Sunday 19 March 2023

 just for time being  - to help anyone out there looking for any more besmirchment material on me... a hobby of someone, 2010,  and i am quite sure it continued by her and others a  long time...probably still does...

i never google anyone especially myself  as i do know no one except me ever tells their whole truth.... and a logical supposition of that, as no one who uses the internet actually KNOWS my real life, as do half a dozen local mothers .and even the local vicar's partner... ..who like me enough to have coffees with me etc., and they would never write anything about me and mainly don't use the internet as they know it is full of fools...and also would never lie about me as their kids also know me and know their mum or dad at times thinks i am just fine as a person... 

so, logically anything written about me by any other, is not actually TRUE as they dont know me (or any other FACTS since mid 00s as i have never ever been consulted by any 'journalist' about any side of any story connected to myself - though have been often asked about others,, so why would i waste a millisecond reading it..

as per my unused twitter ...see handwritten note (ufakable cops have my handwriting on file hahh hahh) as profile pic

Anyway for now we have updates and reorganisation mainly starting on my bigamous sister's  site

Including momentous moment posted today, there, in an 'update'. Superb truth movie...LICENSES all!

the two will be streamlined soon