Friday 10 February 2023

Kickstarter. Assistance sought


DELAY - discovered Kickstarter needs time to assess a campaign before it is allowed to go live

Trying to have it ready by early March 2023

WILL BE READY and improved  BY early march 2023

Also intend launching a kickstarter then

not a 'blog' just cheap super easy website format.

Idiot thinker philosophical-landloper just writes his little stories all day. Wandering the land - no matter what. "cant and vanities" encountered; to quote the superb Alexei Sayle. Generally places rather away from the cant and vanities of so called humanity.

And let us be quite clear - i can be, having a decade at times even lowered myself to speaking of 'family' and REAL work in the community - which in modern Monolithic UK means assisting people with the increasingly Kafkaesque systems of benefits, housing advice,  etc.. The reason there are so many homeless is it became so complex. And this lot - ten years ago I would wander around their piety, nicely speaking of perhaps "churches together" to actually do something real other than die of self pity, such as actually get together and fund a REAL citizens advice officer  - volunteers, are just that, unreal as it is always all about them.... their social life. When actually assisting the bottom third is really HARD work - i know I have done a lot of it, and requires one to be professional, organised and understand how to counterattack the lies and deceit of even the local housing benefit officeriat... with learned skillful strategies. A volunteer cannot learn..

But no... they rake in many a billion - as recently photojournalised in  pictures of very expensive roof mounted heating systems, but do they ever do anything 'real'  to actually assist people such as those with family issues? Wethinks, not...  is the HOME page - i will try and reorganise soon

unfortunately i haven't got to merging this site with


things take me time due no reliably accessible plug in a quiet place where one can work with no gossip or nonsense in the background. That became endless moaning in every library and café in the land about 'health' - a total pandemic of health obsession. When health is in fact wandering the byways not in the libraries moaning about health.  . Health is battling on no matter what.  I seek only quiet places to write.

And my whole region a few years ago became Cornwall. Londoners bought ALL available houses on the market for second homes, or holiday lets... it is now almost impossible to live normally in my very rural fringe region. Time to leave....

It is the 20th anniversary of a little trip to Portugal this April.

The main film  - long thought must get to  getting it  out, is how to manage with ANY 'cause' - see the thing through.

I have a film within a film also in mind.  But that is silly me - I know what are the stars to aim for, even if one falls short and lands in the gutter.

You could say that within this main story, there are two, but the second is my main focus.

And before we get all woke "white man good, no African lesbians within... box office flop!"... within the audios below - roughing out some aspects of story are two REAL STORIES  ... that are so PRO people-of-colour it's daft...

real stories - heartwarming, honourable. AND as intro how even this subliminal KKK supporter - as when the shit hits the fan (or in this case bual gang rape, assumed as for certain :-) all our TRUEST fears crystallise....and i was no different...until Orlando proved me the biggest subliminally warped tithead in history...

(the problem with the woke 'causes' is that they were always almost entirely wrong: Malala the greatest speaker ever. Makes MLK look like an amateur. [and no whitey could even halfway manage her spirit, humor and splendid rhetoric even if they had done ten years at Oxford debating society].... Ditto Jay Simmons and Sheldon Thomas after the Tottenham riots..Tariq Ali equal in journalistic prowess to Pilger...  Benjamin Zeph our truest spirited poet and general intelligent footstamper;  Hannah Arendt one of the greatest minds of the last century, even if she was really rather anti Jew - or rather other tribes of Jew to her own [ featured in tart the Week early Feb 2023]... its white Englander male who is the one we should worry about - as lost... effete, sick... I know many women and people of colour, and non brits,  who are magnificent minds.....all that matters in the end. And highlighting the so many noble wise non white men was always the only change that may have 'helped'. Woke simply doesn't work - to assist the futures of those it turns into infantilised 'victim'. Mary Ann Evans by far the bravest writer ever.....stucking a finger up to CHURCH, aristocracy, petit bourgeoisie  - especially of the female variety, when no one else dared use quite so directly  pointed an upstuck finger..... so what if to sell more books she wrote as George... .}. )

cause # 1 - show a TOTALLY psychologically healthy environment for a 5 year old NO MATTER WHAT.

And please note every film i have seen touching on parenting in the UK and USA the last 15 or so years i have ever seen is at best limp, and almost always truly dystopian and sick.

EVERY film i have ever seen on parenting - and we have a new sick "rahh rahh  ytrebble BAFTA nominated!!! smileyemojii", one mentioned below, here, is weird, sick, and full of confected 'vulnerability'. Tells you nothing....lets change that.

Going from notorious criminal (2ov 2003) , to getting your child back to live with you at a camp in the hills (summer 04)- with our ferrets and young rescued hedgehogs, well...means that first  'cause' was miraculously seen through, when no one else would have ever seen her again.

And here is your proof. Many films from summer 2004

megga filestore daughter and animals 2004 and more

these SHOULD work...downloadable by the reader, here i believe...

many more here:

But the more important cause  - societally at large, is simply turning it into a huge step on the ladder of 'TRUTH TO POWER' - (rather than free speech).

One does not get to be on a page of the famous among human rights cases  (see the PRICE QC page on this site  ) - alongside Sean McPhilemy writer of one of the greatest ever journalistic books in UK history the state then spending 15 years trying to destroy him - he won! only last year his final exoneration    , George Galloway, etc., in any ordinary injunction matter. It - the messy affair of 2003 into 4 was always a miraculous ascent into a true worthy cause that still has reverberations today. Erin Brockovich times at least two, even if i was never as Pretty as that...Woman..

Forget show-off accolades claimed.

because i know one thing. And i know it because for some months I lived it.

I would walk into a child custody court in early 2004 and always immediately make an application (to the judge) and also follow up with occasional light-hearted  references. The application (an official request that goes on file) was "please open the court doors now"  - meaning so the matter may be in public, rather than in secret Diplock Courts (they have the power to virtually kill you via child removal, in secret). 

It was inconceivable that my application may be agreed to and the rather wonderful judge would make many a jokey comment. 

But he knew that i did have access to media as not only had there been a NON "anonymised" bbc documentary about me  spring 2003, embarrassingly called Simon Says, as he had seen it, he also knew that in the same period i did occasional terribly sane and careful speaking about child matters on ITV evening news sections.  

And thus - no ordinary citizen ever had this before: The THREAT ...ever present, was deliberately planted by me even if i full well knew the law was UTTER SECRECY ALWAYS, that if he that judge (or CAFCASS always around in sidelines)  buggered me around unjustly, i just may be able to get their smelly asses bbqd via local media....

And it WORKED. That is the whole point.   

 (Why over subsequent years i became slight zealot for true openness - no one likes public airing of private matters but it is the LESSER of two evils)

True good justice - well, ishh....  followed. When no one else could conceivably had a fair hearing.

And i know - because i even helped out with a  range of cases including social services wrongful attempts at kidnaping children, they call 'care proceedings', that the moment the conclusion of the 2006 test case was released - and many thousands saw it immediately on justice sites and the like,   that from that moment thousands of other parents - more women in fact than men as the true evils are in the care proceeding court, they too also benefited immensely from better more just court treatment. Because they too simply let it be known - to social workers, cafcass, lawyers and judges: " Simon got to go public... and so will I one day... fuck you with your lies and deceit..." 

I don't give a shit what any uninformed moron or Mormon thinks,  from mid 00s there are thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands of cases, CHILDREN, who had far more careful treatment via the system due the THREAT that their case, the names of court officers, judges, SWs may end up in the public domain..




(even LJ Wall head of family courts  - by far the biggest beast for years in the    the largest dept of Royal Courts of Justice, in 2010 or 11 in his big interview with The Times   most most specifically did not disagree with comments in that interview that Social workers can be "Maoist" or "Stalinist" as one of his colleagues had publicly stated a few months earlier... i have it somewhere) 

and over later years many media exposes described how especially the child removal and fostering system is dubious at the very least and often riddled with corruption. Local Authorities MAKE MONEY from child removal. More insidious the legal teams hired by Local Authorities make 100s of thousands of pounds. We all know that such contracts go to 'friends'.... The whole system is simply one huge gravy train. Still is to this day. Ask my local Liberal Democrat county councillor.

This also was the first case ever on the use of citizens reportage - social media,  citizen journalism, being obviously a good development in shining the sunlight as disinfectant where the 'mainstream' media are too effete to have bothered with. I made it a  feature of the Appeal presentation. I am quite sure it is the first to do so in the UK. The most senior judges in the country agreed that citizen reportage, even if they didn't know what Facebook was, agreed...

I wish to find funds to make a return trip with a camera, to begin collecting material that will go into some final film proposal.

The purpose of a Kickstarter will be to get a little money to make a recce trip to mid Portugal  - not the tourist Brit infested South, but mid Portugal where some of the story happened. Pay for myself and sidekick ( i have one in mind...we shall see) to cheaply travel around a few days at least. Get some shots  - scenes, draft footage, and find a few people who were part of that segment of the story.  Portuguese are humans. I know they will love an old inmate to pop back and pay their respects. And also pay for my expenses over a few months to write this all up [properly and then launch a full professional Kickstarter  - My expenses are very  simple, and transparent (ALL bank statements and expenses will be always published). I believe in 100% no limits openness. I will publish my empty bank statements here. 

I need a bit of help.

Here is the start of  a short sequence of films - only a 'sequence' as i don't have facilities to edit them into one user friendly take.

Started 10 Feb 2023

It won't make sense until a few more elements are added in to this post by 13 February 2023

Trying to do a summary of the story

starts here

I have to do everything on the hoof, however it is energetic bodily movement and flow which gets my mind working at its best.

I landlope 10 miles most days - have for over a decade.

So i complain at nothing, ever.

audio waffle on why and what. While on the hoof

scandal in here:




THIS on the creation in UK law of The Child's Bill of Rights, plus  - no boast surely, the world record contempt of court.



I even have the original notes of what Ian read out to me  - the US version of the "Child's Bill of Rights"

A huge battle ensued between me and absurd little jobsworth toerags of NYAS  - grown up CAFCASS, who ALWAYS know better...

they demanded a watered down version - we spent hours haggling..... - and this became a 'case authority' others would use in their cases 

i got much of the original US version in

This document  - the PARENTING PLAN..or PARENTING AGREEMENT  - this was the first to be published then a few years later became the new Government DEMANDED default system every single child case was obliged to incorporate -the court application forms - maybe 100 thousands of them a year are filled in, require a Parenting Agreement to be attached.

Thats what I am REALLY proud of....


sort of - who is really to blame? no it isn't the judges or court officers...


more in a few days


The film I wish made is only about a few years from 2003. But as so often the last 18 months, once again, the 'issues' are regularly in the media.

HOWEVER by Todays truly dire journalists, always they spout rubbish



YET MORE BBC coverage of the issues January and February 2023

see footnote to this post that pads this out.

06.13 and 07.30 the Today program radio 4 

30 January 2023

speaks of Websters! A case (late 2000s) - by NAME please note, that was allowed to be in the public domain just after my landmark legal culture change. Because of me.

3 feb 2023 1 hr 50 min in


This is even more poignant. Until the end phase of my own non-case - meaning there were NO issues as the final papers confirmed, the terms  "spend time"  - with one or other parent, were unknown. We  - me really, created the first ever Childs Bill of Rights - within the judgement - see it in the judgements page,

  that phrase was used for the first time - most deliberately, by us - me (the mother took no part) to replace the horrid inhuman "contact" [with a parent] which had been used up until then for decades, with 'spend time'.

And as an incidental matter - though key, in Autumn 2004 i was battling AFTER the very senior judge had asked the parents to go out of his court and arrange full shared care i May 2004, with one of the most senior CAFCASS officers in the region. I have the court transcripts. HE stated "we at CAFCASS dont believe in shared care".

Well he lost his job quite soon after.  Many did after they met me. And it heartens me to hear in that segment how OF COURSE an alternate week arrangement will work. Alternate WEEK, not weekend! As had been almost always the default arrangement for fathers until I came along.





I watched this movie a few weeks ago. 

I simply could not believe how  within the dreamy most seductive framework, i was seeing something that contains just about the worst conceivable messaging on how a parent of either gender will be with a child.

I was never any Stalin or helicopter parent.  In fact even took my own daughter the same age as the child in that film to small music festivals - not for me, but so as she would encounter the fantastic communal spirit within many workshops for kids that the nice ones put as centre of activities, daytime. 

But this film has within what i know is the end of sane parenting.

With a  kid more than anything it is 'body language', which includes the tone with which issues are in discussion.

Not only is this child as good as deserted in a holiday location that is almost within a town, for a whole night! as if it is some quite normal thing these days, but the tone of the conversation which leads into talk of drugs I have never heard anything so decadent and mad in my life.

It is sick.

And as an aside i have searched high and low over the years for film and other cultural items that help us - guide us, into good thought about how to best raise children in a world of ubiquitous dangerous drug use, and then a range of other serious threats.  Never mind the true modern day headfuck - the mobile phone - how to get balance into use of one.

The drug conversation in a world where today in UK there will be 10s or 100s of thousands of young adults utterly screaming with pain 

Even former MPs their lives totally destroyed by drug addiction, just this week we have

This is one of the most serious conversations every parent MUST have with a child.

It goes

"if you ever do - as we know sometimes teenagers will do things against their parents' advice or rulings, then for gods sake above all make sure you are with other people who you are safe with and in the safest possible surroundings; and the problem around drugs that kills more innocent people than anything else is even a drug which your friends may say is fairly mild and harmless, can be laced - poisoned, with other stronger drugs or poisons that can very badly injure you or even kill you immediately. SO above all make sure whoever has bought the drugs has got them from someone they know for sure is at least a decent person who will not sell drugs laced with other dangerous substances. That kills people."


To be cont.

The Today Program on Aftersun BAFTA nomination

today program 9 feb 2023


2 hrs 25 min in

Relevant excerpt recorded here

To think this film is nominated for BAFTA awards to me is the end of any sane filmmaking or any sanity within the 'gatekeepers' to our culture - the 'thinking people's culture... they lost their minds.

And these fawning awful journalists just lap it up. NO minds of their own

But even worse, in grown up real people life. We have it everywhere from the waffle of Sam Harris, and especially his childish acolyte Fuller, everywhere - Brand, the lot, that 'psychedelics' somehow enhance creativity, and even worse, are now said to be be the tools to remedying mental illness as fine therapeutic keys.

Well i have lived a life. Including dabbling decades ago. There has never been such utter mad bullshit.

 If as an older git i care about one thing maybe almost more than anything else it is true creative thought. Well i know one fact of life above any other - that true near transcendental,  - that which is an in the 'zone' almost 'bliss', ONLY comes from the clearest mind.

Subjecting the next generation to notions that drugs enhance anything (except the  frenzied  rate of masturbation one can also observe in animals raised in conditions of extreme stresses - which i full well know half of 20 somethings are 'addicted' to these days - porn and pot - even out in my rural quiet places)   is the end of genuine thought. And the joy that comes from it. You can only experience with the clearest of minds.

I wish to make as much noise about that as possible even if i gave up my 'causes' forever this year.



and please note, i have a mode of working

And it is normal. Socratic.



email out to a supposed sane spokesperson on children's matters at the highest level, early Feb 2023


My Dear N*

The following does not ‘matter’. It will be however a minor ally way of history.


At 06.13 this morning – no matter what absurd society does to one, i for one am always up at 05.30 – every day a new day – always smiling,  The liar Ms Berg announces her big day, however  rewrites history.


I am a perfect administrator and have every email and letter between myself and The Independent, The Times – Cavendish and Frances Gibb,  the M.O.J. etc from December 2008 and into much of 2009.


Berg says that “The Times “ campaigned for ...

It is in fact almost the opposite. Following Jack Straw’s dodgy statement in parliament December 2008 the Times (Camilla) utterly ignored it all and Camilla even wrote to me she did not understand the problem. I   happened across the Independent associate editor Hanning who got Martin Bell to write a piece with me. ONLY then did the Times realise there was a problem, and then the wonderful Frances Gibb  - at MY behest (i threatened jokingly to have a group of protesters in The Times offices, demanding Cavendish sacked) did she write a good piece that did it for Straw. She credits me. And afterwards wrote she will take me out for lunch.


I alone – as ALL the paper trail shows, in 2009 kicked their asses into their ‘campaign’ which was simply parroting what I alone was sending in to them. As the paper trail shows.


You if i recall are mother to a boy? If i am wrong it doesnt matter.


All i hear everywhere for years is ‘misogyny’. Moan moan moan. Well there you have a gorgeous example of misandry.

That is just as prevalent. As a father of a woman i care.  I also care about good journalism. And what history will actually say.

I am just about to get a letter from the Libdems supporting my law change to NOT anonymising matters as it only complicates (as my 2006 case debated forever with the highest minds)  and wish a cowriter to  work on treatment for a film script etc..  They  - Lucy H* and Sam P* ‘leaked’ the papers to the BBC which resulted in the Panorama on Herefordshire children services last spring. They alone seem to know i was right – all hurdles to free reportage just work against full journalistic principles. So they at least GET the issue as their letter will say so.

 And then we have 

At 1:50

Today program 3 feb


well...though all your (by which i mean in general for years – others) rules and committees and not really very good journalism never tells any true FUN stories.... And awful writing. And no soul.


And forgive me as i know a few real women my age who do speak of the following: that almost no one any more has any genuine literature in them – which takes us beyond self regard. In other words my comment is ‘universal’


In that clip there were two things – that i, alone,  to huge huge cost and effort ‘invented’.  

Incidentally when hundreds of other campaigners and family justice professionals said i was stupid to ponder (no ‘case authority’ precedents)

Firstly the use of the term ‘spend time’ with each parent. I sweated blood for days in 2005,  and then years to ensure that term became default. I am a perfect administrator and you will not find any record of it before this case written up below. There are transcripts.

Ditto, ‘alternate weeks’  - i had to battle the most senior CAFCASS  over weeks who didnt even believe in shared care 2004. You will not find any other public judgement on alternate weeks – what i made sure happened 2005.

So in your dullest world ever of family justice  - one day maybe a true history will be written up – some may be based on my superb archive of material.

It is certainly (in many fields – mainly environmental work i have done for a decade)  almost misandry and certainly against the rules of sex  equality – equal respect always, both ways,  that no woman becomes a true ally ever in any of this.... never mind ever actually has an honest chat

Which is very sad.

And quite inhuman. Certainly not parental.  I may as well live in Iran – as i have known for more than a decade.

Tatty bye