Friday 24 March 2023

Film team / investors.

Please scroll back about a month or two and just maybe you will get bits and bobs of the plot, and WHY... (a film now is so timely it is daft)

Please note, it is in the notes below but the major cultural legal change certainly caused more WOMEN to have proper justice than  prevented in more instances the cruellest kind of unlawful child removal, arguably affecting mothers (in 'care' cases) more than fathers. Transparency was begun in the courts as a result of this, technically ever single case after this  - over 50 or 60 thousand a year at least, had a "Clayton phase" at the end where it would be considered if there were truly exceptional reasons for future secrecy. 

the case is officially  [2006] EWCA Civ 878

Which because it was a 'staged' case to 'test' the law - it didn't really affect me that much as an individual, and had the very highest judges. This meant it became a principle debated by these highest judges that then would go on to affect many other areas of law, not just children: i.e. in a case regarding a NDA or work related whistle-blower matter it may get argued thus " in case [2006] EWCA Civ 878 the highest levels of judges [i.e. "listen up!" debated ECHR  article 10 rights with a bit of 8 and 9 mixed in, and it was found that even a child's rights to privacy were subordinate to the general democratic need for freedom of speech, thus ... "  

 I have had myself 3 or 4 self employed existences in life, even a Ltd company or two. I understand business.

The begging bowl on the face of it discourages financial arrangements. But some 'campaigns' blatantly ask for investment in line one. I know not what the actual protocol is.

Obviously a major undertaking such as financing, and then taking to the screen of a film, is a business.  There will be those who say " ahhh....his story... he obsessed with his story.." well look at the Kickstarter video (also it is shown down this page a few weeks ago). Nope - 'Intellectual property'  ... and ultra efficient  organisation. Just 'work'. A job needs doing.

So, quite quite the opposite of me having emotional hooks in the thing. The 'product' of this business is a story over a few years -  2003-6, that goes into a figurative box, in full, plus a load of scenes already written..ish...  Others i hope will become familiar with it all - its fairly straightforward,  and it is merely the end product and i care only to see that any filmed version has the visceral aspect that may even encourage someone else to fight their 'cause' - which may be in unrelated areas of life to those that dominated mine far far too long. 

Monies are needed as with any business to hire in even friends who may have skills - such as accounting and grant seeking skills, to build a small team  who in this instance are the sort of people who may be good at trying to encourage investors and even institutions like perhaps the BFI or whoever funds film these days.  In short, hustle. Having made the product a little more user friendly and well presented. 

 I have not had time to research and understand fully but i believe tax breaks for investment in film were maintained in the UK budget last week. And there are I am sure other 'benefits' that the  elves (oops, cooperative) can use to try and persuade others to join us - some simply as investors.

And then also as one encounters so much ego in any creative world perhaps i may find one or other who may not be explicitly from the film industry but who like a damn good fight, to maintain the product intact,  and inspire others to take a punt as they feel it is worthwhile - and they can feel proud if we ever get it even as far as the golden duck worst film of the decade awards. Not get too precious about any of it though.

Meanwhile, if anyone is suckered in here and genuinely curious, sorry, a sort of narrative begins on this website a few months ago,  in fact three pages back (click 'older posts' at the bottom) with this post November last year

The shortest version is that for 8 years i was living in a Rachman Landlord rental (though in the wilds, superb walking from my back door,  so most happy!) in Rednecksville, where one cannot ever ever be known for sticking up for ones 'rights' or you get put to the top of the eviction list. Or worse. And I couldn't really start to use the internet then (and had no phone signal so was always limited). So only 9 months ago after a winter stuck in a small van, out of Rednecksville,  did i rev up, into what was always long planned. And thus far as London bought every cheap house for 100 miles, still live entirely off grid. And this an hour of electricity here and there is all i can access at the moment, and don't mention "libraries" - the days of libraries being "QUIET ...SHHHH!" places  is long gone.  

In short, extremely rich landowner needed who had all her children stolen by social services on some ruse, so she is on my side,  but not booze or drugs as i am a puritan,  who has a spare barn with a plug and doesnt mind the odd co-worker camping out in my office...  as we work away on lowest budget possible a few months at hustling this forward. 

 Between this

and this   - also posts made the last few months

there should be some proactive, interesting and UNIQUE stuff for you maybe to make sense of the past, and plans. 

EVERYTHING is done in a  hurry, by necessity.

video on this

 i didnt even think through: still  winter (in hills, v. cold - lots of the last few month -5 or -10) , limited light, freezing cold, turn on camera and natter... but there are your guarantees. 

  Obviously if a few business savvy people hustle with me and we get anywhere - more substantial funding,  or even letters of intent, etc., then one seeks a bigboy industry partner.  They shoulder the majority of costs whilst one hustles to maintain a decent slice of the equity. And of course shenanigans will happen....but i beat the Lord Justices...  business is simple.  But i do believe in clearest written agreements around  working out recompense for work done, time spent, if and when money is there for that.