Wednesday 15 March 2023

'screenplay' 'script'

 Lesley Patterson bough the rights to  All Quiet on The Western Front, chopped it all up, knocked up a screenplay -  in her kitchen....and i am QUITE sure the director they bought in then chopped it up a whole load more... 

(i LOVE it she admits to years of nuclear war with her cowriter...:-) ....

Need some help just knocking SOMEthing up..... mainly because I am so excruciatingly bored doing this by myself. In other words need a FRESH pair of ears or eyes...

write some scenes... chop some stuff up... maybe flip back and forth in time (someone else can write it ALL and have ALL the credit !!!!!!! i know super deep heart-warming heartfelt emotive story...)

ideally a cowriter or co-something, with a half decent internet speed 

ALL day i have been trying to upload the film below  - the last one at the churchyard,,, that upload took a day

Uploading that video to Kickstarter i give up  - at it all day.....


I am the ONLY 'commercial pilot' ever to have handed back my professional license in 1998 -  when my daughter was born. That life (and emissions) is incompatible with raising closely and healthily any child.

Prior that i was a lowly paid mainly bush pilot all over the world though did media (air taxi) work such as Bananarama and me across the north sea (to TOTP) as my first ever commercial was all downhill after that...ending up with me and Iron Maiden one tour....(NO one from the meedia impresses me)

and i was first pilot over Zebrugger ferry disaster  - me and ITV camera crew...scary man.

BUT...from 2000 utterly skint singleparent ALWAYS.

NO family money ever - ever... none... alcoholics piss it all away, always, eventually

In fact calling back to my parents house in a Portuguese holding cell found my father to be in usual alcoholic stupor couldn't even manage to get fax numbers for Home Office.

From 2000  - ok I am literally the chap in the wonderful Captain Fantastic though NO 'manoeuvres' with kids - i am more Steiner, and not as handsome as him,  but bringing lass up ultra close to nature was TOP priority.


small bookshop my daughter would come with me to in hay from 1998-2003 

hardly any 'profit' (she loved working with me there though in fact the customers would buy far more with her around she was SO happy they adored her and their wallets would open far faster days she in, so i am a woman using pimp of course too)

NO, HELP EVER in my life - either in my life at home or this legal work. No help EVER...

No one EVER to come round and help entertain lass if i have a mound of legal mumbojumbo paperwork on the desk...needs to be faxed by dawn

Never.... me and my fax machine, and our stereo so we could at least have some striring music to power me up for yet another absurd battle (dancing with the lass...) 

The most limited home circs ever - always only EXTREMELY old run down rented cottages or farmhouses. No fancy wood deliveries for us - nope - often me and lass at it half the day pulling fallen wood out from woodlands afar and traipsing it all home....

Never in adult life have i had central heating, EVER despite living at 1500' with daughter during this period..

2006 a £300 dented banger ...  rarely had more than a cupful of diesel in it 

LARGE zoo at home for daughter and other kids from region  - no money EVER for anything.... would have to go and nick hay from local sheep feeders..

NO education - self educated via literature in my 20s.... no family links to anything cultural (once i had left)  

Yes... (i worked at times on land - v humble yeoman rates) ...have had to be a bit dodgy with my tax credit applications - ui know what thats like

 (this all cost probably £10 k in running around photocopying etc etc.....and then the TIME.... 5000 hrs i would guess....unpaid...)   

No babysitter ever (one small playgroup for socialisation i would stay at with lass), no nights out ever...all my money i saved to feed in order: lass, zoo, sometimes me...and saved to take her on our fairly frequent (budget with backpack) trips abroad so SHe could see the world....

People often say to me "ewww... you have a posh accent."..well i can't helpit my parents were social climbers...who went bankrupt than god - not a penny left ....I am not... 

I went to local comprehensive in way way out of way hic town....

during this period, no 'contacts', no friends in high places.... nope a bloke mucking along (since 1994) way way out in middle of nowhere - way before Hay became the modern day luv in and when that started i left the area.

ONLY literature had taught me - me alone, as  i had NO friends who ever read decent books: IMAGINE how it should be

And furthermore i had learned from the parenting disaster that the 40's and 50s even 60's generation of selfish weird parents were in UK. Nope - its all or nothing. I chose all. And we dont fuck it up like so many of them did. And GOOD women i knew as friends in my teens and 20s taught me all i know about equality: "Of course you do half the fuckin housework ....or else... breadknives and bollocks for you matey...and no mating either..."

No rich friends even to borrow a tenner from when couldnt afford the fuel for schoolrun

Nothing to sell off (except library collected for lass - no way ever).

and i would not have one second of it all any other way