Tuesday 20 June 2023

WINNING even if the belly grumbles

..winning! :-) 

3 years ago i got out one of he GREAT as yet unread books. Bernhard in Extinction  (i use his name/  age of death..as my uni/tax credit sign in..  'Schmutzer' which is short for ones human right to be responsible and  to piss in your own 'nest' if it is so their-piss-smelly... nestbeschmuzerism is a human responsibility  - may have wrong spelling, no sparks spare to googleweaves in the GREAT works, he recommends DID civilise us..a a bit..... he was such a funguy genius

i outlived :-)

but more important

 4 years ago i got out one of his recommendations 200 years ago rit..

Scarlet and Black....

Le Rouge et Le ...( radio 4 live in my ear.. one can now sel;f-identify as the moon!!!  this is Teletubbie paradise!

I couldnt settle to  quite enjoy ever shimmering sentence then.... last 7 days i have......

no matter whom sadly scowls.. and walks on by

it simply is gorgeous... far far better than Dickens -on the utter absurd petit bourgeoisie..everywhere - petty nonsense... fighting over IMAGE..and walls... and fences... and building expenses 

MONEY at the root always as wisely spoken of by Mister Stendhal..There i have been sat on a green by a polluted creek " fuck man this is so gorgeously today...ALIVE... what a greatest ever writer first equal with Madam Elliot... and not a bit has changed !!!"

 to be able to read him now and at last  - kairos  - be ready to relish every ripple... means i won#

but you won't unless Bella becomes Queen...of satirising ever workshop addict,  fancy yoga eater (one on Thought for Today today...so funny its daft -true divine 'enlightenment' via the expensive yoga mat...)

 ..ever....so so truthfully! and utterly hilariously

(great book by another woman i will one day list - she catalogued the fraud by the spiritual movement in the 80s  megga fraud based London, centre of sick suckers well known in India....she was leader of... where women were used for cashregisters....sic...by he 'enlightened' ...nothing changed... except hundreds of them moved to the Marches having pissed off London... that woman writer i do respect!)

and quite rightly she satirises her own dad...i knew, in person,  what a tosser...