Monday 7 June 2021



I purchased this domain May 2021.

Why call it ? I mean sounds a bit nutjob...


And this has nothing to do with any medical matters.


Purely incidental in a wonderful last 14 months my closest compañera in a so successful thing we have done together where we have young would be horseriders from not well off families gathering to use some unused nags needing exercise said something one day. No one has ‘said’ anything for years.

Now, the freedom of speech case – visits to see the big bewigged on absurd gagging orders, as they found, of 2004-6 does have it at core two things. Firstly being able to publicly hold to account authority, adminstrator and state figures who may have most damaging potential power over the citizen. I was probably the first person ever to suggest to an Appeal Court test case panel of Law Lords (meaning the result goes straight into the statutes due the seniority of the judges)   that with social media just beginning, the citizen journalsing in public oe even citizen  journalist will be something of a  thing of the future (it was in my first stage representations in writing - the old duffers never even mentioned it). Never mind traditional media with their “ a mother who cannot be named for legal reasons” hardly ever feature injustices if they cannot name and show a person as the human element is the core of all modern journalism. They just don’t print stories almost no matter how gutwrenching or state sponsored nazi they are unless they can tell the reader some of the bio of that person.


But another side matter was to use specific legal terminology (meaning that which senior judges would use in write ups ) the “whispering campaign”. In other words unless a citizen can normally get their truth or at least their version of events out properly then there may always be mutterings behind ones back. This was just when google was in its infancy in reality.


Ehh things rather moved on.


So coming to today  - or in fact last month, and in my opinion there is a rather a lot more silly jumping to conclusions based on redneck gossip  than ever before, and something was said... It mattered greatly to me as in the last decade i have spent a fair bit of time with a  range of young adults and children. But I actually welcomed this because it because for quite a few years I have had in mind the story of simply how laws got changed against every odd is a good inspirational one to the social justice warriors of today. There are plenty of laughs in my journey. And i long had avoided getting around to at least the accurate initial write up. Call it ‘my version’ if you will. I am careful. And I am careful because by far the more important legal matter to me in that period was  for myself i secured the best ever possible guaranteed ‘custody’ of my daughter – as of May 2004, the judge then as good as demanded all will be an equal share of time... and then it was all finalised (ehh some may not have liked it maybe one day that gets inserted too, i know not really what the end goal is yet) a year later in a write up before a High Court judge the document that was presented to him became in essence the basis for what is complete reform of family law a few years on making the ‘Parenting Plan’ central to all dispute resolution.  My lass did a radio 1 interview by herself in summer 2006 on her Uk's  first ever Parenting Plan. I am proud of kindof inventing Parenting Plan or Parenting Agreement. I would do lay advocacy for others in the courts from around 2005 and  would see how others  - mainly the top lay advocates in big protracted cases i knew personally, then developed the concept into variants of our first Plan. And Hedley The High Court judge commented in 2005 it was “remarkable”. As did the family law journals that printed it out in full. I ‘commented’ back in my Appeal Court case solely on High Court gagging injunction “ well i should be able to remark myself mister” especially as Hedley and  a few months later the top dog LJ Wall, had also said i personally was a very good media trailblazer and example to others – a sane careful spokesperson on child and family matters  

But within the concept of Parenting Plan is ...well a deal.... not deceiving, truth.  And as i often say to people over the subsequent years “well i cannot lie, ever, as i am known for truthful public deals ...and that they best be kept to or else..” So I do not, lie.

Anyway my friend was put right after the recent little Miss Speaking of hers and it spurred me forward to get act together. But also I had spent a lot of the last 12 months hearing a whole range of intellectual people query 2020 in terms of free speech. And i have spent some of the last 15 years deeply thinking on the subject from all angles and i do rather here a lot of wayward waffle. And i also know that the ordinary citizen is very lost on the topic. So that further energises my wish to get something out that does pinpoint the true Hobson’s choices or Occam's Razors or whatever supping with the devil one may have to do to ensure peace and fairness. In a modern way.


SO fast forward just a  week after the subsequently welcome words from my friend. And they may have even made us more trusting - deepened our trust. It is not important, she has a busy life with her wonderful kids.. And my ranty rejoinder via email  - listing a  few bigwigs who got at least partially taken down by me over a few years, i was rather proud of in fact maybe are the ‘end’ of this.  

This one maybe is more important. A week later i was speaking with someone local who like me does a little advocacy and assisting others who cannot get any legal help with things that may go to court.  I know he is a sceptical and intelligent man. He is reasonably well to do but he fights for the little people as he knows how dubious and riddled with vested interest the state and organs and subcontractors can be. This is how we had become friends a year earlier – we bonded over mutual ranting at the dodginess of the lot of em.

So a day came when i had just made some suggestions about an employment tribunal he was assisting in – horrible accusations against a woman who worked in care, and we were discussing open courts and going public. Just in conversation later  - my own past that is in some of the newspaper articles appended, a friend and ally and more important a fellow sceptic and wise man in respect of what the state actually is capable of, he said to me “ i know all about you...”

To which i was frankly a little shocked. In the following chat came up that i have been fully googled and read up on.  The shock was that such an intelligent man would not know the following:


Almost every newspaper article that one participates in – they paint a melodrama a story... have to have one or other person they describe in a  certain ‘role’. That is how they get people to read their stuff. And one may even be going along with their ‘agenda’ for an even deeper ‘agenda’ one may have that cannot be apparent for personal reasons. Especially where perhaps a little peace in the future for a child must be prime objective.  Perhaps even great journalists like Ms Cunningham are slightly played with. And anyway you know you cannot trust them to keep to deals (in my case for the sake of OTHERS “that is background but there is no need to cover it as in fact it could only harm others and that’s never my intent”). Indeed the only way to gain trust is in  fact to give them as much as possible and state (pandering to ego) “i do trust you not to put that in i shall give you everything but for decency leave out x and y..” that in fact works.

But anyway the short version is that over a few years and then again in 08-9 during my absolutely wonderful nuclear attack on the Straw man ...i had no hope of getting him, quite alone, to uturn on a December 2008 statement he made in parliament...  which ended up taking me only three months after Dear Frances Gibb of The Times – legal ed at the time wrote to me saying she doesn’t respond well to “blackmail” except she was lying as she printed the following day the truth, which Straw had to admit just a few weeks later was the truth, except he missed out the bit of him “hoodwinking” parliament and the voters. As Frances had printed after being “blackmailed” by me.


SO0yes i digress, a fair bit of media coverage over 4 years now and again with gaps, gosh its hilarious the amount of dumb mistakes they print. As my almost hero Mister Pilger broadcast last year in August on  i have the link somewhere flip theyre useless the lot of em... he meant all his mainstream media colleagues.

As we can see here I mean this is a so posh and Lordly journo its daft, my ‘case’  - the bit that really mattered, indeed was that when 100s of thousands of other parents – both sexes, even if maybe moreso dads, had suffered injustice or apathy in the court systems, or at the hands of the majority “ignorant”  social services (to quote a very senior many year social worker who was my few years close campaigning confidante in latter 00s), i was was the only one who had swift correct ‘justice’. In May 2004.

I was the most unestranged dad of them all. Indeed had a cast iron copper bottom custody when 99% of others have only worry. That is not due cheating or bullying opposing barristers or judges even (being i self represented in court almost from day 1). That is because various truths were apparent to the highups even then in 2004.    And the most splendid of them all a very experienced senior judge quite rightly stated, a little more than maybe meets the eye but lets now just focus on tomorrow for the child. All the past we shall draw a line over.


Times 2006

frankly offensive. Even if some other facts within may be useful to causes or whatever that this man who is a senior BBC broadcaster so feted could not manage to appreciate the ,most unestranged dad ever shows that Oxford Cambridge indeed all the Redbricks should be shut down and actual education encouraged somehow in this weird land.

Oh yes and the Joshuas and Frances types get plenty of access behind the scenes to the files....

But, today, or a few weeks ago,  that an educated intelligent man  believes what he reads in the papers, i simply cannot understand. With my daughter even in the easier times of 2006 – when one had space and peace to even write emails alongside interviews with timelines and facts ,  we would look at the coverage and giggle at how many silly basic errors the hurried senior journalists of today could get into their pieces.   And maybe that is really why i know i have not done what i was invited to do by publishers in 2006. Get a certain amount of it all clarified at least.



 NB this is NOT about “fathers Rights”...ALL attachments are important to ….. well childhood attachments are the very fundamental psychological matter in a person's life and change their core psychology be they healthy or not so, or not extant....for life.


 oh and do come back. I do not really use social media. Any viewing of anything i write online is essentially organic.

There will be some juicy stuff here soon. A mix - for example it is time to publish maybe the most damning of all material  which shows how even the most senior Family Law QC in the land - on government panels no less when he was offered a look at the case - the Gagging injunction case, (after Appeal granted by his mate LJ Wall in December 2005, who stated to my utter disbelief me and Wall alone duelling in the basement court of his RCJ,  should be a "test case" of the whole damn crumbling edifice" meaning their perverted legal system  )  he so misapplied basic law and 3 year old could figure in his first letter to me he should have been disbarred there and then. Had i the time his wig may have ended up on my belt too. And when politely advised of his neglect of a recent precedent confirming my own position, a famous precedent i also knew well because  a very close friend had been lay legal obtaining it, the acedia in his refusal to even suggest  he may have been legally wrong is mind blowing...

and loadsa other stuff far more HUMAN.... 

  i know human interest intelligent film... there are about 3 in what will soon be outlined. But i want nothing for myself... and all attention just distracts from y own lovely healthy quiet existence. SO definitely don't want any more of that than is bare minimum necessary.