Thursday 23 March 2023

Kickstarter launch - please ponder

DRAFT - work in progress 

KICSTARTER page - live now Friday 24 March

And i do not ever ever have assistance even by photoshop experts or the like, so at present have my 2 year old picture up there as image for campaign which is far far too narcissistic but i don't know how to....

 however.... this is for a reason, i guess no one will ever know...

As i must get this 20 year albatross off my desk first.

Because much of what i share has double meanings and other levels.... and stings in the tale... (noyt a typo) 

And that photo is really what it is about: when i never dared for a year, to point the finger -  by name at a TRUE genocidere in my region, who also took public money to speak on the environment, while burying alive young badgers  in by FAR the largest badger set for many a mile, way up in the hills, no harm to anyone, July 2020, that same summer '21,  a few locals said silly things to me,  one  - the best woman ever, she apologised, but it in fact spurred me on "why am i so coy?.... people write nonsense, think nonsense...  I couldnt give a shit... but the reality is even I am afraid due likely violence upon my person by his contractors after they get maybe questioned by the fuzz, to speak in my region, of that most heinous crime against nature i have ever seen - and have film of - guaranteed half a page front of Torygraph if i did name the names... and they got their rightful 6 months porridge... nope... speak, all the way..[and then none of the usual suspects - middle class Guardian Readers who have their Facebook walls crammed full of 'I HEART nature'... even answered nicely hand written letters, hand delivered,  about joining me in the cause a week later they were fuming over to my face!!!] ... telling the all we have so often...bearing witness... "

Even if i am rather good as undercover something or other and just a few months later, upon the hill me and him sat looking at the sunset, my recorder on in my pocket...

"why though..? i walk that area for years... there were half a dozen miserable trees growing in the whole 500 sq m that was that massive set... no trouble to man, dog, or cow the nearest a mile away.. why?  ... I mean you and your Missus, you man the Extinction Rebellion stall, most worthily, making sure everyone and their dog SEES you........we see rather often?"

" [half an hour squirming as only faux aristos can] well  ...ok i concede there may have been one or two still alive down there in the burrows...[he buried them alive in with his jcbs]" 

But months on, i concluded, he isn't worth the trouble (and threat to my own person) ... yet another horror story of cant and vanity, and falsity,  on the front of even his Torygraph, does nothing to... (be continued)

except it reminded me the CULTURE of not speaking out, always, is still the true, real, problem...and it has gone backwards since the 'crises' where everyone fearful of pissing off their landlord, bank manager, local pub owner...whatever; and whatever there may be to guide the citizen into remembering that they are only citizens because earlier peoples died for the right to speak, truth to power... 

Anyway hmmm... maybe this would be better ?

   though the broadsheets of course carry more weight, never mind this matter never being some saucy scandal and their salaciousness is just silly, and anyway a toe rag of a rag like the County Times - some call a 'national' newspaper, were in fact the only one ever to be a bit snide... and proven wrong  - especially when in 2009 alone i defended the thing, fully against Jack Straw 

Now....this one on the other hand....hmmm?

hmmm... a perfect example of..(if you knew this story). what the problem became....

I do not know if at this stage it shows the main page of one's begging bowl.

This post has been updated to show the approved text soon to go live


And any interim help welcome  - just sub some living expenses  - yet again, as has been the case for so many months at a time, sometimes years at a time,  in the last  20 years, i have spent all my time on this the last 6 months (and a month to just figure Kickstarter etc) and no opportunity to earn a crust, down to crusts - keeps you young though so the last laugh is on me..

I don't use social media myself, so just hustling maybe-friends who do to spread this out a bit, and pondering other ways of getting attention, literally takes ALL my time and energy from dawn every day.

But guess what, it has ALWAYS been ones own 'side' who are the very most exhausting of all (i refer to no one in the last 3 years yooze all innocent), and i am so tough it's daft, but at times flat dead exhausted, by: the endless seemingly interested interest in general issues of 'justice' fairness etc., one encounters face to face (i never ever live online),  one notes this, registers that person as possible useful ally one day,  even if just for a lift, car broken down again due happy penury :-) but come the day - even if a few days later, it is a miracle if they even answer a text; and they NEVER remember the half hour conversation they had with you nodding in passionate agreement at the  baddies being baddies

BEST by far 

Virgin bank Account name Mr S A Clayton

 sort: 82-61-39

account 00416711

or paypal @simonclayton2021

or if paypal still does payment direct to emails, new one is the primary email

in the paypal account

I shall try to be as concise as possible.

Though in fact the first stage is to have an extremely modestly  paid week or so with a  computer writing out things far more concisely. Better website design of course, etc.. 

This "revolutionary" legal Freedom to TELL STORIES  development was achieved by riskily facing down the bossocracy - many with power to send one to the tower (or abduct ones child for the rest of life - a worse fate as James Munby  - then a Lord Justice, neigh becoming a Sir, beautifully wrote FOR me in late 2005 in 'his' public Thomas Paine style treatise  for this case even if officially he was on the side of the 'enemy' who paid his Lord Justices wages - me against the government . A beautiful human being, with a soul). 

Firstly i do not cheat. And am not a wrecker. And my own Thomas Paine style response to Munby + co was well written under extreme stress at the time. I can write.... however a vein of gentle sardonicism, or playful irony  became my style over the years...or it all gets so boring it makes you ill. Which i must be as i know that gentle ironic  sardonic lampooning doesnt work via your so one dimensional screens and  digitals...  but....who knows.

Kickstarter is an 'all or nothing' system.

And if it supported George Galloway as just one example to make a documentary about arguably one of the most damaging  politicians ever to wider society, who did his masterclass on spin,  that is a valiant 'cause'. 

They take around 8%. They need to make a living. That isn't a crime...

Now of course one would love to cut through years of waffle and three more kickstarter 'campaigns'  each wasting a week of my life,  to fund stages of the thing, and simply find ones Kickstarter is fully funded and 10 million quid is in there, tomorrow morning at 5.20am.   Hire Julia as Erin Brockovic body double consultant... (showing my age now... ) ....  or take my Portuguese 'love interest' for a proper cup of strong black Portuguese coffee  which i am sure costs 20 quid in London these days.

So what all or nothing means is say you are the only decent person on the planet who cares about parents and kids being tortured (loads on wireless 4chan Today -  mothers TELLING THEIR STORIES of their kids being stolen in late 70s..) and sold your London dog kennel to help,  and put in all the profits of £6,999 into my KS, and no one else even subbed a quid.  your money would still safely be your money. And your time to put your credit card number in, wasted... a crime! It is the WASTED  - decent peoples time (by their own 'side' but dont tell anyone that or tpeople get upset - people dont like actual truth i long ago knew, especially if they may be part of it) i have realised over the years is the actual reason the bossocracy can be playfully fascist-lite with impunity)

So, i have to get 'promoting' to many which is hard as i don't use social media. Thus will have to write propper letters and things like that.


All said and done, obviously there is an intelligent approach.  especially as there are several genuine aspects to Kickstarter. If a project were seen as very well supported or well OVER subscribed, then i am quite sure Hollywood has elves monitoring it for interesting projects. And of course it also gives one credibility. 

However quite obviously if you want to bung in half a million it would be very daft to waste 8% on a tech firm. Who of course deserve something. I am a PURE communitarian. And know what it means.

So, intelligent 'giving'  is necessary. I am in fact a bit 'lost' as the rules clearly state no financial partners to be sought yet i have one i found blatantly states "investment partner sought". I haven't got time to suss out the politics of what one can hustle ...and I am creative. Half the time. Love being in the poetical zone. All inter netting steals creative juices..always...

In short, a good wedge needs to go into Kickstarter, even if i don't even expect 99p - if it said "30 thousand quid,  successful campaign" that is fair - decent payment to KS, but any seriously larger wedge, of course,  would have to come directly. 

  And be shown on (published) bank statements if a donor wished that. 

(hahh hahh i was right! nope....dont go Tik tok... stay  Youtube... (with backup on the more free speech platforms just in case) .  the way 'justice' (just theatre and politics) works...quite seriously, is it gets announced on The Today program first...months in advance...  as in today

" hmmm... these Chinese and their data operation.... go large on Congress being anti Tik Tok... . wait a few months and we too will - as per Huawei, subtly, slowly... more or less block them, too..") 


To BE CONT......