Friday 17 March 2023

Our Freedom To Speak (working title)

 I am trying to rationalise this load of waffle as follows:

The Kickstarter and any potential partners will be directed in the first instance to 

where today i have started the actual Kickstarter pitch text. I begin a  more coherent write up about this as a real project.  Plus other thoughts on how a film may be practically taken forward.

Here - this site, will remain the home for the 'story' - audios of scenes and  themes to perhaps emphasise in a film.

I shall edit both sites so that they are flipped back and forth - a 'production' brief on the other one back  into here for story indexing.

I waffled most of it into here from a few years ago.

But it needs a far more coherent timeline and index.


IF i can get some sidekicks on board - or some lucky break.... I have been sort of full time on this off and on 6 months...and no income.