Wednesday 23 June 2021

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first draft before at some point some more careful indexing.

Most happily I operate with various looming aggros in the background - even in my humble remote rural location London just bought ALL available affordable housing  - which in truth started soon after BREXIT, I suppose they were getting the heebies, and then a pandemic of gentrification swept over us  - all those status vehicles queue up at local 'fine dining' destinations.... while figuring how to get the very last affordable rabbit hole from us plebs. But i knew this.... and no one cares. And began to prepare to go feral some time ago. 

But therein is in fact why I decided a few years ago that if possible highlighting the need to fight for basic 'rights' is so important perhaps moreso. In that i find it incredible how few of my generally 'right thinking' acquaintances, whom may be useful for a sofa surfing one day, will even 'allow' talk of some simpler basic resistance on their sofas. In fact such conversations often became quite unpleasant. As a long evolved pacifist resistance means just using democratic channels for simple retention of basic egalitarian principles. Nope - it has almost become subversive to suggest so; or with the self appointed bohemian type of Glastonbury aficionado  all far too threatening to their oversensitive little picture of their chakras in transition to always the collected energy of the universe sorting things out. Well I am not aware of any divine intervention in minimum wage being inadequate just to rent a rabbit hole. And thus the on-drugs Uni Credit system is also required as top up. All of which requires the citizenry to at least have sane discussions about inherent flaws and 'injustices'. In fact the very best example is how the 'Minimum Income Floor' rules which were brought in 4 or 5 years ago, which in effect stopped (what was available for decades) Working Tax Credit after one  year once compulsory transferred into the 'new' system of Universal Credit. Small scale self employment  - lower incomes, many live on in rural fringe areas, decades necessarily topped up by a bit of WTC (max £60/week), all over in one fell sweep. The new rules sneaking in a clause that after a year self employed with UC top up it would then be assumed that the recipient earned come rain or shine £1000+ a month and thus would no longer ever again get the WTC element, and far more importantly as journalist find it impossible to actually speak to ordinary people especially those in the bottom 1/3 and ask any valid questions, the ALWAYS available in the past housing benefit top up for rent, i.e. rent £500/month profit from small earnings £800/ month average... part housing benefit paid roughly half - that's been the system for 40 or more years.... ohhh no MIF zapped all that overnight and journalists did not even manage to call it a major new squeeze. Indeed one senior one i spoke to about this 3 ish years ago derided me. 

....ehhh funny old world.... as soon as pandemic comes along within about a week, as his major huge UC change (the extra £20/week almost irrelevant - the MIF problem may mean up to £150 removed as decade long standard lawful support )  .....Rishi suspend MIF....hilarious - it should have been top news for weeks! is still suspended.... 

But the people - i find it extraordinary how the ordinary people  - i used to like ordinary people from the bottom 1/3 ...seemed to no longer  be able to take in they had rights to attempt some legal redress - one would almost be spat at suggesting this.... I mean you cannot get a better reference than LJ wall in a public Royal Courts judgement 2005 commending yours truly for work on the scruffs and their benefit system! Or far more importantly the complete injustice that Loach showed us in I Daniel Blake - ehh he understated the computer-on-drugs element - thats the DWP computer quite clearly programmed to drive the quite valid serious medical issues claimer mad ... three four contradictory letters a week at times. About of course the basic food money they were being unlawfully blocked receipt of. But no....  the infantilization of the great majority was successful.

These pages are about how to fight but not lose your soul. And even how to find true genuine silver linings to all.  Sounds pious. I am not. Indeed all this  - and i had NO resources whatsoever and was always also a very very hard pushed single parent (ok 2/3 of the time  - meaning packed so much in - travel, a zoo at home, horses and much culture 2/3 of my waking hours from anus 2000  for many years were totally subsumed to running my lass and her life) but it all can be done....and whilst does not make on 'happy' nevertheless does evolve and transform. Enriches even - even though even those doing lay legal for would shirk on promised expenses (only)  reimbursement.  Your sad society.

But the bit i shall publish whatever is what may seem a little silly: how to practically duck and dive and always keep your operation efficient. Running printers out of camper vans  (on roaming holidays with Z)- all those faxes needed ... (so much more existentially angsty "will the fucker go through THIS time.." than an email.... ) and  a range of other . gonzo....(i don't like the word as it implies on drugs foolishness and i am so clean living it is daft and every day for decades up at 05:10 and full speed ahead and a perfect administrator no matter what circs befall me)  legal counter attack....  but it is the process thats the fun .. no pain no gain.... especially if there were usually a few ferrets running over the keyboards  and the electricity stolen from some ripoff mad company who cannot manage to read your metre for 5 years and dont appreciate there is a law on revising bills if they fail in such a way.... or thats what the letters say.

In fact exploring practical morality. What thievery may indeed be for a 'common good'? almost...even if minor. 

Oh but there is the new monolith too. Well it isn't that new. Though I don't wish it to spoil all the great miraculous duelling with real people. And some (non erotic) true honourable  love  of one so called 'enemy' ...and one fabulous man ..many did love for real.   She will not even get a mention. The lady i forget her name she was so forgettable, whom in 2009, me alone having launched a rearguard action against Jack Straws on-drugs statement to Parliament December 2008, that in no way affected me, gets in touch her having started a Facebook Group "stop Jack Straw's Gagging Order' in my name, and added in some donation widget or other.  Well, ok....   and then after a few days of messaging - mine always say "ehh can we talk like human beings please on the dog and bone and develop some human trust - let me hear who you are i mean GCHQ do read all my lovely emails i have nothing to fear as i would always stand by any word i utter even in my bedroom as they have their ways...."  nope.... you end up ghosted and ...well was this some passing maniacal  nutjob..?   

No coherent communication once your social media beame ubiquitous simply then ruined everything ...

Oh yes.... i should imagine the 2006 secrecy case was also the very first in the UK proper courts  - i suspect all courts.....where i pointed out to theoir Lordly ships..... in representation that YOU should have the right to say almost anything  - obviously not incitement which has always been illegal ....on your social media... they agreed with me LJ Wall even specifically mentions 'blogs' in his judgement in my favour....this whilst Julian Assange is still in nappies.... I don't think i ever even got a mention in the papers for that..... frankly the biggest aspect to all this by far  - it was understated in the 2006 case because i assumed that most judges still didnt know what the internet and others were already starting to self publish websites pages blogsites etc.....which was what the freedom to express our stories was really aimed at of course...... ahh well....

.....or a mention for writing a rather fruity and direct blog to/about LJ Wall at that time in parallel. my only equal ever...who being a man i am  sure never bothered to even read what me a mere pleb may have to say...

Voltaire dealt with all that over 250 years ago. A grown up doesnt even google himself even when he knows as sure as ferrets are ferrets there are even great big piles of poo made up about one online....  i have far far more enjoyable things to do than even care for one second.  And i do suspect  - i followed this one carefully that in fact many play false victim to so called 'intrusion'. In none of his interviews did he mention how he has splendid dining out stories after a once rather humdrum life. Clearly also someone who rather enjoyed his public role. Did a lot of it. And those comments of mine are of course assumptions about someone i never met which is always dubious even though i listened most carefully to many talks and interviews - thinking between the lines. However no one can say in our dreadful I-am-victim melodrama zeitgeist that he will indeed have had positive maturing evolutions too...baptisms of fire have been known since the time of the Ancient Greeks bloody good for you in time.... 

 I would wager that he too sat back after a few years and quietly shared with only himself because if you only play the part of victim it is sad you do become the victim of never being able to share your real truth  "i wouldn't have had it any other way.."  

I started writing this page a year ago to prepare to get some interest that may help me get a decent film made  then became MOST enjoyably distracted it still holds

this is some media from 2006 

but theres much more some vaguely entertaining  and i must iron the newspapers and put nicer versions up (2005 + 6)


And then we have, though NOT part of my groovy film plots (for years)  - oh yes, 3 years ago a once senior plod even said to me to my face my book was overdue! ...  well i have been busy with more enjoyable things in the interim. And anyway it is far more a movie than a book even if i am 100% a book person. That i new 15 years ago. (2008 / 9)

This is actually about how NO 'campaigner' at all ever did anything at all  - Birgit almost alone on 'our' London demo bless er... and i would make calls to her from homephone "loads of people have called me on the payphones i use covertly that GCHQ may not be able to trace saying how they are going to form groups and hunger strike to the death and chain their dogs to the MoJ  blah blah..." cos all the 'campaigners' except Birgit were liars and i was entirely alone...

Or rather wasn't, the most dreadful Lady journalist  - gatekeeper in history was in my way.... "oh simon look you are usually sane from our years in touch but i do believe youve lost it.... i don't understand what the issue is with nice Mr Straw's December statement" ..

.... i have that email somewhere. I guess she was too busy sucking up to Mister Cameron, her neighbour (i believe  - certainly of his 'set')  .... to do her job she was paid for. 

And then

so truly interesting but its going to need a good page written a bit proper - and anyway a real man says when you fist meet him me having taken a risk as the case was MY baby ... but my friend was not able to be with me 

"James someone suggested you..... go outside of their weirdo cabal because all insiders in Family div are simply on drugs.... look at what i got from Cobb's office.....he doesnt even know simplest precedent caselaw..."

Best decision i ever made, though so freaked out handing on my baby....after me making my baby JUST how it should be in writing for those Lords... withnthe first simple part 1 of official representation in writing 

"simon all a load of utter babies the lot of them.....we try not to ever speak with them in our gents clubs they dont even know the meaning of the word.." (a  paraphrase, as his look was even ruder about them in short "let us not ever again speak of that lot until i go and speak to them for you on the big day".....) 

But he did get some things wrong....  and did not even manage to put in his cases page hall of fame he had   kindof JOINTLY done it with the Litigant in Person...(moi) . who had started round 1, and then done half of the final round...rather well for a ranty pleb.... who as usual also had to battle the frankly rude person on your own side...his junior of those poodles sat behind his master, whom wouldn't pass on rather critical little notes to your actual real  QC on showday ! ...ahh well it takes all sorts... their arrogance astounds - weak people are arrogant you discover in life....

bastard even cites me case in HIS fucking showoff case page today still hahh hahhh..... three times ! ... well i never.....


BUT... the best will be saved for last: one small page of Esti and dad videos  and many photos and notes... still to improve.  because that bit is the real bit. And it may not be as folk think. And that i care about never mind always enjoyed every second of no matter what.

Oh yes and a few other real people... a little of their stories too. And one day i shall even maybe get to HER grave... the only other heroine of all this ... cos she died on me ... having been my so so saudade laden lifeline in my funny little Portuguese gaol the hottest summer ever... those around dying....not me, i needed to live to meet her again afterwards..never mind someone else more important, .and did.

 But i have yet to find her grave. Because of all so unnecessary.... not a 'travesty' just showing the madness that wastes your taxpayer money.... and will forever unless you learn to stop it just a little. Because this IS Britain - thats what i learned. Absurd Theatre,... then  greed, silliness all for some weird Greek god game...and dosh. And above all misplaced pride.... even the best of the lot poor departed LJW couldn't quite free himself of.

This is to inform - BECAUSE i know the newer generations of 'activists' just take themselves far far far too seriously...its just a game and they WILL win.... there will be no revolution.... but losing a bit better with your soul intact which means you learn useful things as you go along - not pious versions real versions of things that will set you in stead for life......

...that guess what, as 2020 came along wow i started to feel like the king of everything... i can handle anything! ...anything.... all my practice of life on the cliff edge... waiting for the knock on the door a life of plan A B and C concurrently in my head.... PIVOT AT  AMOMENTS NOTICE (2002 ON) ....and had happiest year of my life almost ever several people know is a true fact....

 that's what i gained so so so much from...  and i have never read or seen any other film or book about that.... its all victim/moan/ pity poor me.........and i had enough. That is BAD for the next generations.  When they largely lose they need to lose with dignity intact - thats maybe all that matters. SO WILL get this out.....

And here is one amusing aside about your so called freedom of speech: I read and even do real propper science - these days mainly in relation to minor local conservation. But i know scientific facts. And perverted stats.  It is frankly astonishing the unpleasant reaction you get from the bemasked and bowed when relating a fact: "major national std chains report and i think its now in official ONS stats... that Gonorrhoea has been at highest ever reported levels from Jan i am not quite sure if everyone has been behaving as the bbc and their like suggest they should... indeed a rather different undistanced underground truth seems to be there behind the curtains...? " 

It is as if you are threatening folks fundamental existence relating some actual unarguable science.....(notwithstanding the possibility some far more virulent new strain of gonorrhoea may also have emerged in January... to be only fair, and scientific - all research taking years to really get right..) .......which means fascism is not that far away - an inability to think in the round maybe a good definition of that trait. Good job i am leaving as soon as i can.