My personal real pride is in the fact - fact... that from 2003 and off and on over 6 years I did as much as i could to successfully show that not only should a man be able to care for a youngun quite as well as a woman  - TO HELP the woman in her future -  by things like shared parenting by almost DEFAULT,  that via mediation ALL fights over kids can be brought to soft landing. The fist ever parenting plan  for my lass ( printed up at the time in legal books)  was said to be 'template' others should use. By early 2010s these two changes that this case did more than any other 'campaign' to highlight had become part of the default court application process- EVERY separated parent in UK was steered to - mediation and a parenting plan.
That alone is worth all the misery and dull politicking.

And then freedom to 'call out'.... 

I haven't had a TV since the year 2000. Quite deliberately as so much public uttering has no poise and grace. Has not had it for 20+ years. ONLY good rhetoric - gentle,  but the best arguments, work...bluster never did.

Whilst it is quite right that Mister Fox is rude about any system  (or even individual judge) which is so insanely warped in respect of silencing people just because they can , it seems - and the comments of the video below are in fact rather good,  especially noting how crowdfunding to have a go at getting treatment in other countries that the NHS should not be called upon to fund. It could be argued that bizarrely gagging such that this caused this young woman to die sooner (REASON TO LIVE! - spirit keeps us alive longer see Steve Martin a Sickening Mind )
I disown ALL internet speaking out as the rhetoric became so brutish and angst filled.

It is obviously only going to be a red rag to the pro trans bridge speaking in such a way as this. If ONLY people would pipe down and tell STORIES...  that cause REAL thinking about how to respond to the new fashion of fiddling with gender (or is it sex) 
My own story is that all my 20s i had nothing to do with children ever. Had i been asked about ANY aspect of parenting i would have said "not for me" .... until one chance encounter in 1991 meant the whole of the rest of my life has been ONLY about children (even as an environmentalist).

I am sure i am not alone in fact i would bet my 'story' is quite quite normal. Thus ANYthing  - fashion. real 'medical' need, which interferes with fertility until well into REAL adulthood - arguably  into ones 30s!  is  possibly the most serious thing can be done to any human  after taking their kids away without some well evidenced genuine reason. 
(on 'family law - NOTHING changed in 20 years - LAW THEN was the state is required to ASSIST families or parents in a pickle... as now. They don't. They allow chaos and turmoil, so as to benefit)

Good on the case of "ST"... but even if i am tongue in cheek, he should be 'cancelled' for deliberate antagonism of a large group clearly have a wide popular middle class 'backing' and thus far far better rhetoric is required to focus society so people will think twice... and bridge the two 'sides' properly