Friday 28 April 2023

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Good page around that time on the 2020 film Listen, which shows in an oscar entrant film the true evil of your bureaucracy in respect of even middle class decent families and children.

Here is contact /summary page from 28 March

 In fact ....DO....come back.

I most deliberately live a life of real rather poignant living,  sublime (the proper intellectual/ SLIGHTLY metaphysical, version of that word - and as 15 years ago i loosely worked with a sadly snotty  fraud, of an Oxford fellow, who was working on the 'GREAT' book on defining what it is... i know my stuff... in fact i leapfrogged over the now dead J Babb... though in his last statement to me about 5 years ago he stated  "it...recreates itself every day"  and Babb was ot a pixie/hippy...always dressed in brogues and a posh waistcoat... and pretended to care about kids.... huhhh hmmmmm...) 

Because, there will in time be versions of this. Which to the unliterary - i.e. now the great mass whom cannot (in her large posh bookshop a few days ago), even have a truly intellectual simple chat about Bella Mackie's superb satire...    (which is your real 'woke' or "you CANNOT say that [though Bella had written it! and her dad is Rushbridger who i knew quite well in the past - a regular customer in y bookshop - and my my wat naff taste!!  - and she THRICE attacks him in print! FINE woman !!] " or just pathetic preciousness)

Because there are i guess a yes a few versions.

One rather sublime...

And i have been writing that version elsewhere 5+years...

Maybe soon a real merger ay take place.

Poetry - of the GOOD  variety - no most modern self pitying garbage is not,  woven in with some surprisingly frank ree speech, about that which others dare not truly discuss - all our utter cant and vanities. I love studying mine...  and although i am neither gay or black - as this man introduced himself, ALLOWING him to then say "i am a free speech absolutist"

which of course only TAKES from what free speech is FOR - for ever - truth to tyrannical or just cruel power,  that for example taunts old ladies in care homes - we hear yesterday  - we hear him taunt her, and we then hear "her family decided to wave anonymity so the story can be told...and fuckin disgusting people can be in this country paid by YOUR taxpayer money, to care for sick old women.."

i think my point has been made rather well....

but i also write poetry...and am good on being better than Thoreau...

Soon it is time, all gradually crawls out from under a happy rock...