Sunday 10 April 2022

Actual sort of summary

NB.. you wont even be able to read this on a phone..laptop only - the (Google inc) template seems to be all wonky if viewed via mobile phone. I didn't know until just now

 Though I wouldn't have it any other way, years of living with almost unusable internet, and near a decade of such damp Rachmanish conditions in an old ruin, which affects gradually all keyboards such that fairly quickly one or two key connections fail and typing becomes a battle with the keys (never the words) - i taught myself to be a wizard at changing them in the trusty Dells i would buy second hand but more modern computers thats far harder. 

Anyway, abysmal mess of a website which one never has time (online) to just sit and redesign.

I hate the word 'crowdfund'  especially as one saw in places like Herefordshire and the Hay-on-Wye regions of Powys, so many come up with very dodgy begging bowls. All middle class. All using evocative imagery taken with their expensive equipment - almost always featuring children (the Portuguese fire ones were a work of dodgy mastery) .. or even more blatant using the word "charity" without quoting any registration number or charitable cause... 

my my... 

Anyway sat having one splurge a few weeks ago a sort of reboot it ended up in this page on this...  which isn't begging bowl at all so shouldnt have that word in it... it is reboot getting to the heart of why...  violence in society against women one VERY topical why...

which should i suppose be my 'pinned post' but who knows which template is best ...what i do know is that even if i dont use them for online you cannot 'read' any website with a not very smartphone..

laptop only. Especially this mess.