Wednesday 22 March 2023

but, subcredit

 I love a woman.

And dosh.... ALL dosh every cent dribbling up from thhe darkweb of lies and deceit - incoming, spare, goes on only one thing: pure journalism.

And only one woman - not a 'farmer's wife' but a person who lives in a farming household, knows the identity of said belovee... as i trust only that one person, not to go weird on me....

Earned  - love of the beloved, because this winter i wouldn' be here if it were not for her:

As was parroted on radio 4chan yestermorn at dawn

"Blair should be in the Hague"

Our first ever chat her and I " before you even mention my hairytage.... [though she had a UN passport, a refugee,taken in...'taken in' hahhh hahhhh... thrity years ago.. technically only a Brit ]... UK should maybe be be first in the queue at The Hague they all pick on my lot not fair  "

and when in this week two top publications echo her... she is Queen

Needs to be director in fact (has rit a superb fimscript)

But so interesting a few weeks later we are having one of our so interesting 'debates'...

We come up against the bumper, to quote the greatest ever art singer of sedition ever   when the word 'morality' entered our dialogues, yes, but i am oldschool schoo.

( and i need to pay her expenses to be on team...she is poor     she is a filmmaker well thats whather)online says)

      i have the weirdest 

keyboard fault in history now... it works in reverse  - true i have filmed it

i cannot detypo!!

indeed there lies a story

yes... morality... i reckon there are greater and lesser moralities

its hard but..

in the last post (section - below this) there is one of many a rather artful quip i can make...  

(all fully evidenced)

But i have long thought that the greatest overall positive morality for society (see quick essays below) is both parents having loads to do with lttleuns...

ANYthing almost that helps show that  - in a good fun evocative way, is a good thing 'morally' 


And thus any 'leverage' to use the polite middle class word for real life, can be forgotten about even huntswimmin,  as .... 

a lesser sin

for ANYone who helps...

i have no yesterday, only tomorrow... that is what a once great mother taught me thirty years back. With kids, if you love em.... it is only about what NEXT