Saturday 26 June 2021

Voltaire said

"I shall die for your right to put up extremely unpleasant  (by your definition), and provocative, and certainly uninformed, material online  - as i believe has happened several times since 2010; but guess what i have far more enjoyable real life things ongoing to even wonder what it is..never mind ever look up anything, especially 'myself' because i shall not find myself there on your google and Facebook.....

"and I don't believe in defamation, slander,  libel or other such lores, otherwise i would have been very rich from 2010, never mind even in 2003......"

But i shall have a say only because so many others, especially of the so called media seem to have their knickers terribly in a twist, about sticks and stones .... i know that many of our so called women indeed await  with bated breath some contentious comment so they can enjoy  the...retaliation. bet the men are catching up too. But guess what they don't bother in grown up countries with something better to do...

26 June 2021

intro vid

then if you must,

sadly i forgot to turn the damn hd off and it is chunky

 part 1 of 2

part 2 of 2

and all of audio for above videos, starts 4 minutes in and forgot to turn off (audio necessary as all these gizmos you can never even trust the so called smart camera to be so.