Tuesday 28 December 2021

An experiment of sorts....


But I began a small and  very off the cuff sermon on things.... Caged in a  certain framing. 26th December.

That is most deliberately exactly the right side of the 'big tech' allowed line, on the last 22 months. I am good...at that. And certainly has nothing contentious in it.  Because i am very good at communicating exactly what must be meant by the 'scientific method'. You do not win an unwinnable child residence case (in April 2004 in effect at a point no other parent has ever seen their kid again ! ) unless you are rather good at translating events  - reality to that point, via scientifically methodical presentation... Imean talk about having every disadvantage imaginable a few month earlier hahh hahh... nope good scientific appraisal if what are facts, wins, if you obviously believe in your truths because they are fuckin true....and you tell the stories in methodical coherent manner. 

Unless you are a 'vested interest' of the rather lost (city-neurotic) alternative media ecosystem. Because my recent material loosely 'questions' their motivation the last 22 months. Just as much as the 'propaganda' within the mainstream.  But so so subtly.

How interesting to see that two short comments - one on Mr Astin-Gregory's YouTube channel, and the other (hold your noses) on Talk Talk ...  have been supressed, wiped off, so rapidly. And both of course will hold themselves as absolute bastion of 'free speech'. 

I think we need to hold them up to account too.

But then I realised, the pandemic of complete stuckness and apathy - so many 'campaigner's Ive been riffing with these last 22 months and when it comes to something where there is real Land of The Blind,  or even (if hyped) mass formation 

you have to be REALLY careful about only riffing with genuinely sound minds and non swiveleyed loons or radicals....

Nope.... there is an 'agenda'  - but it is as much of the people than anyone with any actual power in that it is complete and utter lost apathy, stuckness, all interest in any form of resistance, fraud.....and the so called 'alternative' media have no soul.... are in effect pimps of something they don't even have the decency to road test it and see what it is...just robots, too. 

But how interesting....


not that digital is good for anything, ever, as the twerps whom tweet demonstrate daily, with never ever achieving anything