Tuesday 28 March 2023

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Despite  this case opening up at highest judicial level the rights of the citizen to use social media to tell terrible stories, i have not used it for years... and thus have no friends to pester to put it on their wall. Anyone who can even social media roll this out would be helping a lot. Thank you 

PS  - as a longtime 'campaigner' of sorts we dont stand on ceremony. 

ALL hand on deck, means that, anyone who can use a phone and has a week to spare and wants to push in: "ehhup chuck I am coming to park up at your local campsite and get hustling with you.." would be great. One gets so bored hustling alone. And ACTUAL 'activists'  don't prissy around and wait for invitations .. they just do stuff.

Anyone in the slightest doubt about how unpleasant the sweet little two faced Stalinist state, AND its minions (on gold plated pensions all so smiley) can behave towards the citizen should read the post below on the big feature film with superb starlet acting,  Listen.  Not much gets to me. I did quite a few legal cases post 2005 assisting mums being Stalinisted... but that film i only saw a month ago really does HAUNT me still - and i know it is 100% accurate - so superbly brought to life (the pro 'kidnaping' movie!! - not that one condones such behaviour, this site only condones legal fightback) . So you don't have to bother yet. Just take it from me....

And this kind of behaviour you may encounter not just in 'child services' but maybe  in the old folks home, mental health 'system', or even old doggie 'care' home who decide yours if for the knackers, when in fact it may just have a cancer which will drop off as nature intended (as was the case with our ferrets 2013 ish). where they lock all away from the sunlight for years sometimes quite unjustly... 


 This pile of bones has in fact been 13 years in the plotting - longer really. Not in fact in any way inspired or precipitated by any events  at all after 2006.  I have no axe to grind.

one broken old laptop, broken keyboard, loadsa typos still to fix.....soon

And if this film gets made it is truly the objective to show that ANY citizen may have a go fighting her or his 'cause'  whatever it is  -  should sometimes.   It is what democracy is based on. Maybe just once in a lifetime, try and give it (back) to the 'man'...

 Especially as there is so little trust in the political processes. So, yes, go to court if you have a REAL cause  - not Ms Paltrow's paltry grievance, but one that MATTERS. You have little else ... few other real avenues.  And you may even have fun while you give it a go... you will certainly learn a lot. I was a wobbling nervy shy person 2003 who had never spoken to more than 3 people at once,  ever -  utterly impossible for me to do so.....until, i had to for something more important than my own social 'anxiety'... and within a year is a tv slut extraordinaire... even if once hahh i i used the  paid for petrol cash  to the big smoke for nefarious reasons... and had my first ever wander around Kew..

It is merely a case of knowing over the years the hall of mirrors,  littered with Narnia skins one may slip up on, leading to Alice's wardrobe where they sell fake overpriced  looking glasses, in places like Glastonbury (i am purist and have never been to, no money could make me) or Hay-on-Wye,   that is UK society, law, journalism - the real version. But just sticking with British 'society', hmm what is useful?

And is it useful to push forward an inspiring how to give it to the man  'event' , nowadays far more likely to be a woman if dealing with Stalinist child services - which includes school teachers and their like, is a utilitarian hood. Is it any use? Or does one just turn oneself into a non fungible token perhaps?

I have waxed and waned over the years, but as of 3 years ago concluded yes. Even if other 'publicity drives' in the past  always end up, as now, in malnutrition. Months lost to it - this one i 'understand' - Brits are terrified of ANYthing real...unless it happens to them... but several times the last decade megga 'drives' - all face to face,  on truly pukka environmental initiatives - last year one dreamt up by local Libdem lady candidate, a great one....  me her emissiary, but the utter gutwrenching waste of time by all the 'people pleasers' to ones face " yea wow... high five on that...[the middle class version]as you say ALL our rivers down the whole Marches are truly fuckerated.... "  but they never answer their emails or texts either...  why the environment is actually fuckerated. I do have a splendid 'chronicle' of those phases.... unequivocally slander immune. As there is rather a lot of actual evidence. 

And certainly there are deep 'political' matters within that are almost unequivocal: As we know UK has decade long 'productivity' issues. Well this little nugget (05-6) has saved millions in productivity. Many millions. For women in two respects, firstly in that if post divorce care is shared - which means no not fancy words, pretty much HALF the time, then the productivity of the female in the equation goes up; but the true 'saving' of  productivity is in the intangible fait accomplis hurt, at first, and then one gets used to them... often in a remarkably short time. This was not the first shared care by default case - though very few were even known of, and CAFCASS for example in 2004 said to my face in court they "dont believe in shared care". well he lost his job, too... but go tothe judges letter a few weeks ago (read out on radio 4 and recorded and posted here ) it is obvious that as far as the judge was concerned alternate weeks is absolutely the 'default'.   And this case was the first to be publicised and also WITHIN the legal system  - i.e.their journals, reprinted in FULL as it clearly was the new norm, sort of...

And that matters, as many mothers (and maybe those egged on by jealous new partners) mayfigt for EArs to 'retain' more than half...  (so as to also keep all tax credits for example but of curse we never say that) ... Their fight utterly hollows them out  - they lose productivity, as do many others sucked in... for years.. so the fait accompli of 'nothing to fight about' is  so so healthy, saves the exchequer a fortune, and the NHS - as the damage these loose ends does to society is immeasurable. And that is before the health cost to the nation is measured.

But what such a megga profile case is about more than anything is the judges SENDING A SIGNAL - as to what they REALLY want ..in their fiefdom.

Take the James Munby paper ( late 2005 - hmm i thought my copy was in my emails looks like not if anyone has a copy and sends it in my t will save me half a day going through papers), Munby is clearly saying quite rightly in fab Thomas Paine enlightened penmanship "look you lot...you are weilding the ULIMATE awful power over the citizen...us it very very carefully, or this Clayton scruff and his pesky Clayton openness may just one day have your name in the papers if YOU are a bastard.. and unjustly on no proper evidence  cause parents to lose kids "

He was using it as a platform to 'politic' within his own 'institutions'    

Arguably this "revolution" to quote Sophia Cannon - see media page, has saved the country many millions, (even if i know it is I know full well MULTIPLE 100s of million...quid...as there has never been a case that pushed more, so publicly: mediation, "Parenting plan" s  - BOTH of which became default within the system at hearing #1 by early 10s, before we even start on "watch it... injustices may get exposed" which will have saved millions and millions more...

In other words Whitehall really should bung in a bit.... and pigs may fly..... bet they would if Cameron was still in charge as he said there should be fewer adoption  cases and as he had his disabled child one felt one actually could believe him 

This matter saved you the taxpayer many many million quid, so they could buy even more tanks and bombs and depleted uranium ..

So a few years ago pondering, and as it happened that coincided with the time in life I only ever smile at any distant memories from 2003 to 6...  so, it is not in any way depressing or even tiring to rattle out the story of then. In which case, being I am at the age where i could drop dead just like that, maybe i have a responsibility to others  to try and get this little story out.  I know ultimately it was a fine thing to do - for society at large.

At one end of the spectrum we have all sorts of parents at war for years over nothing, but ego, and retrograde attitudes to child care etc..

And at another the MP told parents to scarper if social services were possibly beginning ay action


We have the BBC Panorama  last May

(though this has always been a NATIONAL matter) 


(on youtube now)

Panorama Protecting Our Children A Balancing Act 

Showing the baddies, can be really really bad ...(the Liberal Democrat office in that city tell me after the Panorama hundreds came forward with their own dossiers of Stalinist action against parents by the local child services).

ONLY openness and 'transparency' assists justice - especially of this nature.  Even if in my own case 2005 I was prevented by his Lord of Nutjobness to 'remark' on a case he himself had publicly put out an extremely rare public  judgement stating it was a "REMARKable" ending - and he meant how the truly useful Parenting Agreement template created that day - USEFUL to others, came about... as  ended up being the case.

Which incidentally wasn't the 'good practice' these types endlessly go on about needing to show the public, on your tax payer huge pensions, because   nope a battle to the absolute death from 2002 as to how disastrous their 'practice' is especially as the conclusion of the case was exactly what i told a court in autumn 2002 it had been (shared care) and should remain was all that happened... it would have happened rather more quickly with a few good nuggets to advice to parents who use kids as weapons, lie, etc.,... "don't" ! as we have known for decades and decades... 

In other words a symbol of a peaceful righteous conclusion to the usual nasties... that did become "template" to quote the judge who said it should be, while gagging me from talking about the template 

That is of course ancient history, but what is not is how few i ever hear speaking in a relaxed fashion about fighting their cause... understanding simplest technique of the soul (you will have to watch the movie hahhhahh)

And also - i have studied at great length from mid 2010s, how few good films there are about doing just that. 


(work in progress) - references to quick essays written here the last few months. Links later

-not a dry legal drama, loads of love, blood, sweat, tears, even a bit of death...in the story, ands  a how to do it  - it may have 'legs', on the screen, as they say. Far less boring than the otherwise excellent Erin Brockovich

- a highest level test case on the principle of openness and transparency improving ALL justice. Using a child case as the hardest scenario, it was established openness TRUMPS even the 'hardest cases' and in time this new culture heralded would have trickled through into  any case where  the authorities or vested interests attempt to silence the citizen - far more common than you may assume, in all areas of society from cases of  medical issues (including malpractice), old people, business, all sorts of law where non disclosure or banning whistlblowing may be a strategy of the powerful...  

- the first time social media (just kicking off 2006) was 'tested' at the very highest judicial level, as a proper avenue the citizen may tell their TRUE story of injustice or unfairness. 

-  why best antidote  - i argue ONLY one in the log run, to any male violence, is by encouraging / facilitating men spending LOADS of time with younger children. Be it in the backstreets of Birmingham or front lines of  some sad little war (and those in power who promote it - in ANY society).

- feminism is full equality in ALL  - which includes gaining any advance to fullest equality by moral means,  and maybe the worst offenders being equally chastised (makes me very very sad all the lies - as i like women)

- when running a 'cause'  - sorry it is the depressing bit, the greatest issue - leading to exhaustion, mental drain, is how ones OWN 'SIDE' are so damn useless - 'people pleasing', undermining,  fake promises, fake this and that and ENDLESSLY going off on tangents (fulfilling their own neurotic need for self determination)  when asking people nicely what they think of any core 'issue'.  Except a couple who didn't do that.

- the ultimate USEFULL  pro people-of colour stories within. Black lives matter, cos you need to have the option to chose one as a cellmate. AND subconscious prejudice so well shown in a story about my ..assumptions...  until i got to know the dark skinned 'soap man', was the most beautiful intelligent and honourable soul ever met. 

- a boost to the Portuguese economy by billions in goodwill once their people shown as the best in Europe...


So, being some fool has gone and made me look foolish, as i really expected this route to not be  trusted or not understood (as industry approved )  and remain at 0 pledges 0 money for the full 30days of the 'campaign'  (show a good one at this stage - maybe even double subscribed - popular backing, which becomes part of the next PR stage "look....we  had this backed properly - look, three times what asked for !!! the people are on side !! ... right we need half a mil to get really on with this and also have leverage to partner with the big boys)


And bunged in £500 - why won't people do what is expected !!!! and entirely ignore one, which for 13 years  i write quite good poetry about and am utterly used to.... despite several quite good spurts at other times to  begin to roll this out.... but not all the way, as i decided last autumn, must happen or i am a self pitying fake, too 

please note Kickstarter is a truly pukka major funding source i don't think has had any scandal.

There are  many thousands of films up for funding, search here https://www.kickstarter.com/discover/advanced?category_id=11&sort=most_funded&seed=2800052&page=1

professionally created campaigns have reached up to $40 million in one Kickstarter funding drive (though i dont have any of the skills or network to begin to reach enough backers at present) 

What really needs to happen is as follows - 13 years, obvious and all plans are in my head for most of that time. 

A few grand at least now, ideally 10+, purpose:

1. pay assistant - the one i want, to start a bit of film script draft (she has already written one thats very good). Or maybe just hold the camera  - cos everyone these days with a fine mind, as she has is just so "busy busy busy..." being on the hamster wheel, and even pretend nice people dont get out of bed for less than 500 quid... hold the camera as i go and chat with some Portuguese...

2. pay for the umblest  living and vehicle expenses ever - i have only owned one vehicle worth more than £300 in 35 years, and that was once buying a £1500 camper van, 25 years ago....

And buy some time - figure how to build a little  PR scheme  - encourage a few more to put cash into the Kickstarter,  figure a few 'rewards' etc etc... whist hustling the gatekeepers to the 'creative industries' : "look...some interest... need some professionals to at least begin discussions... letters of intent etc etc.." 

And as usual for 19 years i live on £100 a week in a good week... 

I don't know how the true profs 'game' the system. Do they say to their friends " bung a grand into my Kickstarter, make it look good... I will pay you back if i get financed fully" i have no idea.  And all i know is anyone will forever be able to access my won bank account statements or the like unless for some weird reason someone expressly wished anonymity. I have to keep to 'deals'...

 I shall try and create a simplest user friendly links to most relevant videos etc here 

Meanwhile, 19 years living on fresh air, one does learn one thing: prioritise time into what just may help one to  buy the one greatest luxury: time to do this properly,  and an organised efficient little  rabbit hutch to run it from

 Any help  - a bit here, or there and above all urgent operating costs meaning my broken down vehicle (current office, unheated all this last very cold winter)  may be crushed in a  few days if i cannot pay for it to be moved, and stored, or even fixed, so a bit here, and a  bit in the Kickstarter 

My ONLY purpose in life for 9 mths just gone is attempting to encourage a few who may have film skills to take interest, and it has been hard...very...but maybe the pandemic really really is ancient history maybe people will be a bit more ready for something next, NOW...

But obviously - making a film, or hustling to have larger (equity) partners make a film, is just a business, and a few trusted hire-in freelance assistants ASAP for at least a  few months to work on taking it forward  and having a professional setup up and running in a few months  - £10 thousand for that alone, £20 thou really... is obviously real step 1. .......

.....If by some miracle the thing was oversubscribed, or extremely well funded early on.

I forgot to mention (lost in the terms and conditions of chummy goodwill funding sites - almost suggesting the pixies will magic things up, rather than demand equity for even looking at ones 'campaign' )

REAL LIFE:   ... LOANS....  business.....loans.... limited companies, shares, and all that....  all quite simple if one has a grand to pay some accountant to draw up all the paperwork....

And i will sup with any 'devil' or her accountant or lawyer, to get a straightforward  jolly good romp forward... oh yes in the waffle, part Shawshank (too pious really)  etc... far more MONTY PYTHON.... some good Life of Brian lines in it too, especially when i met Angel Kirk QC..." ahhhh...i see those brown stains on your fingers... maybe you are a human being, yes i think we can talk...like humans at last"

loans, mortgages on my one living adored ferret, whatever:

BEST by far 

Virgin bank Account name Mr S A Clayton

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or if paypal still does payment direct to emails, new one

giveittothemanproductions@gmail.com is the primary email

in the paypal account

And a chunk in the kickstarter too as they earn their 5% + 3% to credit card companies, as 'credibility' and PR for future funding attempts. 

PHONE best.. from 6am 7days 

07958 five two six 381

+44 7958 ...from abroad

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