Saturday 13 November 2021

And then there is the other so called identity

 So BBC moaning generation compliant, two Bernhards ... even if one fist name and the other Sir Name, they pick the lesser. And his lesser work.

Because the number two, 2001, all along has real writing about real courage - what a man's gotta his first. Om that.

But we would not be here had it also been for recently unearthed ...just sublime. That sublime. 

The one that sent him to the earth closet for good to sulk: " the way now every time i hear the line.. i mean the energy better than Tangled....  i imagine you that chubby builder face ... hands waving in the air like they used to do on that BBC thing Morcambe and Wise....  falling slowly into the plate a front....  'face down with your head in the plate' ...passed out's the genius of real writing rather than moaning nonsense the rights of Elanor's Elephant ... only Rachel can do it and whistle 'Amazing Grace all the way to the Swiss bank'.... on earned money... righteously deserved...for actual genius... and no man can quote what she did fuck had me wondering i mean he sounded rather wise . him going round smashing up all the chainsaws..until..... I saw the interview with him in gaol in his own words....clearly not someone you would want as a neighbour..or who's manifesto you would ever want to download despite the good bits our Rache  - oops theirs, has the guts to mess with..and weave into her perfect prose poetry not about anything the Guardian may state other than universal ...cruelty and prejudice that's always there everywhere so get used to it .. and twist it around maybe just to your advantage one day as the only Queen of the word seems to know as if by magic..."

 The perfect example of why everyone should have a platform, even murderous him.... because i was unsure and am usually sure.

And the local librarians my my they don't like " ... it is the greatest book of at least this century has in it NO pity... one cannot learn from pity..pity kills thought and understanding even if our lot our subtle mistresses of hiding secret pity in the lacuna bit of the page that sneaks in .. i learned a lot from her no pity just poetry tome, i never do a book in one lying....down, in one serving.... when normally i just want to be sick at confected vomit that passes as literature these days.."