Tuesday 20 June 2023

don't tell people what to think (or HOW to 'listen')

 and before i jump off the cliff...

yes what a superb example of GREA ART does not ell us what to think (unlike all British moanfest  and confected vulnerability books i have read except  Rushbridger's lass...maybe as she had the ultimate pseud to attack hahh hahh..)

one KNOWS that its on the side of the little peeps (actually whipped at train stations going to work i wouldhear reports of some years ago - real journalism that was)

but you cannot tell what really she is trying to say

but you can see a load of very happy dancing blokes...when hey know true greatness and dont care whats between its legs....

and  an unusally fine nuanced thoughtful attempt to  write up he universal meaning... all power corrupts bu you gota have some rules or the  rivers get fucked