Tuesday 22 June 2021

as they say "housework"

 NOT a blog and very soon I have to get to next stage work of encouraging some interest in the initial human rights act work.

And one day i shall sit down and rationalise various items in 'posts'. I do not spend much time indoors in the summer.  And although years expected a little on a wing and a prayer at present as the whole of London comes to my far flung area and literally buys everything may once have been able to rent. Living on the streets beckons... so be it. Long ago accepted and the truth is so few people want to share accommodation so as to make it viable in rural hinterlands. And themes such as those in fact are far more my focus for some years.I like to figure really what is happening in rural areas - those that haven't become The Cotswolds, yet...its not good!

And this if it were winter this would be a coherent logically sequenced few pages. Certainly more succinct. But for now the ramskackle wing and a prayer version.

But most important of all it is a 'dynamic' story at one level. One could say just a few loose ends have yet to be woven back into something durable. Maybe they cannot be. And in fact also if there is a 'key' I met her yesterday: A superb woman from the land where some of this takes place. ANd i was frankly gobsmacked and am not often gobsmacked. She is 'shy' but one can at least report the phenomenal sharp intelligence and also understanding one thing: it was in fact the bright light - the high summer sun, but also some other unwordable ingredient that powered me forward. Something a little infectious in the land of her birth.

Many times when bored of far more interesting projects of the soul - of sorts...i replay certain aspects of what appears in partly collected form here. BUt i always get it wrong. I forget... in fact she got it, had it not been for several months stone hotel in her extaordinary society, I doubt the rest would have been possible.

And then just like that: I say to people for some years one of my hobbies is trying to pin down the 'sauDADe'. Aparently a most fashionable word in certain circles the last few years. "explore....even crusade to some  understanding of it". And i had for five years sketched out ideas, and even sketched out some essays. That and my other favourite The Sublime - far more interesting in some ways especially the Polish version. What is interesting about the English is just how slightly officious our definitions are. Never mind bland and lifeless.  I will have the Polish any day and i only discovered it a year ago quite by accident.  Which speaks of some "honourable" actions almost behind the notion. That another day.

But that saudade.... I am wittering around the subject and out it comes " saudade  ..[unlike hiraeth perhaps a cousin word] ...is not finished yet..." 

 "wow.....i had come to that conclusion in a more complicated wordy  way but to hear it so starkly and succinctly put, there is my key..."

which brings us back to the anodyne job in hand  - explain. 

Well last week she did a bit of that for me Stephanie Boyce  15 June riffing on reducing awareness in younger generations of things like the HRA....  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000wz02

most timely. I smiled... And here we have in what follows about as major a HRA case as they get. I do not think any other case this century gets quite as much general coverage between media and legal journals and then legal conferences never mind HMG 'consultations' A lot of waffling has been done on as LJ Wall would write about it Clayton.... i dont think it is a boast to say probably more than any other this century.

But so few people understand the few core principles. That will ALWAYS apply....always as long as we have the current model of so called democracy....

And then last year....my my i have heard some people in a mess about 'freedom of speech' including all the top intellectuals in the world.... 

who all miss one point in their attempts to outclever each other. Once it is 'out' well you adapt and move forward.... fait accompli (as someone all my life i have read difficult science of the mind and brain / body interactions i can say i think i understand why)  is tremendously good eventually for 'mental health'... 

Our heroine even stated something else i don't think i have ever heard the so many clever dick and whatever a girl version of that is:  in discussion of this key aspect 'privacy' for the younger people when trying to highlight mass injustice: " sooner or later if the state does not handle their lives well as per their duty [and their duty to HELP families in trouble as one of my audio clips states we knew 20 years ago was not being fulfilled] ... they then get their names in the papers for far worse tragic reasons..." 

well how wise is that! And she supposedly not in any recent of formal higher education. 

There may even be another subquest connected with this: long ago  - 15ish years ago, comparisons of USA / UK [family] secrecy laws were often attempted. Its murky. But in fact speaking about how things may be in little Portugal it seems they may indeed have a much freer approach and what i have heard so far suggests libel slander defamation and all that are hardly ever thought of in civic society there and there may well be the 'right' to go to the papers on almost anything.... 

what i do know is the CULTURE of the ordinary person is very much in favour of just that freedom, there. No word police there, and no latent thought-police either. And an understanding that 'privacy' is a bit of a messy hurdle if you want your society to be healthily free. In fact "anyone can say anything about anyone on the streets of Lisbon, and they often do,  and no one would think to challenge...long appreciated we must be free to fully express ourselves always...a key aspect of the healthy human soul".   

This may just need a bit of investigating....in person....away from this really rather bolchy madhouse....

Even my rural hinterlands i for the last few months no longer feel free to express almost all my opinions - especially about my main passion environmental damage far and wide....sterile rivers even here....and i know the facts as to why. BUt it is becoming dangerous. Big money owns everything now. And the zeitgeist became even in UK big money loves to have their shaven headed bovva boys on call...even here.

Right, to business. Time...two years sort of plotting it is time to get a few GUTSY people in a little team to make this move forward. I know exactly what and why the end game is....  but i get so bored repeating myself to those who cannot read. 

companera still needed (must be f as it is not about 'father's in fact i have been in privileged position the last 15 years people do share their serious injustices with me....  nothing better than pulling out a page of Torygraph i still often have with me..."look thats me ...had all hair then but still you can see me ...[lovely how often get replies you look a bit more full of vitality  and fitter now hardly aged a day...]  thats me vs Goliath...i won.....and this means i am on your side and furthermore you can trust me not to blab to the wronb person or play games...because those kinds of behaviours are exactly why this rather major cultural legal change came to pass.....and it wasn't me ...i never sued or legal cased anyone...Voltaire was rather good on legal cases too... the qinner may not be quite as happy in the long run as s/he thinks as s/he's tottering at the top of the podium drunk on the champers.."...must be 'f' too much male energy no good... need a mix.. or even two....

gutsy, had enough of the BS.... i didnt get my media in/fame by being a pussy...i almost bullied each one and Frances Gibb accused me of actual real genuine blackmail, before inviting me to lunch when her article was well thought of by her bosses, one of the 2009 ones...  having written the article i 'blackmailed' her to write, my way, and even saying nice things about me...

ONLY good press and what you can get out of it - for the common good...matters... the rest is a ball of paper around a wet chopped out bollock the hun is tossing around for sport....and as sure as ferrets are {in every article my daughter ever appeared in....for  a REASON..."my terms are.." ] ferrets.... that paper covering blows off into the wind rather quickly...]