M + J or anyone else who wants to help

This  is a totally private page impossible for anyone else to find the link unless they have it .

insta message:

Hello M** – if this gets to you? My you look well…. !!! And well done for getting out of that biz..

I don’t use any social media and don’t know how it works (despite 15 years ago being lead  most successful ever campaigner in UK to have it used as a tool of justice)

I set this up to have a look for contacts, and you are actually the only person I can find hahh hahhh… wasn’t really planning to hustle in to you but whatever

Oh well.

Mind you as seemingly a very happy parent maybe you are the one person may GET it.

My own last 20 years have been entirely given over to being  only a child campaigner – arguably most successful ever in UK. Every waking hour. Near killed me. (and children, ONLY were my only joy in life for 30 years)

One of a few reasons is deep down that drives me is  in a story, though ancient history, affecting the three kids of your short-time mother in law? I think you were married?  Maur***’s kids were rather messed with  - no one else knows. i stayed quiet all my life. i doubt my brother was that traumatised but maybe deep down ? was he was so young…

My own work is not against the pervs, but just for greatest possible rolling out of peaceful solutions  for all children in divorcing or dysfunctional families– I made a huge difference – I know that.

Anyway long long time  - as I was first to ever be allowed press freedom re a child – its much weirder here – secrecy, than USA, I  know. Anyway many have said to me good feature film. Er** Broc**vich x3 – it is… it is very timely in UK for various reasons, plus I am probably slow expiring. I am not a cynic and believe   have all my life, in good inspiring cinema. It is a reason I fought my own ‘cause’.  

so i gotta get it done now.. maybe you know someone…  anyone just maybe may have a look at it…

The bizarre creature, my mother, was complicit in my own kid being unlawfully retained 13 years ago – near killed me...damaged my lass too.... (I wish no contact with family – in fact when I was in the thick of this  - so so overwhelmed with this important [for others] legal fight, my brother started to bug me 2005/6 ish  about family issues – a mad father on the booze again – he couldn’t listen to  “classic codependent things I hear from you..i moved on years ago – let them drown in their own boozy madness... I have people to help and not a second spare in this exhausting legal test case ”  )


But I have to leave ‘truths’ behind for the only Clayt** grandchild  - so so damaged by them… though she is  extremely literary – I am glad to say you are too (the legal case here is ONLY as I was literary and imagined how it SHOULD be due the best literature in me)  - one reason a GREAT film


The secret story is here

A page just a few people may see


i so so hate internet  - phone only
number on my website

I hope you are well.

this letter refers to the page on this site https://www.simonclayton2020.com/p/secrets.html

which between that page and the letter below i sent to a wealthy family friend earlier 'explains'  certain things

Your short lived  m in law M... well, apart from the most evil act ever of Judasing hahh hahh in 2011 (even i was shocked - more than shocked actually...it still rings in my ears - sad woman if she is still alive it is best neither of us ever hear each others names ...) it serves no purpose anyone knowing either of these two terrible moments - ok the first more than a moment. 

Anyway long long time this is overdue. But i was only really ready 3 or 4 years ago and the pandemic went and interrupted plans.
I reckon i will only be around a few more years, if that. I had 3 years of some random meningital thing from 2014 that did me in partly... and a few years of very tough living. But i truly am because of this 110% on the project of this website. That plenty do know of.... 
But I only know ordinary and largely humble paupers (despite me being extremely sophisticated - i did a LOT of citizens advice legal work for others from 2006ish to mid last decade) and we need ANY help possible getting serious finance - a group do initial finance - show some,  and it can then be taken seriously by serious studios etc  - i know what i am doing.

Anyway a GREAT film  - it is possible, can end up being a serious return on investment. 

ANYone can help with this project... it's even out to the (professional) Kickstarter site...