Wednesday 22 March 2023

credits, money, any help and GDPR spamming

I am a very very bookish person - GREAT literature:  Thomas Bernhard's Extinction, Rachel Kushner's Mars Room, Mary Ann's Silas are my guides.

In your dumbed down society one cannot even have a simple conversation any more (as yesterday) with a supposed lifelong educator of my acquaint, me using the word "Stalinist"  without Teletubbiness creeping in and the communicant assuming one is speaking of the situation actually IN Russia. One Day in The Life of Ivan Denisovich will have been in his school library. For the very best description of Russian society 1935ish to the 50s Yevgenia was in fact the Queen by far the greatest description of 'Stalinism' and the human soul under repressive conditions. And then of course we have the famous fictionalisations.  I have read most Russian Literature translated into English  of the last 150 years. Not because I am a  privo show off ponce, but because i wished decades ago to understand falsity and illusion within any society. Especially UK number 1 spin Queen of the world. Good thinkers among my friends in my ordinary shit comprehensive school knew of these falsities 45 years ago.  

I am quite obviously aware that this website and the other are a mish mash of gobbledygook - except that dribbled within this one here and there are a fair few little snapshots of a rather interesting story.  Among the gulag - no not of the prison camps, but of other people.  And in that (metaphorical, and real) gulag there are upwards of seven or eight who were truly alive fabulous spirits.  But then personal quips i KNOW are unique. One of may, a  fabulous pro black man one. A REAL story - hidden in my audios a month  ago .  I taunt [this week] my best buddy, a blackman, that his Loofa King couldn't have dreamed up my better rhetoric, its so true. A real reason why black lives matter - as you are far far safer sharing a cell with one, so we need more in gaol....... white cellmates, cripes....  and i am being very serious - when your life depends on a sane and dignified cellmate, thats not a 'choice' that is self preservation....

( my friend is a true KING of satire and the only one wise enough to know that 'woke' FAILED - to actually help his 'people') 

This site and the other will be streamlined soon, assuming i encounter some finer soul who knows a good project, and doesnt NEED to take me off on all sorts of pathetic (neurotic self affirming) tangents and waste my time and more important energy. The issue in this matter is so so simple, but no, ALL Brits NEED to ego battle and stamp their own uneducated stamp on a thing before actually othering to read and understand it- and that's the ones who went to Oxbridge... the 'energy thieving' has been the actual issue (among my own side,the last 5 years it has got far worse)

So, maybe a good mind i may find...who may just have  a spare garden shed i can sit down and sort it all out over a week or so.

TWO things  - 'housekeeping' so to speak.

ANY assistance  - financial or TIME. I shall soon have a page that lists every single penny in, and every single hour given over. Assuming the contributor wishes to be on such a list.  And if not, please say so.

And as a 'strategy' - it seems that it is best to be able to show  industry or others that monies paid in via a Kickstarter is somehow more genuine, valid, accredited (part of the PR - "look the people support this") .so i will direct people there in the first instance.

But just as apt, in this world of ones 'data' being abused.

I hardly ever sign up to anything any more. Founder Member of a branch of Friends of The Earth as i was 2007ish Hay-on-Wye (exploded within  a few months due the normal ego battle ),  Joined lass to Greenpeace, joined Liberty around same period, ALL they became was endless spam operations. In fact to see how FOE and Greenpeace began the worst kind of email marketing by early 2010s  caused me to opt out of email contact: gradually they began to seemingly address emails to their members from juicy sounding females, by name. Rather than email addressee in the 'from' line "Greanpeace calling" no, the from: "Juicy Lucy Camilla Pixie girl " here... 

And their 'algorithm' even then obviously singled out blokes to be sent emails from JLPixie Girl. That is evil in my book. Sue em ..just as fraud as everyone else, as the email always just says 

"poor us... can you give us dosh"

But the false names chosen  - doubtless by expensive focus group, so blatantly say " i am an ex junky from Notting Hill, now living in a  wigwam by Hay-on-Wye (or Stowe, or pretty much any 'green' town in Devon or Somerset especially Glastonbury and Totness) , on Rupert's inherited land ..i do good work for Greanpeace now, but if you give me some money...well, maybe i may not be quite so ex junky as i imply, in respect of my bod, and who knows...if you give me LOTS of money you can come and deliver it in person to me in my wigwam....and its a high end 5 grand version with expensive woodburner so we can have some warm deep authentic chat in the twilight duskiness,  about the terrible state of the environment, before Rupe goes and surreptitiously poisons the birds of prey of the river banks as they  take out the baby pheasants he is breeding [covertly] there now so his London chumocracy mates can come and shoot them...for kicks, which pays for the upkeep of this land...and my wigwam"   which i have an EXTREMELY accurate chronicle of, over 13 years...and can assure any donor i am way way above slander. libel, orthersuch  

That to me is perversion. Using female names for false purposes.    Even as a lifelong totally dedicated environmentalist as i am

 But sadly - my only regret as i knew all the Juicy Lucy pixie girls of the region (and country - because they all came to hang out around Hay as they were told the big money went to buy houses there, no houses left for ordinary locals, of course they would all blog about how terrible it is poor scrofulates can't afford houses, once they were settled in theirs.. ) 20+ years ago ,  and I knew they were all self regarding frauds by 15 years ago  

sadly, however, the worst offender was my ONLY heroine's spam operation. 

Having joined up - 'subscribed',  mid 2010s with online operation pimpout Malala - the greatest public speaker forever, the most fabulous spirit ever, outshiningher fantasy namesake,  and they would start with every few months an intelligent email to supporters, i would want to read  "bless her...what a true heroine...go girl! .. you owe me a laptop one day as the tears  flowing as i watched your Nobel acceptance speech live when i havent watched live tv since the year 2000,  ruined it for life.. "

GDPR clicks in, whenever it was 5 or or 6 years ago.... anyway by  late 2019, sadly, with great real regret,  one day i clicked the 'unsubscribe' from even Malala corp email  notifications, as they had become 2 or 3 a week.... just too much.

No one told them (OBVIOUSLY, her pimps, not her), less is more...there comes a point....    

So... 'opt out' 


despite it being actually now technically 'illegal', as i had  clicked on the GDPR unsubscribe, "leave me alone now, bless you, good luck...but even i number 1 worldwide fan cannot take this any more..", button... 

along comes your pandemic....and though nothing to do with 2020/ 1 ...little old Malala corp emails start to ping inbound again "our girls are even moe starving now..pandemic"....and gradually over the year they become rather regular....and now have become weekly the last year or so... as if somehow your bug gave them license now to break GDPR law ..*

NO spam emails ever from me. Ever. Even if hell, resent here and now  - that is described so brilliantly by Lucia in her depiction in that movie for example,  unfroze over 

AS WITH 'FEMINISM' (failing to understand the last 10years+  and female journalists still admit to me "loadsa female humans   still tell little porkies in court...far more than male humans" )  - all truly great and just crusades, must be fought with almost pure methods...or they are devalued....

GREAT, if you lodge your email with me -all which will be treasured carefully,  and if that's ok maybe an update every few months. but never more than that... and exactly anything YOU state - will be complied with. 

oooh...and there is one great silver lining of someone lying through her sad little teeth under oath...2002....and on

when one knows truth, lives truth, and someone attempts to pervert the course of justice (a man would get 5 or ten years porridge for...)

then what you do.... digital photography arriving around that time... is spend the following decade every hour or so making a short  - 5 or 10 minute little 'evidential' film...just in case...

And i have 100s of hours...some of my home movies were even sent to judgie poos mid 2004.... he liked them - he SAW the camera doesn't lie....

i have a decade of 3, 4, maybe 500 hours...of the truth, over the whole decade...much shot among the many friends we had ALLthe 2000s..(obviously cannot stage so many hours continual 'shooting the present' life... .... live camera action...with a  child!) . 

AND DOZENS...of unsolicited buddies popping heads in saying "ohhh my your daughter, we watch her, been sat observing her across the town square a while just now....... she is the most uniquely superb spirit...kind, mature, engaged.....intelligent, always bright eyed.... you never see kids like her any more...well done you....."

.which will be data dumped at some point**

* that said, when at 28 minutes in  (25 mins really)  - if it is not worn out the 100s of times i have gone back to watch it from that point, you find  the ONLY great rhetoric heard in this lost land, for decades...

DO YOU GET A FREE PASS??? breaking unlawful GDPR  violating my 'vulnerable' inbox?

i just dont know....   i do know that in my 20s  - pregoressive 'right thinking people'  - we never really even spoke of people from Pakistan... we spoke of afro Caibs, the black people of London, the brutalised  murdered and certainly gang raped women of  CIA backed S America despot regimes ,  especially when your Maggie gave Pinochet sanctuary and any human being was disgusted with this false society...  but we didnt understand Pakistan... it was never mentioned - the 'P word'...

... and then along comes the greatest public speaker of all time.... 

.....and i just spent the last five years trying to get  there !!!  my second favourite place in the world.... my black best friend partly from the Punjab, actually falsely claims to be a P word - he actually lies about his identity! ... he knows the place is full of real people, some quite godly in A GOOD WAY.... hmmm

**   - and then.... 20 or more years i have been bored to death - actually almost to death,  by  the (as they would term themselves in all likelihood) 'ethical tourists' from cities and especially loviedom, who found their way over to my region - following Guardian articles etc., and Florence's "Woodstock of the mind"   ... i started to keep a very very accurate chronicle of reality. Just for fun...or maybe as it is necessary  - as a RESPONSIBLE adult (of any child) , to record for posterity, or memoirs one day. Truth...even if it stings.

Not much surprises me.... but my jaw did drop to the floor one day, outside a well known expensive clothing retailer, in a town with far more expensive women's clothes shops by the late 00s than 'books' when i saw a woman who over the years even i had rather valued and enjoyed in person.... in her expensive hippy chic... a regular at the cafes and flea markets. 

ON YOUR money - yours, not mine, because you paid to go see the may talks and screenings of the ultimate 'bohemian goody goody' films that may have even got a few Oscars ... that paid for their real life [style]. There she was...  sat atop a huge expensive hunting horse, in the most austere [fox] hunting  attire....loving every second of the hundreds gathered that Boxing Day, snapping away... i have a few snaps myself.... the look said " we shall kill, in the fields, around and about, no matter what the law says.."

(i cried inside - espesh as we had a hedgehog rescue operation, and took in all hurt and wounded beasts we found))

And as someone who has lived on farms over half my life - the other half very very real places, me no poodle, i also have a chronicle of farmers wives explaining that yes the hunt are  environmental terrorists who still deliberately torture living animals, still;  and [to them] worse of all, in the old days if they destroyed a fence by accident someone would come around later and fix it....nope not any more...  Utter arrogant frauds every single one..

(and as my decades ago rejected family  - that's BOTH parents, supported and liveried the N Wales hunt) i can from many years observation, also assure there is only one actual reason for dressing up and getting on a big nag, packin' a hip flask...   there are few other 'environments' where dodgy old geezers can spend an afternoon surrounded by young fillies, all sweaty, with alcohol involved...their wives back home tending the aga...and get away with almost anything...