Dear Hannah,
I will know if you have read this as the page will show a hit.
Don't worry i wont think anything of it.
It is a totally private page impossible for anyone else to find the link.

I hope you are well.

this letter refers to the page on this site https://www.simonclayton2020.com/p/secrets.html

Your friend M... well apart from the most evil act ever of Judasing hahh hahh in 2011 (even i was shocked - more than shocked actually...it still rings in my ears - sad woman if she is still alive it is best neither of us ever hear each others names ...) it serves no purpose anyone knowing either of these two terrible moments - ok the first more than a moment. 

Anyway long long time this is overdue. But i was only really ready 3 or 4 years ago and the pandemic went and interrupted plans.
I reckon i will only be around a few more years, if that. I had 3 years of some random meningital thing from 2014 that did me in partly... and a few years of very tough living. But i truly am because of this 110% on the project of this website. That plenty do know of.... 
But I only know ordinary and largely humble paupers (despite me being extremely sophisticated - i did a LOT of citizens advice legal work for others from 2006ish to mid last decade) and we need ANY help possible getting serious finance - a group do initial finance - show some,  and it can then be taken seriously by serious studios etc  - i know what i am doing.

Anyway a GREAT film  - it is possible, can end up being a serious return on investment. 

I really DO hope life went good for you.... i dont regret a second of mine - it all made me (even creative after the worst imaginable loss in 2010 - i lost even my 'identity'..my life with my child was for 11 years ALL i was....and every second of the day since January 2010 i live with constant reminder and ...well..... there is only love of a child....mine likely so damaged she will have become what you were in early 20s... .) 
i hope you can say the same for yourself. Sincerely...you were 'different' in a good way.

ANYone can help with this project... it's even out to the (professional) Kickstarter site...