Saturday 26 June 2021

 As i have about five finish-off projects, some i started to share with a few people lately, myself so fabulously energised and fittened up by half of 2020 cycling around gorgeous quiet lanes and walking wonderful hills and even making half a dozen or more genuinely interesting ish new friends  - you can stood in quiet lanes taking ones 'exercise' me i got great energy.

As usual (many years) most will have feigned interest. Ohh pity the poor person who downshifts, comes and buys yet another house a local on local payrates needed,  and frankly is a bit lonely so feigns interest in environmental of or even (my recent) social housing projects i have real support for. Because the feigner must surely realise one day they wasted what is called the 'community capital' which means our precious friggin time. Assuming anyone actually does have a genuine conscience left with all that pandemic mindfulness and meditation usually for money - perhaps a splendid way to forget how you have wasted genuine peps' time .... 

Anyway even i forget, as i try a last little roll out of something more mainstream,  that  the reason i can be a  free, myself, what the heck give it a go, is because i already have over 10 years 'in the can' what i actually care about, enjoy, and i know am rather uniquely good at: the homespun version of living WELL on a shoestring and in fact extremely efficiently  - Mr that over the years - 15+ i managed to do other things on life such as legal cases and environmental matters - last year i spent huge amount of time gathering evidence on truly serious eco crimes not so far away, and also be a single parent ! only because i have a range of little daily needs things so covered so efficiently and so thriftily i can afford to divert.... and THAT is what i like about .... 'me'; even if they are so standard and NON fancy....  thats what i have for years captured. And i know it is good. And fun. And WILL work.  Anything else i may do is actually only really  - in terms of my own future, to maybe even fund a little of  me alone rolling that out one day. It is integral because various simplifications of life are essential such that one has capacity to be diverted into OTHERS! legal nonsense.... and not let it all destroy you or claim all of your life. 

Months ago my washing machine packed up.  I have another salvaged sort of works one in a garage but haven't bothered plumbing it in yet  - mindfulness is enjoying the hand washing in fact i doubt i shall ever again bother with a washing machine. I have not owned a fridge even for 11 years and love the living in the moment - thinking in 2 day chunks,  that existence  requires. (and the silence in the morning at dawn not even an annoying mechanical whirr  - just me and the birds). I have not spent a penny on any form of heating for 11 years, but would not have my domestic climate any other way than i have it. And as i say to folk I have indeed in a past life at times lived in the best hotels in the world. I still have a few stolen monikered towels.  They are never any fun.   You cannot by definition either meet interesting people there. I am sure many have books or sites on thrift. But i know very few will have it all woven in with far more interesting roles  - some even risky but never immoral.  That's my thing and i adore it - makes me daily centred and at peace entirely no matter what; and i shall not muddy these waters by crossing over here. 

STAND ALONE SKETCH OF STORY  IN SIMPLEST FORM TO DO STILL .... sort of started that on first post of this material here, all just doodles since, and ashamed of typos and bad grammar but when one also has 3 or 4 ongoing projects, people to your face have interest in far far more for their benefit than mine and then fizzle on polite messaging, even people you thought good allies over years -  country and horsey women dealing with matters that will benefit other families even, who used to be no BS .....touting for example the only way the bottom 1/3 can get on housing ladder and guaranteed free equity with a bit of solidarity....and all just fizzles as if butterfly brains are all left..... .my my ....your society has a real life never been better, except the  time....wasted on the rest. Including genuinely important asked for help to a few in bad mental or similar  mess last year - impossible, the allies needed for just such, all fake their interest too.... Which all ends.  Just this now. So get editing. And uploading. First time ever i purchased mobile data - upload at home non existent, mobile just about doable...i never spend money unless it will be for a good reason and intend not wasting whatever bought. Actions speak louder than words. And my my the amount of folk even find that statement a threat these days....your society.... 

 However i may have neglected one USP.... there are a lot of the once literary floundering around these days sort of not knowing how they will exist in a future returning to the 1970s - financially, arts culture ... general public spend etc... wonderful stuff.  The cases in here were done by a not uni educated person using a fair bit of half decent literature. Words....  the power of the word ... and it is rewarding "will that judge bigger me up where it hurts for being cheeky enough to refer to a bit of Hardy or better Silas...?" not dificult stuff really. And guess what it works.  They cannt argue and do afford some respect of you are open and frank about relying on the once greats to some extent. There may be a whole untapped seem of gold for someone - get literary games back into law....cos i tell you the modern version is as dull as ditchwater.... and flies buzzin around that corpse (copyright the bard) is what we need, too.... bringing LIFE into law.... 

And as for the 'legal' profession - its all always just politics and vested interest and cant and vanity, a beautiful example being one watched as an almost sideline spectator having bitten the fait accompli bullet long time back - early 2004, how the highups so disdained the 'litigant in person'  - all sorts of practice direction, rules and general spin and 'mischief' at their end  - cynical and frankly bullying, to make it harder to be a LIP  - and the useless campaigners wouldnt get the true benefits of LIP ing... but then gradually as the money ran out late 00s it was so interesting how they had to respin themselves as wishing to facilitate and assist the LIP.... even at times celebrate as happened to me one gorgeous day i thought 2015ish i had gone to far lay legalling in front of a super highup and totally taking control of the disgraceful mess earlier bullshit practitioners had made... basically telling judge his whole £50k thus far wasted doin nothin was just that and i am boss now and it will be done propper! ... no

 "and to conclude..... you there ... who are you stand up....and tell me.... ?!" 

["oops... wheres my overnight bag?"]

" my...... you folk are really doing a good job trying to sort out all our messes ...damn invaluable... we need a lot more of you lot now damn fine stuff...."

Funny how things.....change.... when for years they couldn't