Saturday 13 November 2021

 And that buzzword 'identity'.

There are only two matters in respect of identity that matter. 

The true thinker Lewontin didn't quite get there with the gene rhetoric that is essentially true - likely more so called 'genetic' similarity a Hay-on-Wye inhabitant to an Australian aboriginal person than an Islington resident, of the same suntan level.

Lets not go there with that so dull subject.

The first is there is only one true negative price to pay in life - actually losing your real identity. Having to to some extent. For reasons of essential propitiousness. My own was who i am at least 90% of the time  - silent, wandering hills and fixing old bikes and chopping logs and not caring about the bourgeois stuckness of the masses.  But having to develop something one doesn't like  - never did, never will, some almost parallel pumped up persona to battle through the cant and vanity, it is horrid. Real 'loss' because you can never entirely get your old most enjoyed and content totally serene for many years identity back. And of course others see only that supposed persona. Tough titties for me.

But then there is a larger price i think others may pay if the word 'conscience' still has any psychological validity. And that is a false image for other reasons. 

There is a new button (page) here. I weave my f.o.s. tales here and there just because i can (need nothing). I feel sorry for the well known woman of a certain region loosely alluded to on that new page, who i saw fraudulently using the word "charity" in her opening line of a crowdfund earlier this year.  Supposed middle class, supposed great and good.  Supposed caring type. Paid council money over the years to do 'wellness'.  Well her wellness didn't do her much good because had she used that word and lived in the council houses in the next valley over her neighbours would have had her arrested for cheating. £5000 is a lot of money when you haven't got a registered charity and in fact your crowdfund gives no description of any charitable purpose. Any uneducated lad from my valley without a thousand self righteous facebook followers did that, well...

But its the children...lots in her orbit...even mine once was for a little while in return for my money....

.... need i say any more... "does aunty X  have a charity ....?.... new thing ...  hmm she must she wouldn't lie would she what a heroine she used her lockdown for a good cause...."

But all this 'wellness' and such...i care as it has become so dull so many suffering 'mental health' issues so few to have any actual grown up fun like chopping logs with.... mainly because they cannot understand deep down what wellness is never mind psychology i consider myself  an expert of " my extensive reading the few intellectuals of psych tacitly admit they have it all wrong" 

Fait Accompli is the best form of medium term wellness i know. It is so liberating to know that you may be watched, filmed even, recorded, at any time, as it means you must try to always be who you say you are ...always think before opening your mouth and blaming corporations or politicians.... and if you are not - though we all make mistakes and sometimes cannot keep up with our facebook posts about what everyone else should be "mum ..have you seen that art installation with lots of lovely photos, about how the Green elected politicians of our region don't even look after their own new bicycles let them rust and the tyres waste away unused....... mum it's quite good....don't i recognise that bicycle..?"

Fait accompli is the vaccination to confusion which is the cause of most 'mental illness'  - who on earth to be....  when you have no choice, other than to be who you say you are guess what.... ferkin bulletproof.... always. No matter what.