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Listen (2020) dir Ana Rocha de Sousa staring Lúcia Moniz

 Listen 2020 dir Ana Rocha de Sousa staring Lúcia Moniz

Imdb rating 7 – that’s high! In fact prejudiced against the best country in the EU in my opinion, and utterly incredible experience of - defo worth at least a 7.5

Stream at (mubi do a free trial memb)

or probably on Netflix (i dont have any subs myself)

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it is also on Amazon Prime

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AND i know two superb pirate sites where it is quite watchable – safely  (with subtitles  - watched it myself on one a few nights back) – email me directly for the links....  i would not normally of course share such disgraceful thievery but i need people to see this movie ASAP – i hope no one minds... 

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please note, this 'post' , which at the moment i am sharing as the first starting point read of this site- all which will be edited into a few pages that make sense, and an index logically sigposting you in sequence, is added to just a little on the 'homepage' of this site i.e. just go back to

PLEASE NOTE, this is nothing new - over the years many have said "" .. i was busy 2016-19 actually attempting the real work wandering the region far and wide looking for pro EU allies come any possible return match vote (the 'people pleasing' referred to below applies, sadly most of all, to that phase... and every word of it was recorded for a real chronicle of why we lost the EU). I even have film of the self appointed philosopher king of Hay-on-Wye - branding himself total pro EU person, 'campaigning' against the Libdem the day before the December 2019 election, when even a 3 year old knew that Libdem was the only conceivably successful anti-Tory BREXIT vote in that constituency. (as with many others around this region) There has never ever been a clearer need for strategic voting. The loonies took over the asylum - and many of their children are in it nowadays, for self harming...

as Poliakoff, incidentally, brilliantly showed in the so called 'right thinking' people sold out, and in fact all moved to places like hay-on-Wye and all the nice towns nearby in rural regions like this,(where they incidentally rewrite their personal history, never mentioning the dastardly deeds they may have committed to get the loot to afford their country pile - and love to identify with the local 'tribes' of wigwam dwelling privo 'healers' and yoga vendors, and miscellaneous fake vudu vendors....who will sell you a £300 sheepskin covered pillow afront Hay Castle ... that cost em a tenner to make )

Desk cleared, fait accompli, february 2020 i revved up to attempt to hustle this out - full time on it - started then, , but of course that had to be suspended. Lovely few years instead, walking hills, cycling empty lanes, getting fighting fitter than ever before, and in late 2020 founding my own girls riding club - no charges...happiest winter ever... in the hills with local lasses...

Now is the time...

Especially as is so interesting how folk dont want to think about the 'issues' within - until they see it for themselves from inside the local Stalinist department. A school's office ... my friend, he now knows in fact the truth, as they lie to and deceive him regarding their lad... just because a couple of well known local parents stand up for simplest rights.

Anyone who has ever even said “i like children” MUST watch this movie or they are a liar.

Although clearly a movie with a huge amount of the work done by British people in Britain (or it would not be so incredibly true to life) and based on a true story occurring in Britain, it was submitted to The Oscars as a foreign entrant.

It is a brilliant and superbly true-to-life depiction of how decent parents can have their children unlawfully removed by the authorities - just like that;  and even better, is the depiction of how so many connected with our supposedly ‘welfare’ services are entirely Stalinist in their behaviour. Including sweet schoolteachers and the like. (who may just take against a parent due some inner prejudice - SO SO often the case - i know of many cases where this is still happening). I would have also gone for the nationally 'heroic' doctors and NHS workers, too – they wrongly refer many parents to the SS too!

A superb movie, although terribly depressing.

This message (this post - please share SOON when my kickstarter is here in about a week)

is  aimed at in part guiding you to an ‘antidote’ to this movie.  How to celebrate it not happening to many thousands it may have.

What to DO! (no not ‘campaign’ - don't bother theyre all lost frauds and Facebook etc truly pickled their brains, if they ever had one in the first place)  Although it is a message of REAL life – as many tens of thousands of people experience it every year. Your neighbours, even relations perhaps. 

In early 2004 as somebody who’s name had been in the public domain regarding a child matter, i was approached by many parents like the parents in this film. They knew that i was one person they could trust, as they broke the law in my presence, or via remote communication with me ,and told me their story – all of it. Usually wishing legal help.

Every single parent suffering the worst of injustice, such as this film brilliantly depicts, and every single person connected with the justice system including their own lawyers, and even including campaigners against this Stalinist apocalypse, agreed on one thing: that it was completely illegal - serious gaoltime sanctions! and must never be done, to speak of any detail or even the names of anyone in these cases, to anyone ever except to their own lawyer (as the film shows – always ‘corrupt’). Not even share the injustice with their Member of Parliament. That would include not even sharing the information with someone in their own family who isn’t actually their bed partner. That was the state of play in spring 2004.

Within little more than 18 months, with no legal training, no assistance whatsoever, no money, not even personal help (and as a busy single parent and zoo co-owner with estelle then age 7 ), and in fact only derision, one person, alone, had pushed into the very highest chambers of the legal system (“bullied” actually) with a test case which a few months later almost entirely reversed that situation (in real effect).

No me, no movies like this.

NO ONE ELSE was contemplating taking any legal action at all to reform the categorically default gagging of everyone...(in the mid 00s - i would have heard, in fact the top judges ASKED us if anyone else was as fruitloop as me to try one)

The test case also included  how the first time likely in ALL of British law, the right of the citizen to self publish (these) stories via social media was given the nod by the highest judges in the land. In the film (listen) there was a specific reference  to the absolute danger of using social media to speak out. (which the authorities watch like a hawk - an easy arrest for which they probably get paid a commission too. Just like forced adopting kids for a cut of the cash, which the movie bravely touches on...).

The precedent set  will have been used in other areas of civil law and even to some extent criminal law to ensure better transparency, or as is often said “sunlight is the best disinfectant”. The child issue was always used as a smoke screen to default gag as a convenience to authorities who are useless vested interests.

Games have been played – especially after around 2011 or 12, to once again restrict all this, but you cannot permanently roll back a whole ‘culture’ once a culture has been changed so spectacularly, and with a large amount of senior media celebration. All still google findable.

There will always be parents/ litigants who are aware now and in the future, that from spring 2006 the most senior judges in the land agreed with Simon Clayton that the citizen should have the right to tell the story, almost in full, even in respect of this most difficult area of contemporary life  - child law. It will have been used as precedent in many other areas of law (until me, one would often hear legal discussions such as on the bbc in all areas of society where was stated as the benchmark of 'privacy' across society. Well I think my case eclipsed that).

But this story - of how this came about, is a feel-good story, a happy story, a story that needs to be shared with the world - to encourage future generations to fight their 'cause' no matter what.   

I pushed mine forward DUE great film of the past (especially the great American films of the 50s and 60s on justice etc) inspiring me. 

Please help join a small team to push it forward. No experience of film or media industries required. 

Some administrative or even sales experience most welcome. And especially social media Queens needed – i don’t myself.... just a few hours here and there would be a help.

ALL the story is in a ‘box’  -  has been for years anyone can share it with me  - see anything they want, and try and roll bits out independently of me - without me peering over anyone’s shoulder, either.


In 20 years since 2003 – although, as i like children, and rural life, from 2007ish with large gaps in my awareness-raising work - to live and only attentively parent kids (as this was always so excruciatingly boring as a 'cause') , MANY people  - more female than male, have sucked up to me in conversation or digitally.  Ordinary local good burghers, but also many who have some connection even to media or film or politics, but almost all my middle class friends in places such as Hay-on-Wye : “ ohh how wonderful ...gosh how great.....yadder yadder..” 

But.....NOT ONE has ever ever actually helped in any way.... EVER. And many have intimated they may – even if just be available as a couch for the night if i were travelling to try and blackmail some city based luvvies to take interest; or offer internet use using their dog kennel and extension cable (i lived in hills - internet unusable many years). Or be moral support (dealing with the gatekeepers).

This is known by Narcotics Anonymous as ‘people pleasing’ - almost as serious as being an actual junky. In fact often i wonder if it isn't worse. It has ‘hurt’ me: only in 1000s of hours of my valuable time have been wasted on slightly sucking up to such people. It hurts them more – corrupts their souls...if anyone has a soul left in this island of so sharp elbows (and is the true issue with politics in UK - this same apathy lost us the EU in my very very vote swingy region of half a dozen constituencies)  

So, anyone who deigns to join in my little band of merriest women and men well guess what, i don’t care if you have the worst case of fraudulent pretending-to-be-interested ever – i seen it all before... hundreds of times...(i have a superb memory and remember every cynically wasted second, over near 20 years);  it won’t bother me in the slightest. I have met already the absolute royalty of bullshit lying time wasters – you will not match their talents. Your sins will be as nothing... 

Important footnote: True good minds in the commentariat i would hear around  30 years ago begin to state on the (then good BBC radio 4) “ ohh my, oh my..... the nation is / people are 'dumbing down' ”.    I think a fair critique.

Watch the film above for several key scenes – about ten brave amazing ones , but a very useful one (that explains my occasional ennui) is where the parents are sat at their phone writing notes their kidnapping consultant (oops, lay legal advisor  - NB John Hemming MP advised kidnapping in these circumstances, in the House of Commons around 2007 ish  - you can google) she, the lay legal, is by telephone urgently  advising them on how to defend themselves legally.  The mum taking notes franticly.

From 2004ish i started ten years of part time lay legal advisor role (almost entirely unpaid ) . Not kidnapping consultant as it may have rather caused me issues... but to my huge surprise  i was quite good at it.  

Phone call: “ we are in court tomorrow possible child removal...all unjust...we have proof”  if one actually likes kids its amazing how the pretty good advice would start to flow down the phone line from me to them. Quite a few cases eventually won, or moved back to a more just place. 

... about 2013ish, certainly by 2015  when i had such people calling me – always of course a truly hard matter to deal with – often i would have extreme emotion at the other end of the line, parent in genuine grief already....often a so traumatised parent they had to repeat their story over and over again, and some truly lost ones whom...well...

Anyway something changed around that time: “ok, look, i have already been listening an hour and have my zoo to feed and own child eating my ankle, she is so hungry...i have the story now, or enough for now...... if you just say, or even better email/fax, these few lines now to the judge or your social worker  - in fact write them both always, cc the other always, AND record any calls no matter what! ,  you will achieve a delay or you wish... and then we can try and deal with the thing properly tomorrow..  ..

"so here we go this is what you need to urgently communicate yadder yadder yadder.[ the key lines]..”

“ohh hang on i havent got a pen....or paper”

And often i would be hanging on ten of my extremely precious minutes, my ankle hurting

“oh i cant find any paper..or my pen”

the constant commentary down their phone my if me knowing every corner of the room they must search in, mattered somehow to their... i know not what.

When someone in the pain and horror so well depicted by Ms Moniz cannot THINK before picking up their stupid phone that they are picking it up to ask advice in a complex matter they cannot alone manage, and it is also to them life and death, and THUS having a pen and paper out, BEFORE wasting my precious time.... (as even the most uneducated person would do automatically – since the underclass [or to quote Gladwell “bottom third”] had phones about 50 or 60 years ago!!)......Your society has such bad narcissistic phone personality disorder, there is no hope...none...ever, and i am quite serious and a few years later stopped my lay legal work... because of this.

It is as if the ACT of being seen phoning the slightly famous expert is all their dumbed down sad heads is set to nowadays... no hope....

Truly. I wasted* every second of my thousands of days work on that cause (only for others),  even if many hundreds, likely thousands were SAVED injustice due threat of exposing the Stalinists from 2006, so this film is for the NEXT generation, as i can quite assure you judges will not be running cases telepathically in the future – the law is based on telling your STORY... and a few other little tricks you have to put in writing, which as parents you need to have your children learn here, and now via my movie if we can get it out there...

.... as it is all quite standard - straightforward common sense, and i shall not be ever asking a penny unlike even a famous campaign organisation 4justice i now see on their website want £3000 to ‘run’ your case... and its all they do.... cash in, too.

* = don't tell anyone, but what a silver lining!!!

I still have the same sized waist as i had when i was 16 - fact, due to the many a month not enough to eat - so so so much time wasted on the fakers, no time to earn enough for enough now once again, but the last laugh is on them!! slim is good .... tons more energy than anyone else my age that i know, never mind often being so necessarily rushing around all morning to keep head above water, am superfit!...thank you you utter sad losers.