Tuesday 16 November 2021

 oops...rambled on... and it is "oops " as i have far more thrilling things to ramble on about.

Evocative video starts further down the page - entries around 12 November. 

And then the few weeks of doodling from this  summer may have something of interest too. I have clear forgot.  This has nothing really to do with 2020 or 21 as i knew full well February 2020 it was time for roll out (as my EU ethical hustling had been done) and did start to write to a  few publishers then hahhh hahh... in fact about first week in March. So much for home working, I would send a thank you note or at least read receipt, to even my wonkiest troll.  

There will be a lot more evocative video soon... and it will be sorted in user friendly little bytes.