Saturday 3 June 2023

Bulmers, times two

 Two branches own huge swathes of East Powys and Herefordshire..

25 years ago the truly evil behaviour of  the later branch caused the Esti and dad debacle... they lied when they said they would LOVE a child to be born in their cottage.. next day preparing the eviction notice - no kids in our land...

i interviewed heir slave the other day about just how dodgy they are..

and have so much dirt on the other branch is....funny

(all recorded and filmed over a decade)

he pretends o be eco saviour....

time to "test case"  (see round 1 appealing High Court - permission to appeal, highest judge in division say "time for a little test case wehinks.."Greg... means it will become automatically de facto law in effect...... ) some other law....

on writing.

All help practical or fiscal grateful for...  (no one ever effect)

see bit further down he page for phone etc