Friday 25 June 2021

Not a blog. And a Queen.

 Not planned, just a doodle on the theme.  Or several.

There are no posts, just go back to the earliest entry on this main 'blog' panel, only a few weeks ago, and  a theme or two are to some extent, probably inadequately, allowed to  breathe and maybe it isn't just hot air.

I do not huddle with the  same old. In fact long time i at times meander a bit George Borrow and just see whom arises. Sometimes i go off on several day roamings. And today how beautifully it is all summed up. Not just by me.

One small sleepy Marches town i thoroughly enjoy a random encounter with a retired  many year Family barrister. She knows some mentioned here. Top Table lass. How interesting.... a most wonderfully healthy well informed discussion for years. Even admires the recent report stating that your taxpayer money never mind your friends' children are so squandered.   We chime and have certain shared insights not that many have, I did tell her... "well it was the change that if you see the LJ Wall final paragraph enabled all to be talk about pretty much, Sunlight. Disinfectant.  "oh there was more and other aspects and much actual discretion about what used as defence."  "you knw the game..."

Funny how she went off to use the computer thrilled about the precedent - adamant to hear the citation. And then never came back. And there were only two of us in the large cafe.

BUt then half an our later I am popping in to a many year known about old school countryware supplier. Mrs.  Gwyther's.  I could not get a word in when i had stuck a few real ones in in reintroduction. All her magnificent causes - ant chumocracy playing fast and loose with ancient trees and planning...  "at times i had to look under the care for devices i was that worried.."

And every word chimes.

"but.. i don't think the ordinary person wants to know any more...and my how they cross even my small High ST they've seen me in all my life ..."

 " yes but i know how damn intelligent this has made you... that Bertrand Question ...flip i just realised it really is true... what are you late 60s flip luv...neither of uni ... your mind and memory sharp as  the best i have ever known... dont do yourself down, this works, so what if no one else wants to know even easier you...every single person i have ever had a serious chat with several decades... most dont even understand the basics of practical simple democratic rules... none has fought their community's corner all the way... none has done it alone... none can follow anything much at all never mind have anything intelligent to say...  and none have i trusted the moment i met them.. and none can keep their end up with absolutely anyone, and not a word of cant and vanity... we may well not be popular and by those masses Misunderstood, but i know people and only one i have ever met is completely impossible to Miss understand.. how lucky you are as we can see by the real smile and so bright eyes and healthy skin on that elders face of yours... I don't think we have much doubt about what is right, and can see it in your most attractive face... with and now without the mask.

will, willpower, you have to become someone you are not, and do not even like, and sacrificing real identity is the highest price there is. Until you know there was another, who even asked if one had, because she had too. And knows it was worth every single moment. Some smiles are not fake.