Monday 13 March 2023

Kickstarter Introduction


still working on it

As i prepare to roll out funding call to all and sundry.

Extreme delays due a 5gb Kickstarter video taking days to upload  - being i have many years lived most happily in the stix. And don't believe the BBC  - no, we will never ever have speedy broadband, or mobile. Ahh well i got used to this decades ago....

13 March 2023

ehhhh...if you were going to 'invest', the actual questions you need to ask.

CREDENTIALS. In fact although the above covers the real world, where ones WordPress guru who set your site up for you, when s/he doesn't get paid the  monthly exorbitant fee, as sure as ferrets are ferrets s/he will change the password so you cannot get in and take over the work yourself when the 'unexpected' happens.....such as the world goes on holiday in its cellar for a year due to a bug....

I plan for all eventualities if there are to be investors (in the 'intellectual property') 

REAL CREDENTIAL: There are MANY loons out there.  And yes it does seem a tremendous amount of narcissistic personality disorder. If anyone CAN...actually ...think...for themselves... READ between the ...lines, well it is as sure as ferrets are ferrets blindingly obvious that....

Imagine: Notorious nationally media covered naughty boy, goes  to court [ start about Feb 2024], and the 'reader' will have to take it on face value that an EXTREMELY big nuclear war was waged (via very expensive lawyers paid for by legal aid)  to  stop him ever seeing kid again; very hostile 'trials' in the child court. Yet within two months notoriously kidnapped child is living with him overnight and within a further month, pretty ,much half the time.   And never ever in any way was one moment of that 'supervised' by anyone - a friend or official.

"You do the math" as they say in  Hollywood. 

And quite obviously the world record fierce ever  questioning of notorious naughty boy  would have taken place by judges, CAFCASS (by nature hostile to anyone who isn't cafcass), and anyone else around as happens when (to quote the judge) we have a 'celebrity' in the building as is obviously- FULLEST 'MENTAL HEALTH' assessment... fullest assessment of character and motive etc etc

And no one else in the history of contested hearings with a break in custody (child living with one) ever even gets to have tea with their kid if there is the slightest whiff of dodginess...



Although this film will not be about ANYthing after 2006 just last week, for four days 8th March 2023 to 11 March Radio 4 does the big "wow at last we can 'report' from the secret courts... jamboree, don't those fine journalists look so fine..oops we better not mention this was all sorted out in 2006 pretty much..."

ALL collected together for you in one easy to use audio of a load of really rather cheesy reportage, in one audio, by me

Please note at the end not only does the judge but reporters clearly intend that lots of of news of the .... usual spin, is going to be delivered to you for years to come. 

HOT TOPIC - loads of PR to come....and ONLY one person actually MADE this all happen. NO ONE ELSE EVER in mid 00s demanded of his judgeypoos "open your court doors old man...after all the public already know we are here"

Radio 4 Today 8 Mar 2023

At 1hr33


Radio 4 Today 9 Mar

At 1hr20



Radio 4 Today 10 Mar

1 hr 21


Radio4 Today 11 mar

33 mins in

And 1hr 23 in