 In other words read between the lines. Think for yourself. I am not in the business of hurting anyone (unpaid by the state)  by listing their sins, especially when a court order by a senior judge (then) made it clear his opinion... 


Of course in any child dispute or legal action there are two parents usually, and two ‘sides’. And any parent claiming any kind of success or victory may well have those behind his or her back hissing "unfair fight" or some other reason they had it easy. When someone – me, starts so on the backfoot – to say the least ! (and also legally representing himself as all lawyers were useless, but me no legal experience at all!, the other household having legal aid and the fanciest barrister in the whole region!) and yet justice prevails in such a dramatic way, i don’t think there is much room for cynicism.

 The “disappointed party” – loser... – well... there must have been a jolly good hearing and reasons they had to be "disappointed".

2. As i say a happiest possible conclusion / ending (2005/6ish). But not without deep personal melodrama on the way. (good movie stuff). But that was no enforced or cynically won unhealthy state of affairs which may impinge negatively on a  child.

Another fact: The other household politicked over the years to retain my daughter at a not that brilliant medium sized regional primary school.  Though i disagreed very much with that choice – there being better viable alternatives, i did not seek change on the principle of maintaining peace. Nevertheless the school knew that i was a parent who stood up against shabby practice sometimes. 

Five years on  - 09, there was a little rear-guard (‘revenge’?) activity. I had reason to go and seek an assessment meeting with both headmistress and deputy headmistress present (i wished as witness). Upon being posed the question “please sum up Esti’s school performance in all the main general categories -  emotional wellbeing and interaction with other kids and staff, academic achievement, overall behaviour, interpersonal skills, etc... ?” Their answer was an unreserved “ top of the class in everything”.  And they knew her well. No other independent person knew her as well – she had been there 7 years.

And there are other areas of life where folk that we (at my house) got to know over the years only marvelled at her. In 2010 after 4 or 5 years of taking our beloved ferrets to ferret shows around the country  one of our main hobbies, at the National Supreme ferret championships of the Uk at Chatsworth House  - not an event to be understated in fierce competition and glory.

I had an old youtube channel i forgot even existed. here is a video put up i havent read comments there are probably insane ones. Sad people did sad things later on.

But read there is so much more film to show so much more. And that is important i shall ex-lain later.

 Hundreds maybe even thousands of obsessive dedicated ferret breeders who had been attending decades gathered! Esti clayton was made official judge – paired up as actual white coated judge age ten, with one of the other experienced judges. She judged as an equal, in front of gathered crowds, championship ferrets. They don't let some socially or otherwise challenged child do that. THis is a very very adult affair ferret shows..they could not have someone unrelaible in the ring on championship day! . They had got to know her... (and love her !!) over the years they had had us join them. They knew what she was like....  bulletproof.

3. Now the meat of the thing.

 (to be edited later) 

The no order principle. This sounds rather mundane.

In the ITV This Morning thing page

Sophia Cannon calls the thing (me hahh hahh) “revolutionary " or similar

In fact that is a hard word / phrase to unpick and translate to the civilian.


Because there are two parallel revolutions.

As with anything ‘media’ the big girls and boys of the media love something that relates to their world.


To put in the shortest possible paragraph the issue with “ free speech”  which in and of itself is rather simplistic a phrase and diverts the person educated in humanities from the REAL LIFE issue. And i ask you to forget children here. The case appeared and stayed for a decade or more  on the superstar ‘media’ cases here  because of the principle. Not the facts.  Please understand dear citizen the spin of the state (and it’s contractors including private child solutions providers)  became the problem: “ every case is different and must be individually assessed” became their mantra. Sounds humane! Sounds so empathetic, even if "performance empathy" seems the pandemic in these lands, to me;  Is the biological weapon designed in the spin factories of thinktanks  to in effect shut everyone up about everything. It is the ultimate Kafkaesque weapon, that phrase. And be clear it is about money. All sorts of ‘professionals’ get paid to be involved in the process of ‘investigating’ some ‘individual’ situation.  Not having wise overarching standard approaches keeps them in business, and pensions.

The High Court judge concerned (i appealed)  sent to my front door (unbeknown to me) a High Court injunction in mid 2004. For nearly a year prior to that moment i had access to the media. I had not even uttered one word either unpleasant or problematical (there is so evidence in any file ANYONE can see today now - i have them all) .

 I had done a lot of media in that year. Media on PEACE. Media on how BOTH parents are used by dodgy professionals to pay their salaries. Etc. ( i lied – no one ever used me but one spins the narrative so as to assist others who were not so...human) 

I never spoke of any individual details ever regarding any legal action over my child. Why?, because there were NONE – the only detail that ever mattered was the criminal perjury in courts starting august 2002  - i knew at the time only tragedy. Anyone (encouraged by some antagonistic partner of thers who never even had the manners to have a cuppa with me when invited)  who puts in sworn statements to judges that are horrid about another human (especially in respect of an adored child they LIVE with)  – society must pity them.


To get a bit Solzhenitsyn i have some quotes XXX


IN EDIT... laptop probs its a stop and start affair.

Here in a life of hardly ever going to the doctor is by far the greatest doctor ever.


Dr Antonia Bradley (f)

“antonia i need help I am dying on my feet... six months of terrible sad things said to magistrates thankfully they knew were gross lies; arrested by a drunk violent nutter Portuguese policeman sticking his gun in my face; being chucked into a Portuguese hell hole never having had a parking ticket even for years where instant gang rape was guaranteed in my mind;  several appearances in front of as i was be cont XXX







Some characters.

Today 12 March 2022 i heard on the wireless at dawn a Moldovan politician speaking about the refugee flood into his country. I have never heard a Moldovan on our be cont XXX ( first oerson i met properly in my gaolbird career - quite deliberately .... those gaolers have compassion....was the most extraordinary alleged minor gangster a young man from Moldova..  i don't like to have to spend the night in the cell witha  gangster but when i saw his cell wall c=covered in photos of his beloved daughter, maria...of whom he was single parent...and his toothless beaming smile as he showed me all her life inthose photos...i knew i was  learning something new i needed to know bout what matters in life...       


AND..i dont know if this works yet but there is a reason for making so many films of our life
they should be visible here ?
please advise if not and i will modify or reload elsewhere.

There are many hours of film from 2004 on... those who have over the years seen it always say wonderfully fun and real... 
But thats a 'thing'. There you are fearing the worst (their awful system). Before it became de rigeur and when i could not afford it i bought a digital camera- so as to from 2004 film every minute of our days i could ...'evidence 'if someone once again tried anything tricky. Tese are the ends you go to if something matters to you...
Within a few months it became the norm for us - all day film our life..... for six years.... ohh i have the most extraordinary film and its obviously not staged... the camera became our ....well... i love to show them to anyone who wants.That camera wasnt lying anyone can see.

Bits and Bobs..

Until a few days ago i had never even bothered reading fully this arguably minorly  'historical' Supreme Court don't....why bother as you know at this stage they NEVER ever let you win in 'full'... they always try and take away....(a mad codesil in it ... )  all that mattered was one line... the first; anything else is more games and you don't let them win by eer distracting one from real life by one millisecond more than necessary.

But there is one line or so that actually tells so much. ..

"and on reading the appellants notice... 18 Oct 2005..."

This was way before  i could get anyone to help in any way out of my depth it is daft.... so that Appellant's notice was a direct full on attack on exactly the judges that granted the appeal.... the real version of life. 

In other words eat your heart out erin Brockovic, i couldnt find anyone to maybe sleep with to give me any legal  advice this was ONLY my own work.... 

And it went all the way.... these judges could hae done anything to me... go ALL the way til the wheels fall off and burn.

It began:
Official  file sent to Appeal Court 15 Oct 2005





1.       I apply to appeal The order of Justice Hedley of 9th November 2004 in full and  the order made on 26th July 2005 (handed down on 11th April 2005), only part 3: “ The order by way of injunction made herein on the 9th November 2004 do continue…..”   against me until my daughter Esti, aged 6,  reaches maturity in 2016...

.....[it continues]




There is public interest in the outcome of the residence case about the fate of our child about whom the injunction now forbids me discussing. Her life was made highly public during the period April 2003 to March 2004, including a half hour BBC documentary on the matter in January 2004. My arrest, later treatment, and the initial consequences were a highly public affair. It is only proper that the outcome should be in the public domain.


I have never responded to any print article on the case. I have only participated in broadcast media on wider issues – I do not have television so do not know how interviews have been edited but in any event I have never given “my side of the story” or discussed many intimate details of the past. The reason is that I wished for matters to settle down and indeed for me to research matters as in reality I didn’t know or understand the details. I also saw a need for the residence proceedings to properly end before I attempt to redress the many many incorrect news reports on matters – including many that still now are to be found on the internet. One example is that I now know that my incarceration in Portugal was likely illegal as the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations under which I was obliged to be informed of my right to Consular Access was ignored. Let alone the fact that I was denied representation and consular access before my remand in Portugal which is against the ECHR. In short having become the centre of quite considerable press coverage I should be allowed the opportunity of responding in print – putting over my side. Which if I have the opportunity will be done with great sensitivity, and as I have always said without denigrating my ex wife for several reasons, especially now that I wish relations to remain fairly good as they are. With this injunction in place no one will touch me – media are very fearful of injunctions and assume that the whole matter is injuncted even though it is not. However even if I can find a venue to respond the whole matter now becomes artificial as I cannot talk about the happy ending – which has become the most necessary and definitive part of the “story”.  


A search on 14th October at the local public Library of the Thompson-Gale Infotrac Newspaper Database, accessible to anyone using the public library, has 70 plus articles stored from National and regional newspapers that cover parts of the story, this does not even include Local Newspapers. Those clipping will remain there in perpetuity. There were many – at least fifty or sixty individual television reports naming and identifying all three family members. On 14th Oct 2005 a “google” search of the internet searching for documents containing articles on “Simon Clayton” and “Esti Clayton” showed 204 results – this is a large increase upon numbers a year ago when a similar search came up with about 100 documents, is in no way attributed to my actions, simply a reflection of the fact that more archival information is added daily.


The only purpose of this injunction is to protect the judiciary and Family Justice system at a time when rightly and as is regularly accepted even in the courts (for example see the comments of LJ Ward, Lady J Arden. LJ Scott Baker. 21st dec 04. in the Hockenjos case at the Appeal Court) those in that world are facing regular criticism and there may be some validity in that criticism. There is an inherent conflict.


Not only the evidence mother presented against me – the email I sent to Ms Doel of the BBC, but all other media I have engaged in since my release from prison in December 2003, clearly shows that I am a responsible campaigner/commentator. That is the fundamental reason why I was given considerable access to the media during the period December 2003 until late in 2004. During that period I gave at least 15 interviews to broadcast media about the issues that were then extremely high in the public’s awareness following the Fathers4justice campaign. These were likely encountered by not only Judge Singh but mother and her lawyers and had I said anything contentious, or blatantly broken confidentiality rules, it would have been brought to Mr Justice Hedley’s attention – which it was not.



Mr Justice Hedley acceded to my request to “publicise” the ideal and very carefully deliberated ending to our residence case and appreciates in his judgement it may be useful to disseminate that judgement. Since the hearing of 26th July 2005 I am even more convinced that not only is the ending most ideal but that there is so much to be gained from as wide as possible knowledge of this ending. I act as a Mackenzie Friend and counsellor to others in simple Family Court cases and it is clear to me that as did I at times so many litigants become focused on a fight for “orders” when indeed the principles that are beautifully encapsulated in the agreement we made in front of Justice Hedley are what it is all really about. That I may feel appropriate, and now feel I have a moral obligation, to guide people to consider the outcome in our own case and consider whether or not they may be able to find a similar ending themselves, yet cannot actually identify myself as the father, when it is obvious to anyone who knows my background as so many do, is absurd. It seems illogical that I am only to pass on that judgement anonymously. In short I have no idea where the line is in terms of even whether or not by me posting a copy of the open judgement to someone with a covering letter saying only I am the sender of the letter and a copy of the open judgement if I may be breaking the injunction.


It is in Esti’s lifelong BEST INTERESTS that I am not gagged. She will clearly encounter the story in the future herself. She already knows all the family were regularly on the TV news.  It is in her best interests to know every bit of this but particularly that when her dad was under extreme stress – first time in jail, and abroad, when her dad was suffering the emotionally negative consequences of their life for the first time in 4 years being denied, cut off, with no knowledge if it could ever be recommenced, without seeing her for 11 months when normally he had lived with her for 3 or 4 days a week at least for all her life; dealing with the emotional pressures of having spent 6 ½ months in category B or higher jail, (transfer to open denied because of Aneta’s comments) including 2 in Portugal in conditions that are way below European legal requirements, and dealing with the emotional pressure of being aware of the matter being very widely publicised – 4 cameras outside the jail on exit, dad was able to collect himself and deal with the media immediately.


It is particularly in her interests for it to be seen by her that her parent’s troubles ended up with a case that can and should be a good example to others.


In a very minor way, but I wish to be a developing way, I campaign on various issues but my “campaigning” is more along the lines of “information dissemination”. I particularly wish to “promote” shared-care as a valid solution to child residence disputes – in or out of court. And most particularly I feel there is a much needed voice to counteract the thoughtless comments made by various people in authority over the last year or so “you cannot split a child like a cd collection”. I believe the very fact that NYAS in discussions with them see doing just that as fairest and best for all and particularly the fact that as in our case that is exactly what our child wanted and is happy with and clearly has so many benefits, is precisely a very useful option for parents to countenance.


I also campaign on the need for the state to treat shared-care parents properly and equally in respect of benefits and Tax Credits which they do not– the Hockenjos case on just that in the appeal court in December 2004 has been cynically ignored by the relevant departments.


Any time I ever contact anyone in any field of public life on either of these issues – especially journalists who are a critical central part of any “campaigning” I am artificially precluded from referring from my own personal experience of the very things that I campaign on which is actually the very best way to explain what I am about. And if I sate to anyone “I Simon Clayton” am campaigning that parents who have shared care of their children, such as myself, should have equal access to State Benefits and Tax Credits” one very quick Internet search of “Simon Clayton” links me immediately to Esti Clayton whom I am Injuncted against identifying, so just uttering the above statement may put me at risk of severe sanction. 


I act as a Mackenzie Friend and prohibition discussing my own case even now it is over causes intense suspicion and impinges upon my rights to trade.




14th October 2005