Monday 15 November 2021

In fact what a superb yet again example.

 They talk of free speech.  They are so all worldly and wise.... And speak of those sent to Coventry for words online. Or shamed or though they do not state 'bullied'. This so intellectually completely devoid media self obsession with silly games on silly platforms, over opinion. Is the problem more than any other. And has in fact also filtered down into every single straightforward conversation i have had with anyone on the actual grown up reason of why it is necessary to have that dull and self obsessed  Fourth Estate 

In a small town in The Marches there may be at any time one or two folk who feel too embarrassed to go to the pub because of what the 'mob' have said about what they have said online  - some daft opinion maybe even miss emphasised when drunk. 

 But i know that there will be a dozen or maybe more in that same small town too ill to go to that same pub from  the debilitating stress from years of oppressive or obviously inhuman treatment from some organisation or so called service or other which they further fear they may not mention at the bar room bar if they do get there, because their fundamental right to share even a warped and misunderstood version of their story may result in some possible expensive and worrying action against them. never mind even hint of  it on these children's twitter. 

But they won, they brainwashed y'all too, their supposed concerns, matter even to you... when all that matters to them is  cheap and lazy self aggrandising journalism being it may just be  a harder days work to find out how many actually silenced   from speaking up on something that should be actual news... and reportage far more anodyne by necessity .., they became the stars, of nothing. Not even understand ing what they say we require is actually for, any more... I give up too. For the right reasons. Them.  

But one thing all can agree on - even these self serving lost sheep,, a jolly good movie on how to give any oppressive foe in respect of any 'mischief' ]appeal court jargon, love that word]  imaginary or not, one where it hurts,  as example to other future warriors .... in any field of  sticking up for any rights... bet there hasn't been a good one for years.