Saturday 27 November 2021

The Cheating Classes.

 There is only ever one question. 

And I am long intending to build up some simpler coherent few pages that ask that question. It was the question unasked in 2006 but always the only one behind everything. 

 The question is does one favour an American more gloves off culturer? Which on and off I try and figure what really is the culture there on writing the truer stories. Freer 'speech'. Does it help? - does the truth a little more out lead to an ultimately more mature and peaceful culture.  Acceptance of reality (always healthier eventually) and fewer hangups.  The world knows that American judges can even be in the pay of local privatised gaol service providers, and send innocent young men to their 'facilities'  for a kick back. And the citizen media pages are full of mountains of allegations of dodgy state child theft or worse. 

But before one can answer that one has to know some of the actual reality here, -  the reality not spun by judges and  officials. They may cheat; but we know others that no uninformed ordinary person would ever dare question cheat too. I call this cheating and i know is far more common than anyone in the dark would ever assume. Because they are not told that 'fostering' can actually attract a large payment. There are 'extras'...i have seen cases from the inside.  An di know that there are some if not many that are attracted to fostering for not the best of motives.  That is the theory. But when i heard this young woman tell her story in May this year i was nearly sick for her. Imagine that  .... your foster parents didn't even manage to keep the woman likely they were handsomely paid to be parent to...on their Christmas card list... at 12mins 30 in

I think we need a lot more real stories a hell of a lot  in this rotten society - rotten to the core - ok they will write them terribly - i would laugh almost seeing them in facebook writing their tragic stories in text language...   but then maybe in time they will learn to write them more intelligently and carefully. Maybe even all these fake activists vying to get on radio 4 and tell a fake story of their day may find some useful real purpose - help the genuinely hurt learn to write their stories fully.... but when i heard Liza say those words... couldn't remember a birthday or Christmas card from her foster parents....  that was the moment if i wasn't already sure, its time to go..... a long way from here and remember Liza's contemporaries who didn't do quite as well as she did sorting out her day will be slave labour in your care facilities, too...