Saturday 25 March 2023

 From Kickstarter still being worked on

A major feature film Listen in 2020 showed the horrors of court systems - a true to life, superbly acted, but only depressing film, (IMDB 7.0 is a higher end rating - their ratings are most accurate - high quality of film in all respects)

This is the only happy and life affirming story of how the culture was changed so that that film could indeed be made. And how to take on any oppressive legal or administrative systems. Anywhere.....

I was never quite forced into shoplifting to eat, as brilliantly portrayed by Lúcia Moniz in that film.

Please note, it is in the notes on main website but the major cultural legal change certainly caused more WOMEN to have proper justice than  prevented  instances of the cruellest kind of unlawful child removal, arguably affecting mothers (in 'care' cases) more than fathers, via more open justice,

and the THREAT:

....THEY COULD TELL THEIR STORIES, too, if that happened.

ANY urgent help now - expenses cash, running about here and there, temporary base to work from, please call to discuss 07958 five two six 381 from 0600 uk time 7 days

Kickstarter is a truly pukka industry wide site used for many successful films to get going, example George Galloway (love him or hate him :-) , but also many standard feature films used it too - details to follow

My own messy dancing sister act of two websites, is among other things, due to fact I wasn't sure there would be the cash to renew the annual domain name for this year, which expired on 23 March, and miracles £30 subbed yesterday it has just renewed. This morning. So i can get to work now.

Phone next, but dealing with 'Three' new contracts department is worse than dealing with the understaffed Royal Courts of Justice whom of course 'lose' your paperwork.