Monday 7 June 2021

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7 June 2021

I have one regret, that I do not at this precise moment have a few months just to sort this out into the proper chapters without having to think of anything else. I wish only to present most of what there is to share with grace and poignancy. And i wish to make myself smile. I had a lovely 2020 - nothing to do with that; in fact lovely in that it was simple: I could knuckle down in a  crisis when others were worrying about things no point worrying about. And this i became busier than most, trying to do my bit in way that was real, about what next, what after. No money involved but the richest months of my life. And what with every bit of kit has one or other intermittent or software faults well flip its hard to just tick over doing nothing other than thinking about this. Which I am normally rather good at.

and where there is XXX its a note to me a planned bit is missing needs a link or something else from elsewhere. Such habits - well its funny how i started that in 2004  wading through absurd endless malicious paperwork the judge a little later confirmed was malicious as the case was quite minor and insignificant "no different than any other little shabby kidwar scrap comes across my desk"  - that after  several years and several tons of malicious paperwork... funny how that little so necessary habit with endless statements to have to write all a waste of time being was there was nothing actually needed writing so he said in effect,  and one is rattling through pages of speed typing,  stuck with  - even now.... so useful.

This is a bit sensitive - or rather  exactly how to take it forward with absolute minimum silliness about anything outside this one story is important. There are other eddies of others maybe around still.  And i went and put all my energy into a few new things in the last 12 months and am also rather pressed to get any material online having to go off down hidden byways to get the peace i need to collect things together, and a better internet speed. Where i live it cannot handle chunky uploads And i have many in the queue. This is a just a draft first go.

Especially a half a gig of Mr Straw on the box in 2009. This has nothing really to do with the main bulk of the thing but is nevertheless a salutary tale as to how 'campaigners' must keep at it. The other lot will always be trying to roll back even gains that across the board every journalist i ever saw writing on this subject over 6 or 7 years agreed was essential reform. The way I took it forward.

Oh yes's extraordinary how when things 'change' once again as i have heard smiling, quite a few families in trouble and so rarely actually getting the statute demanded help from so called services and face having children taken quite wrongly are once again  BBC radio programs cover their plight. It's important now all those people in a mess... yes I started that. And i have even heard some great examples of openness about dire personal problems put out into the public domain to usefully help others understand deeply problematical behaviours. All openness is good.  period. 

My office

today unless i can ever get any actual help or some leg up to next stage.

 And it IS an imposition. I would far far rather be doing my beloved hidden byways by old bike.

But the one thing above all that indeed is rather 'topical' is just what i would love to fully share, how to operate so on the cheap yet so efficiently you HAVE the capacity to fight back. If my many unlawfully denied Bounce Back Loan applications last year  - the poorest weasel worded reasons why not, are anything to go by then far more citizens than ever before will have to learn how to just get on with it and do their own fight back.  But you have to love what you manage even when it is evil. Do it despite them. Because you...can. But you only can when  a lot of simple logistics and cost saving habits are as if you can do them with your eyes closed. I can  

Ohh i have so many more far fruitier, poignant, interesting, and funny photos but for mow just a few.  Because I am at my best in the sunlight - for real, but it makes it impossible to squint at the screen for long seeing which to use. 

 Among other things i do 'social work'  - tough love situations the last 12 months trying to assist those killing themselves with drugs or drink..middle aged parents that is....! wages, no help from anyone else despite so many knowing i am professional in approach and good. Picking up pieces where there are no services left (in my very rural fringe area) and all so called social workers ran away crying - which is what happens if they came here to 'practice' for their last few years before retirement, whist buying up the houses on their pensions ordinary local people may just have been abvle to afford had they not. insecure housing being at root of at least 50% of stress and mental issues for the bottom third these days.


little time to edit and detypo at present.... though give up ALL other activity soon...

See page of this site "readme 2021" i made some notes earlier in the year, when as usual, various supposedly intelligent folk of my acquaint were waffling on and getting all angsty about 'freedom of speech' and being invited to work together on some good ideas as to how to create material on the subject with me, they waffle and show off with one or other links to bad videos by others which in fact so miss the points, and then never show up even after stating they will quite soon. Ohh its the time drain of the endless bullshit by those clever sounding armchair ranters that's as bad as the time waste in other fields of my splendid existence. 

I do have to say one thing though, credit where credit is due, if i have rolled out to someone one of my other current online showcases - meaning  showing what may be possible to any fine ally, with time and guts.... 

And there is one splendidly emotive way i thought of last autumn how this site could get loads of traffic but you just want someone else alongside some of the time who 'gets' it, and doesn't assume....

ANyway that isn't what it is for.... but seeing some pictures on other sites i have to operate in rather stretched circs - juggling sites and a mobile phone to get just a little bandwith to upload some video made on other topics - even if at a deeper level all my projects are linked, essentially to carelessness and the spin that not only the state but these days every ordinary person became expert at ...

Every computer i have owned has as welcome screen, and still today all conjoins in just one picture. 

All must be all the way and pure for their generation.

Anyway, yes, he zaps between several websites all using the same  - better the devil you know, rather clunky .... well it's a bloody miracle, it only took them 11 or 12 years, it all seems to at last work... having in earlier years had to fight the bugger just to try and communicate simpler concepts.... and test freedom of speech there.

Which is sort of a curious tale never mind a big thick book in itself, in that today not one single arrest would have occurred....timing does mater too. Things do change and changes need monitoring for unintended consequences and god forbid what may happen soon with various blanket offense bills in the witches cauldron. 

Why it is even more important freedom of speech is defined in ways that mean something real to real people. And i know for a fact I am absolute world expert at that. 

so yes rahh rahh blogger as he zaps to the next 'blog'  - which are not blogs just notes somewhere safe to share with a few who may enjoy being part of something next if i live...and i don't care if I don't .... which methinks is the key to living