Thursday 16 March 2023

Kickstarter LAUNCH

 In a few days

Assuming they allow my pitch

Or someone can just bung us a few grand now to tick over a few months until the full twenty or so grand kickstarter or other funding drive begins in a few months.

Related, indeed timely:

Today, is the day that I heard a very very  rare grown up on the Today program  at 53 minutes in Charles Watson of

(who incidentally, despite v expensive website and celeb endorsement has a typo on line one  even more glaringly illiterate  than mine  "Launched in 2021, River Action is on a mission to rescue Britain’s river [sic] by raising awareness on river pollution and apply pressure on industrial and agricultural producers......"  so gizza break!.... i live off grid )

Charles speaking of how the scrofulous citizenry will have to take the government to COURT because they lie and break their law, in respect of utterly trashing Britain's most 'iconic' river, The Wye.

This case is just that: We the Brits seem to have thought for many decades that a nice word in the nice ear of the nice man  we may meet in the nice gastropub in Hay-on-Wye, or Notting Hill (same thing these days) will magically make nasty   stop building nasty chicken factories all throughout the county.

Nope...sorry... it is well know that the American conglomerate in question many years have been doing dirty politics to expand their factory food operations into the region around the Wye. My daughter swam in every day of most summers for ten years. 2001 loadsa minnows. The kids would be overjoyed at their toes nibbled. By 2010 ish, certainly second part of the 10s, a sterile toxic soup. Due industrial agriculture moving in wholesale to this once fairly pristine rural environment (why I myself moved there 28 years ago)

No, tom toms and fancy dress doesn't work. Nor does a tube of superglue. Big motherfucker legal cases taken out by dedicated hard pressed ordinary citizens against big motherfucker Yank - or Brit, businesses - who are always in league with politicians, or governmental depts.,   is your ONLY way....

And Americans knew this decades ago.... 

It is time UK grew up. And yours truly did by far the biggest David vs Goliath legal case  - AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT!!!

But then.... 


YOU TOO may find you need to go to law one day
as the subjects of Sue Cameron's magnificent book, their great surprise.

And i don't only live off grid (not for much longer) BUT also to get this far I have deliberately relocated in direct line of sight of the only decent cellphone mast...happily in the very very rural fringes, gives me the time and energy to focus on what matters.... 

And I have had enough..... 

'Activism'  - is not telling radio 4 you are one, nor everyone via Facebook. You sufffferrrrrr....

But naturally for years as somewhat plugged in to national 'social policy' i can listen. And am curious as to what the wafflers say. 

Quiet rightly every person speaking about activisting from their armchair upon 'society' points to violence as the greatest sin.

And violence, well, it's a man thing even if it seems the lasses are catching up.

Primarily man upon man, and then every single violated human matters, but it is numerically second: man upon woman.

Every hurt human matters.

But what irks me is there is ONLY one 'solution', and there has only ever been one solution in modern times, be it the trooper pondering lobbing a grenade into a Ukrainian trench, or the argument going frisky in the Kettering kitchen:

If men are around nippers a LOT, and experience loving them, then guess what....99.99% of them.... they learn to modify their behaviour over time so that  they far far more value every human life, of either gender... 

And on the day that Labour and Tory vie for whom is to get the most votes intensively farming out nippers to some childcare factory or other, rather than the parents of both genders have the agenda of supporting each other fully in nipper raising... you have absolutely no hope. As Mr James in the excellent  proved by excellent science, in his most readable 2007 book. Even the journalists of Today, couldn't fail to understand.... Boot your kids out to a nursery age 2 or even 4, so you can afford to buy more bling, you make em crazy, and dangerous.


And let's be clear, 2 Nov 2021   from 21 minutes in, I wasn't the only person to get 'publicity' so as to have my case dealt with justly. As Ellie Yarrow Saunders found.... too.

And we have more here, too

Secrecy in the Court of Protection?

Why are some court hearings kept secret from one of the parties? 

you have far more secrecy in your society than you may imagine


* ....and if you wish to know what a REAL 'wo/man' is, you may learn.

ANYone can superglue themselves to their bicycle lock and enjoy being dragged off to the cells for a night to the beat of their buddies on the tom toms.  And REALLY enjoy their mates buying them mocca cappacinos with snowflakes sprinkled atop - including chocolate ones too to be fully inclusive, in the cafe upon release.

But this is how doing it for REAL is:

May April 2004 absolutely wonderful lovely judge Ray Singh - Wales first black judge,  sends kid back to dad "you parents will make arrangements to resume shared care". One parent tried to ignore him. Poor person...

By about 6 months later this top judge Hedley - Singh's boss (Head of the regional High Court Curcuit), puts in on me this insane gagging injunction (no evidence of actual naughtiness, as the appeal court found 18 months later) 

A secondary matter.

ANy citizen having been told by a senior judge (Singh) that there is nothing to the case (Mayish 2004) , and in fact the case is all but over, but he keeps NOT ending it, may feel miffed ... but no one dare DO anything...

ALL i cared about from the year 2000 was the love between my child and I. It was the only good thing in my life for 10 years.    Every penny ever of my life into her. Only ever going out even to a pub lunch for a decade IF child is with me for her benefit - part of her socialisation and access to the weird things called other humans. No kid around just work, only.

But when Singh blessim hasnt closed off the case winter 2004 - in fat let it run on costing me time money far better spent on ferret food,  stress...

This is what a REAL footstamper does: faxes his boss  - famous often-on-the-BBC High Court Justice Hedley, a long diatribe about how absolutely nazi HIS whole court system is, and his subordinate judge.    The exact word 'nazi' may not have been used but judges can read (unlike every woman i ever went on a provisional internet date with, sadly), when you write VERY long Socratic dialogues against is whole "VENAL" house of cards, they know you actually mean ' you fuckin double Nazi'. This to the man who is BOSS over your case, has the power to issue insane High Court injunctions - and who technically is arguably even in charge of ones only beloved child (any child in any custody case even being technically 'ward of court' during proceedings). Indeed arguably is my child's technical liege 

And this is how it is:  lovely Singh waffles his way once again to not finishing off a standard little case. You go home and on the way driving, ponder " this is just mad - torture...never mind a waste of zillions of taxpayer cash...i SHOULD write up every exaggerated [by me] error in that court these last 6 months  in the fruitiest  real-man language and send it to the top......especially list the cost to mental and financial resources by the absurd  disgracefully unprofessional (not mentioning beloved by me) judge not ending the thing when he has already said there is nothing to it....but i would be daft to... shit they could just swipe my lass from me on some made up minor thong just like that....  god ... what do i do...i cannot do that.... this life as made-up Jesus discovered, is just one damn  crucifixion after another.... i will feel so awful just biting my tongue, i will be eviscerated from the inside for weeks i know that feeling..I will be a zombie..... but there is no other way..."

Two hours later as one is pressing the send button on the three page nuclear fax into Justice Hedley's office.... (they all - lawyers, so called 'activists' tell you you arent allowed to do) ... the bottom of your stomach drops out. You are the man in the Munch. But haven't got the energy left to scream... "what madness have i done.."

And then as the evening progresses (me never even having one anaesthetic beer) the sheer rabbit-in-headlights, fear subsides a little.... But your whole body still hurts. You have no consciousness left to be aware of how tired you are.

And then over the next few days gradually you settle down. You work out inner odds: "60/40 against me that was a really really suicidaly stupid thing to do....but guess what its DONE....  and guess what it was the RIGHT thing to do...

Because it was the truth.

And within a few days it is as if 'bodily justice' has taken over. One knows that one has taken a huge risk, but still, one starts to feel better -  better in fact than if one had left it but still not brilliant. And rationally one knows a terrible risk has been taken that maybe even odds ON will cause some terrible next phase. You dont just blow over one of the very most senior famous High Court judges in Britain with three pages of gossamer fax paper. This is fuck serious... There is no joy.

A year later, when he has lost against me in the Appeal Court (and a few years later when he has lost his job hahhh hahh...only cos of me ) you don't feel like a 'man'; there is no reward. There is no joy. Truth is you have been living just a bit on adrenalin since that fax. No one really knows the story (except a load of old fossil Lord Justices as you copied ALL those rude faxes to Hedley,  right up to the very top, too - the Appeal |Court...against ALL advice ....) No one saw your foolery/bravery.... 

No one was there to hold your hand, or even understood the [non] issues... no one ever will say " well done''

You know all that,  but you also know that becoming a 'man' or 'woman'  is in fact best done when there is no reward, no friend made, nothing but ones self doubt one has gone one knows no one else would be as nuts...

It was a simple choice, be true to yourself, or matter what. And in fact the outcome may well even be up to the angels, or random...

But the fools who speak of cautious advance are wrong. There is only one way: all, or nothing. There is good and bad in this world, and even a child can usually work out which is which.  And becoming a 'man' may not have any reward in any way at that moment, except for one - it does evolve you...there is no other school  that teaches you the real lessons of real life. Its a damn game of chance ...impossible choices...  You wait til one day you meet YOUR Hedley.... you will see.