Thursday 24 June 2021

 watch this space  - soon a list of links  to some great recent broadcast stuff  and also recordings i diligently make over the years of named and identifiable parents in live proceedings speaking out intelligently on their family mess to assist others.

Oh yes then the rather ....well truth. Even i felt ashamed of our society when i heard 3 weeks ago the wonderful articulate woman interviewed who had been in the care of extremely well paid foster carers for  many years and she lamented, "once i was 18...well... you are on your own.... but you know what ... really.....hurt...... they never even once since i left their so called care....sent me a Christmas card...."

That you the taxpayer paid them a million times over in the huge fees many do get for that role.... sorry, I had it. All must open up a hell of a lot more. Her story must never again be what i do know is far more the norm than you expect from all their cant and vanity. The agencies the so called professionals. 

Use our friggin covid moan for some positive change  - real people getting real hurt that will scar people like that woman all her life, needs to change....

And i know for a fact as i do SW and have scouted far and wide for real help required for real people hurting themselves ...(not the radio 4 version of 'community'......not one person did an real help for those in true mess my whole region last 15 months...even my friends the regional god squad!.....unless of course they were paid. 

(or in my so fabulous so magnificently successful little mutual-aid crew, where the 'favour bank' rules had to be headbutted into them.... and at last they get it... well, sometimes... but that's private...some things are too good to share, yet...  )