Wednesday 16 February 2022

freedom to share one's full story

 Long sought -nothing ever 'personal' meaning I have no axes to grind ever. except real axes which need sharpening. I at last have a minor sidekick. Whom also has recent direct experience of a thoughtful and intelligent professional friend of hers being de platformed. 

De platforming as of 2020 is of no interest to me. What is of interest the last decade is ONLY how confused people are in respect of freedom to fully discuss real daily environmental criminality and such bad practice that it may as well be thought a true sin. Fully discuss one's 'story'. In that world which is my own passion. Other worlds as well of course.

So in short the need to openly either speak of in communities, or write on platforms, the people truth of the environment. Governments or people in power by whatever means, don't destroy habitats. People do. Governments don't pretend to care about protecting wildlife, and then do nothing, people do. Governments don't spin a web of pretence on their personal platforms that they 'support' environmental or pro wildlife initiatives, then fail to ever have sincere alliance (or worse), people do. 

That sounds a bit harsh... 

My own personal thrust for some years has been how to  share or rather tell fables and fairytales (as they are ! :-) about these such a way that any 7 year old child can appreciate that indeed lies damage. Not being able to fully share ones 'truth' is just as damaging to the soul. Good job i have  a robust one. My only real interest is sharing or writing about several truly cynical cruel acts  - also illegal, towards wildlife summer 2020.  But how to do that in such a way that the balance of 'justice' is restored to the wildlife concerned. 

Before i get to that, there is a video waffle missing from here i thought was uploaded a few months ago on "freedom of speech for children". 

(in red to remind myself)

I failed to check it had uploaded fully. I one else, 'it' did not not upload fully. I failed... and that is infract at the root of all pro  environmental activity i have been involved with especially the last 7 years, but the 10 before, too, the total narcissistic inability of the people concerned ever to state "we failed".  Good job my sidekick seems to understand that rather key phrase. 

to be continued, infact rebooted from scratch, soon.... i rather busy !!!