Friday 24 March 2023

'Stalinism' [and this story] defined, from Russia, today but not in Russia

( FOOTNOTE - boot gob time .... the highly paid bosscracy  who dine with the media gatekeepers, have the last year of ' ohh we gave the people such new wonderful open justice'  been hiding their future gagging in the clever new word "triangulation" they all have just leaned - sounds so good on the wireless! in that every judge, media consultant social worker, all of them on  now is going " tut tut.... if we do release judgements, to parents, and publish as we have been saying we will for years, anonymously, someone may 'triangulate'...we are going to have to be so so careful and see how this 'develops' ..." a better well orchestrated spin operation than all of T Blair and The Kremlin put together - makes me only laugh...... and also reminds me that any 'cause' one has to be prepared to fight it for decades..... "wait for the ricochet "as someone once sang... and in so doing one becomes an actual grown up in a land of Teletubbies )

 In 2004 nobody ever ever was allowed to speak with the telly, or wireless, or newspapers if there was any even smallest legal action ongoing re a child (and they can be ongoing years and years). Except by a curious quirk, one person. Yours truly. Which is a fairly dull story in and of itself. Even if with blood, lots of sweat, and tears. Love affection and true nobility. very filmic!

It is well and truly accepted that for many years, prior that time and also since  that childlaw and it's Ustaše (lets get fully poetical, and not just pick on the Ruskies or Nazis) type  officers, officials, judges, miscellaneous operators, can be extreme baddies.

The film Listen shows so brilliantly how a deaf girl is prevented talking with her mum and dad by  several Ustaše 

I know it is real in that from 2004ish for a decade+ various parents would tell me of a range of variants on that evil behaviour by authorities. And in fact the less seemingly extreme version - years and years of lies and 'gaslighting' of good parents by courts, social services, other parents under oath, does just as much damage to all concerned (including the civilian gaslighters of course - i think even the bible manages to figure hat out) ...and destroys them  from inside, slowly...

 from the Today program, today at 07.20

recorded for my disloyal audience here despite living in the most straightened cirx

we even have a picture of 

Masha Moskaleva... 

her REAL name, not "played by an actress" as the BBC seem to think is just fine, nowadays

Now....this is the court of public opinion. 

Obviously not entirely applicable in UK in the 00s and 10s  ... obviously...unless YOUR child has ben unlawfully kidnapped by the state because of some inane made up madness such as you didn't treat her ingrowing toe nail in accordance with what some "thick" ( to quote a senior one -  my friend Rachel Bramble) social worker, who takes against a parent as they have pacifist views,  and their husband is in the army....(such personal disdain is so often the deep prejudices at root in these things)   and said thick SW just KNOWS that you are abusing the child if not dosing it with Cowpol or sticking officially cariogenic talc up its bum.... 

none of which is as sexy as being a brave (to my approval 100%) pacifist ... but is just as real in LIFElong consequences for all concerned.

Anyway eventually a judge agrees with those parents assuming they are still alive and havent committed slow suicide by  drugs alcohol or  cowpol (scientifically proven to prolong illness)  that evil was done...

But.... nope, you can never ever even put your state abducted child's picture on socials, never mind The Daily Mail half way across the world, in times of 'war'  by the almost opposing side.... (i not thick, Masha has been politicised - such is grown up real life)

someone...only one person.... changed that in 2005-6 ... "sunshine...."  

(even if in 2010  - 2013 13 really, by total accident a new bill got through in the 2010 washout and eventually was stamped, meaning that Masha can be named, now....but not Tasha stolen by the court in say 2015  that stole Lucias nipper as per the film...) 

But yes we all know child law  - though this precedent went on to affect MANY areas of law in theory, is the dullest subject in the world, ever, especially for the media who are not representative of the 96.5% (according to the census) who do not 'identify' as whatever the latest silly word if for not entirely heterosexual, and don't have kids...

But this film if it ever gets made, is about fighting ANY  systemUstaše type behaviour (paid for by YOUR tax cash)  or nastiness, because it is quite extraordinary how all sorts of systems in the UK are yes indeed more  Stalinist than even the land of Stalin, as so beautifully shown in Today, today...

In fact yesterday or the day before something i was listening to did mention this how so so so so much is 'gagged' - financial employment cases...etc..

But it could be any utterly impossible 'cause'  - coppers unlawfully send your new motor the crusher...  you may have to fight....   you fail to intelligently guide and politic your teen kids into the world of drugs - the real version not spoken of in Aftersun,  and  you have to end up suing the university for failing in their 'duty of care' when Camilla slits her wrists in their dorms cos no one intelligently spoke with her about not blaming the maker of the drugs,  as that never ever helps anyone...especially the addict,  as i knew addicts who were addicted to shoe cleaner  - Zoff i believe it was,in my teens,  unless you are advertising on Nan Goldin's social media  wall of Teletubbies. "no, blame it on Zoff! sue zoff.. they knew we liked a snifter of zoff...  so Zoff corp are evil...." god what a joke.... and infantilism defined.

nice schoolteachers sons in middle of rural nowhere...addicted to the 'gateway' drug of zoff in our teens  - it certainly was solvent based back then....  and was a gateway to his, to even my huge surprise, heroin habit later on, despite being superb LSE entrant student blahh blahh

Here today, unless you were lucky enough to follow me in 2006 for my 8 or 9 year 'lacuna' , you would be off to the gulag for just sticking Masha's picture on your wall or whatever they call it these days  .... 

FEELgood about...fighting...maybe just once in your life... even if it ends up as bad for you as the talc is the fight that keeps you alive...if you do it the fun way...

as per my little journey