Saturday 3 June 2023

project (and 'Christian' sexist piggery)

 This site will be used over the next few weeks to begin to publish - film, audio and other material, criminal and also, maybe more importantly, extremely cynical acts against the environment in the region from Hay-on-Wye, along the Wye, Kington along the Arrow, Presteigne and then the Clun area and also around East Powys.

20 years i have been active as environmentalist. It all started you could say when the most superb natural wildflower meadow around the Warren at Hay was cynically destroyed in 2001. The warden of that wildflower reserve, Alan killed himself a few years later he was so distressed

Fifteen years i have photographed and filmed these acts, ten years for protection i have always had audio recorder on all day. This latter resource tells a story of the absolute nuclear fickleness among official (such as the environmental spokesperson for a county, and official elected representatives) and unofficial 'environmentalist' people in the area. The latter group - the word 'fickle' would be an understatement. Endless false support and interest. It is default " i will be your buddy a bit in project x" and then all that happens is years of being undermined, ghosted, cynically argued with. They ALL also debate by going off on tangents.

THE RIVERS ALL DIED... that is not a tangent. There are only human reasons for this - the main one being the self appointed good people of the region - those who arrived with money and smiles, and appeared to take an interest in their environments, simply did nothing except waste the time of those doing something, with false 'friendship' and fake interest.

And then smugly bask in some utterly false (city people) tourist or other gathering in the region such as Hay Festival "ohh you are so wonderful for living in this wonderful region" their city rich visitors will tell them gathered at their country house..

When fact, roughly double the occupants of the region in 20years(per shitpipe)  meant that the extremely fickle systems to deal with their crap could no longer cope, without real change - real politics. needs LAW to protect environments, and every single one of these arrivals are far far far too 'good' to get involved in that of course..... they gather to lament environments destroyed, yet never ever do a thing... (always too busy back and forth to London or abroad to go to the planning meetings which may have put some halt to the chicken shed expansion making the whole region THE MOST intensively factory farmed region of Britain. When 25 years ago it was the LEAST..

I have had for 3 years a dedicated secret (no names, not pushed) website where i began to build some of the story of the actual fake environmentally aware, and 'active'  - and it has some of the least bad eco crimes - around Kington, logged with pictures.
I have to leave the region forever to start to fil in the names on that site...soon... because that is the truer story - out of a Victorian novel, a good one - show up the hypocrisies of a region, and smiley good burghers one has known my they stab with sharp knives behind ones back... and whilst i am meekest person going - lots of time being smallholder last 20 years, and above all single parent for 13... they utterly hate me the most as they know i MEAN it when i say i will do my best to effect change... they know no one else does.

All assistance welcome...

see below for how to help a bit...

or at least how in the near future you may find stories here and other sites through this page... YOUR CHILDREN need to know... because it is you - age 40-70 now.... allowed their environment to be truly fucked and changed into Surrey...even here..

And i have for 15 years made sure i kept the fullest proper record of how the people.. the ordinary people..let that happen. And you have as good as The Lord of The Flies.. here, too... the allegory is not as far fetched as you may think. I know my literature.

Ohh and then there are a few little stings in the tale

You could say in a way i have almost been 'undercover'  - initially via a  woman  i rescued a decade ago, within various USA backed Christian groups in the region.

25 years ago there was NO USA backed religion in the region. By 5 years ago the rise of the Mennonites, JWS, Seventh days, Mormons,  'Freedom' meggadisco churches... was phenomenal. One is free to chose ones own sky fairy of course...

Though i purport that the way post brexit clearly these USA backed churches get far far far more visas to come and spread their pollution, is a thing...

but what is my real 'thing' is especially within a couple of those 'churches'..i have 50+ hours of recordings showing how 100% brainwashed THEIR women are brainwashed into thinking they are the EQUAL of the 'elders' ion their churches. 

It is extraordinary...Huxleys soma has nothing on the modern day brainwashing in the (regionally MASSIVE) JW cult.. but that sounds mean... what is not mean is i know very well a famous English  lady vicar in one Welsh town..

Compare and contrast her REAL equality... she is boss of 25 churches and her husband official atheist... truly equal couple.

Compare them to my many USA backed (they brought TRUMP to power the USA semi and full evangelicals) .. so called Christian religions that actually DOMINATE this region - especially in money terms. New Kingdom Hall in Talgarth .. etc etc.. and major landholdings..

That is your real Marches..a march back to the fuckin stone age.. and a LOT of power dribbling in via USA deathcult religious investment  and 'soft power'..

my chronicles on this i know are unique.... i have half a dozen pretty good  female 'friends' many years, suck in these cults...many recorded chats with them.. proving they are not even aware of the (as LEGALLY defined) true sexist piggery imbalance in their churches - the USA backed ones... except for one...once..  

to be continued

that is going to be REAL fun....

A whole book in that day

ohh...and i study for years various 'intellectuals.'    

In a recent Sam Harris (dodgy sad little fool, thinks psychedelics reveal inner truths so many will parrot in places like Hay...) podcast he refers to a 'social contract' being we dont  record stuff...


even a Tory rightly in radio 4 Any Questions last night speaks of 'false allegations' UK is world centre of it. One must take ..precautions... 

As even a churchwarden i know very well told me a year ago her family (of 4 daughters) had been subject to... really nasty ones. Yes...even here - her church in the sweetest little backwater ever... by Knighton.

and for a while..a few years back, i worked for the wildlife copper of one county...not nearby - a mission away.. i had so looked forward to working in their little paradise - looking after their land...... he would tell me of the false allegations that would come in to his parochial copshop day after day after day...  (me even sadder at the ecocrimes i had to commit on his behalf... albeit smallish ones...for my wages... but we can't refer to them as ... toughguy - armed...)

But then also, when even the Antarctica has eau de microplastic...and the Hay Festival a decade back was conning the peeps it was recycling everything - my mate in charge of it...all going to landfill or Malaysia... there is no more privo ponce 'social contract' This is about FACTS for the next generation... they need to know it ALL... that is a real social contract... life or something else...