Friday 9 June 2023


 .... a whole range of little old dystopias over the years.

As, thankfully, the whole silly shooting match of the UK 'economy' - built on financialised domestic property for decades (even Singapore regulates houses as houses extremely repressively), collapses, the whole land  - except me, will moan and get all angsty for years to come.

Great time to ignore all and write some good books.

 Now removed from my tramping round of too many years. Decompress. Assess. The stories need telling. I don't do gossip and tittle tattle. I do do careful pondering over years of patterns, that matter. And are reality.

All the way...soon.      When one spends perhaps 1/4 of ones waking hours for 10 years focused on various simple aspects of being functional as environmental custodian and  monitor, and all one ever finds for years is false friends who show false concern, it takes a little time to recover from them... but i bounce back quickly - as i like replenishing fully IN the 'environment'.