Thursday 18 November 2021

End of rambling

 which sort of proves a 'point' but i  a hard to write u easily way, even a great Oxford Fellow scholarly man i knew well could not. The Sublime  - the arty version, perhaps  'performative' thing  - renews 'itself' every day, were his last words to me.

That's the thing, as i chat with folk on this dull subject, trying to simplify the several foundational aspects - this case being one.. case dull word for jolly good 'incident' or 'affair'... of what prevents the citizen THINKING they should almost by default be free to share and express and tell their version of any story, in public if needs be, i have had so many wavering and at times angsty or contradictory (from the same person) views.... all think themselves well educated. Some may even glance at the Odd Prospect... Magazine.  The  lost youvcantsaythat brigade especially BBC who make it Woman's Hours today almost a bout "tone" with their breathless smug and completely empty discussions on openness in all have succeeded in confusing deep down everyone so much they forget the fundamental reasons open speech was invented. 

And my chronicle of just discussions the last few weeks after hearing 29 Oct radio 4 530am news then Today program, nonsense yet again on the wireless out of the mouth of judge and journalist revving me up to try and have something actually real made,  has created a jolly interesting real person chronicle of just how stuck real people really are on all this.... moreso than ever they were a few decades ago. 

I do love a cause of noble intent.... shame no one else has the balls to come on board.... its fun being ignored - terribly good for the REAL soul not those which the mindfulness guruesses defraud folk into believing is how we work...

Indeed a man who worked many years at an Old Folks home where they starve their customers on about a quid a day to feed them, just over the road from where it would cost you 10 days of their daily food allowance from BUPA who bought them all to buy a pie and tea... despite egalitarian pretence of their festival...

Asking him - ex town crier ... "what do the ones who really do live to a  ripe old age say is their cause of that effect..."? 

as a placid and quiet person myself by default, always, and enjoyably so, i was  disappointed to hear  from him " they say it's the ones who 'give it to the bloody man' and keep on fighting the bugger til the bitter end...keeps em alive.." thats what the real elders say...and i see day in and out with my own eyes..." 

Of course none of them even there managed to get a piece in the newspaper about how the owning American finance nastyco oops sorry BUPA, would not even allow a Christmas cake baked by an elder's grandson or daughter, handed over at visiting time (way way pre 2020 we speak of here) actually be given to its starving malnourished rightful recipient resident...or even a bag of fruit...for 'health and safety reasons..' 

i have books more...real journalism....especially on that region...a superb memory and always perfect evidential fact checkability...always... that lets you sleep well at night. Always.