Friday 12 November 2021

And there really is always a silver lining

 So ...not that this is it. All the truly best bits held back.

Some years - late 02 to essentially May 2004, one has all these complete  and utter self serving fools or worse (the worst of all ones own so called lawyers) cruelly applying their prejudices and to quote Frank Furedi of late, "expertism", when in fact anyone connected to law is expert in only one thing - skiving.... running away sick on £50 at the smallest sniffle.... except one fairly fine judge - it's in the papers a year after yet more character assassination  to pat Dominic's hairdressing bill, "this case no different to any normal squabble that crosses my desk"  he missed one bit how a few weeks later the most senior child issues examiner of all suggested dad doesn't need any therapy and anything like that, never did, splendid open chap very honest great emotional intelligence; someone else however really may need to seek a little professional help.."

Funny that in a last 18 months of glorious real life - lots of resuce missions in local society, women needed as helpers - toughstuff real pain and agony (theirs) my number 1 enemy and best friend  - deep down because she knows she cannot ever do what she states, actually said on the record i have great emotional intelligence. my of my...and she does lots of very expensive ultra modern therapies and all that ....spends all day studying Gurdjieff and all those so called sages ..

Anyway when you know you are facing just about every dreadful little proto fascist in the land.... start to take many many little home vids, perhaps one day they may be needed to show... well of course the camera could 'lie' if it were a one off, a ferret held over the head of the subject and a threat "stop smiling and you know where they love to stick their incisors if i tie you down .."

Absolutely thousands of these... thank god. 

How lovely to return to them. The ones of 03 are better.

folder "ferrets are fun" on megga store with quite a few bits of

There may be a ferrets are fun 2" soon (here) 

No one has ever seen these one...  what a lovely silver lining i can see them myself. Now...

And bugger it if forgot to add - the point, now.... looking at a few of the films in that folder .. timeframe 04-06.... if you knew the all out extremely risky war from my fax machine every morning. Sworn statements to judges that held my future in their alcoholically shaky hands (cases not closed yet) being described as 'venal' in sworn statements about their case ongoing... there is no worst insult to a judge.

THE world record gold medal winning contempt of the Appeal Court publishing details of the  case [2006] and our pictures before they had delivered judgement.... when all the doors of said court had big signs that said  if you even whisper at the urinal or anywhere else outside these doors, what you have heard (despite being officially in 'public') you will get it chopped off

SO yes... ongoing in the background... the worst kind of stresses ever imaginable....

I mean bless her but other subjects of groundbreaking legal capers....all she could do is moan...i never moaned once. Good for its your duty never to moan in front of or even when fighting for your daughters generation and their overall psychological health...