Saturday 6 May 2023

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the LAST!!

The last bleedin pennies i shall ever spend on   (stated with gentle sardonicism) what is the greatest ever car crash in history - meaning this work, over 7 or 8 years was ONLY about simple obvious behaviours in parents  - AND the Stalinist authorities who may need to 'help' them reach 'soft landing' so that the children - be they in separating families, separated, or  from the many thousands who need more serious proactive work, monitoring, achieve HELATHY PSYCHOLOGICA ENVIRONMENTS, When young. 

Why car crash? because the simplest so many decades known of rules, approaches - things like never ever speak ill of a parent around a child, and if some constructive criticism is required to explain things such as "mum is a hopeless junky, why she cannot have you at the weekend" the correct way of saying that is

 " mum, like millions of others in the west, sadly got infected with affluenza, though she like all the rest is in denial of it due our appalling education   which didn't thrash her until she had read and taken in every word of Madame Bovary - as its all there... nothing new in affluenza... and then this whole generation of fake therapists and 'wellness' witch doctors Houellebecq so brilliantly described with their cults and mumbo jumbo on an expensive yoga mat [ which require MONEY to afford - and of course they rip folk off as rip-folk-off as charmingly as possible]  in his earlier novels, infected the world with their 'people pleasing' [as bad as hard drugs], selfish bullshit, healing wellness remedies the whole load of snake oil mixed up in one big cauldron of vile puke... that doesnt WORK....

"so mum cannot get better, we wont think she is a horrid witch, even if at times she behaves like one.... and witches never existed so we better just call her ill.... and we will do our best to fit your time with her around her illness... " 

But even more part of that: the BODY LANGUAGE too, must say, exactly that: she is not a mad evil nutjob, it s not her matter what her behaviour... and at the same time real good things about her should be part of that simplest obvious sane narrative, such as (not that this is ever possible - but lets pretend) " we both had natural stress when we separated, natural simple angst, because you were conceived in sort of love...  and one greatest possible thing about your mum, is that when we had to speak to make arrangements about who might get the dog, or ferret, or a share of the car,  she made a rule we would never ever speak of these things, when we may get a bit tense with each other, as everyone else does, within your earshot... so for a lost junky on hemlock, the cup is half full... "

Just ONE person having that  notion stuck up their jaxi  with a poison tipped spear  such that they find a real REMEDY - because if you fail in the above, it is poison to the child's soul for the rest of life, would be worthwhile. 

I need a new writing base first.... as my whole region is now ONLY full of the ones out of Houellebeqc...

thing is...i have A COWRITER. At last.  - not about these remedies which this case tried to show as essential , but at least rather good on the utter dystopia all this false therapy/healing/ karmic bullshit,  total cant and vanity, which the modern day....

..........i shall not call them 'expert'....  because 'parental alienation' as in above, they cannot even define. ANY words or actions or BODY LANGUAGE that do not give a reasonably intelligent  picture of the other parent as just a poor soul doing her best,  99.9%  of them 'safe',  and help a child understand the other parents simplest issues in a  non judgemental way and MEANING it via the body language,  is 'parental alienation'.  Which means that 99.999% of parents in Uk now do it. I know this. I have seen it arise over 20 or even 30 years. So the idea that even Catherine Meyer Baroness Bullshit, goes on Womans Hour a few years ago to make HERSELF look good - trying to bring in a  law about this - so so moaning and idiotically opining, which EVERY person that ever goes near a court will now accuse the other parent of breaking, and if they do they will technically  be correct, is insanity

And not answering my letter, pointing this out, nicely -i have a long and superb memory....

Is not forgotten either.