Friday 25 June 2021

 New page added "the soundtrack" ... which is my last maybe-playfulness before really i do have to throw the cobbled together cobbles into just one pile.    But then having yet again discovered that even ones so so much time-invested-in bestie, grown up,  even dodgy god-squad ("let your yea be yea or else your boss tends to be hard on  those disobeying his commands.,.."), clean living professional simply cannot do anything but scan material elsewhere that has major fiscal gems in for him.... never mind superb talks on community land trusts he wishes to learn give up no one can ever ever read propper any more never mind between some lines too.   And all - even serious letters,  just becomes a work of performance art of one form or other. And so be it. I have no fight as many know i had the most glorious last year and a half. Despite having nothing at all. I had everything the rest did not - the balls, or stupidity,  to just get on with it to even my own surprise. And it worked! I have a richer life now than i had only a year and half ago so i couldnt care less what anyone makes of anything. 

To be....edited.... maybe