Tuesday 22 June 2021

The subtitle

 indeed - total disastrous NOTblogsite  - they only cost a tenner including domain from weird old blogger.com whom at last make one click get online lies and deceit, less than 17, and you can at last be up and running in 5 mins....and i NEVER waste a penny on anything ever.....so mean business....just working totally on the hoof.... several other far more thrilling projects some time underway my real love.

Meeting her yesterday, her own words a "midget on a  tricycle.." 

"so come on you are so absurdly wise and sharp but help me...in one sentence what the fuck is it.... we need to please all those trendy Guardian Colour supplement types with their garbage mindfulness tips.. couldn't actually do any REAL campaigning and activism though every lesser poet these days seems to get introduced as that on desert Island discs or whatever..taking a risk being actual mindfulness when it doesn't actually kill you.... ? 

 "one sentence what is it.... ?"


"saudade is ........... is ......not finished..."

Not much actually gets me actually shedding a tear these days of plastic tiktok activists and plastic even in our rivers here in microparticles no doubt....

never mind having a best mates dad who worked there.... not many folk get to spend a pleasant night of running around playing hide and seek  with some great party music on inside what is or was said to be a historic monument  where Salazar did his dirtiest  deeds in the old days, its far scarier from the outside inside all picnics and great coffee and strolls and sunbathing .... these days you have to pay for no doubt

never mind wouldn't have had it any other way....

And thus she, alone, was trusted with why, at last: what was threatened before i decided to relocate temporarily.....as at least half the sane women in the land would also have decided had they received the same threat....i don't threaten anyone ever. Especially over a child. I had thought that went out with Dickens. 

...... she alone has been told that, because i trust a European woman to her word.