outline of stories in audio

7 June 2021

The core openness / secrecy principles I addressed on the back of my fag packet in 2006 are not a small thing. For many years prior and all those since there are likely over half a million individuals per year who come under the jurisdiction of these courts and systems and to whom these principles apply. From the famous Charlie Gard to many injustices or important stories  that still make it to the media today.

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i think when i am on my long walks and huff and puff as i am going along...

 two audio files outlining thoughts for what to do with this, made  early 2019

and then bloody politics went and started to interfere once more.

As my own only daughter was actually created through the EU, as i worked in 2007 in Poland for the EU otherwise i would not have met her mother there,  surveying that country, and so to me is Europe, the best of Europe, in one word modern, and modern people don't believe in borders unless really necessary, i had to put my last bit of shoeleather into that. Whatdyerknow was just beginning to rev up thinking "well we lost that one..." early 2020 time to get on with this....and one got rather sidetracked.