Friday 12 November 2021

 There is googleable...set up a week ago in 'response' to Justice so called thingummy - i can never recall how to spell his irrelevant hoodwinky name so shall not bother, and the dire backwards the last 10 days so called  reportage on the freedom to be NAMED....

It is very informative as to what the ordinary citizen may do or may not with REAL freedom to tell a real story...and why they must not be caged (plus the hoodwink that journalists can ever even understand many a volume of court papers...  ..have the time or their bosses the dosh and this need to be ENCOUARGED as Lord Justice Wall made it plain was a duty in 2006 - encouraged to tell THEIR stories to journalists)

it is not googleable and only a few trusted folk have been pointed to it to ask them what the common man and woman think should be redacted... where is the line? Solomon Time.

because it has some of the painfully true version of the below.

And it is time to go all the way til the wheels fall off and burn. 

Which must include Joshua the awful so called legal reporter being held to account as he was the only one in 2006 who failed to get my (to quote Sophia Cannon) "revolutionary" new change of culture long overdue ... and is clearly in bed with them... the system.

Or he could do a GOOD show - everyone can change...  without the superb spin  - such great acting, the likes of McFarlane and his system manage these days,,,,