Friday 12 November 2021

 A good journalist worth her paycheck - ooops your paycheck as you pay them especially the beeb would have asked "ehh matey.... wasn't all this fully dealt with in 2005-6 then 2008 -9 [rerun, sc won ...cost me a tennancy then vs Straw as Straw tried serious hoodwink December 2008] ... many millions of taxpayers money on formal consultations... loads of gin and tonics at the judges gentlemen's clubs pored over as to what the modern new lore should be  ... and was...[doubtless paid for by your taxpayer money].... and all of them chimed in 'super stuff' did all the journalists back then, especially the mature secure ones like Frances Gibb, but many others of her gender and agenda...  so why did you hoodwink again in the 2010 washout... even Lord Carlyle thought was a travesty of sane lawmaking...?"